Ride for Hire

The private vehicles identified below have been observed in apparent commercial use as rides for hire. Upon this publication, insurance carriers are hereby notified that failure to investigate and/or take remedial action, as appropriate, may negate their right to refuse coverage in the event of an accident.

 License TagStateVehicle DescriptionLocation
1WVJ 3460VAGrayToyota PriusNE H St on 1/5/14
2WVL 9045VAGray Toyota PriusNE H St on 1/5/14
38BF3566MDHondaNE H St on 1/5/14
4WVJ 3460VAToyota PriusNE H St. DC on 1/6/14
5WVL 9075VAToyota PriusNE H St. DC on 1/6/14
68BF3566MDBlack HondaNE H St. DC on 1/6/14
7G51 DXXNJBlack Nissan XD SUVNW DC on 1/14/14
8WVB 3868VAHyundai SonataNW 14th Riggs 1/14/14
9WMW 4972VAGray ToyotaNE H ST on 1/19/14
10ZAZAIVAToyota CamryNW Conn K 1/29/14
11WSC4399VARed ToyotaNW 14&U 1/29/14
12WRX 5688VABeige PriusNW 14 & Q 1/29/14
13WPZ 541VAGray Honda CivicNW 13 & Mass 1/29/14
14XCF 6252VABlue ToyotaNW 425 Mass 1/29/14
15WRB 6120VAGray ToyotaNW 13& U 2/10/14
16WTB 8954VAWhite KiaNW DC on 2/11/14
1765948CEMDWhite Honda CivicNW DC on 2/11/14
184BE8585MDSilver Toyota CamryUnion Station 2/11/14
196BA4230MDHyundaiNW DC on 2/11/14
206BH3061MDSilver Honda AccordNW DC on 2/12/14
214MD2815MD (LYFT)Bronze Honda PilotNW DC on 2/12/14
226BH 3061MDHondaNW 1300 Conn 2/12/14
238AW 3413MDGray ToyotaNW 1300 Conn 2/12/14
247BH5474MDGray Prius SUVNW DC on 2/12/14
258BF3792MDBlue Nissan SentriNW DC on 2/12/14
26WNM 3453VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/14/14
27MF9 UX6MDGray Toyota PriusDC Cap Hill 2/14/14
28SAM ABELVATan Toyota RAV4NW DC on 2/14/14
29WWD 1893VABlack Honda SUVNW DC on 2/14/14
30GCM 3356NYBlack VW SedanRosslyn to DC 2/14/14
31BRUSE 4VAWhite BMW 525NW DC on 2/14/14
32T28 DRVNJBlack CadillacNW DC on 2/14/14
33WUR 4583VABlue ToyotaNW 14&Q 2/15/14
348BE613MDGray ToyotaNW 14& S 2/15/14
35WNV 7521VAWhite ToyotaNW 18&Wy 2/215/14
36WNG 2326VABlack ToyotaNW Kenyon 2/15/14
37WMN 2701VAGray ToyotaNW Wisc Av 2/15/14
38WMX 9765VADark Gray Toyota CamryS Cap & I DC 2/15/14
39EM 1975DC (LYFT)Dark BMWNW DC on 2/15/14
40EM 1511DCBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/15/14
41WZZ 4525VASilver Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/15/14
42H88 DGCNJWhite Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/15/14
43XKE 1758VADark ToyotaNW DC on 2/15/14
44XBE 7083VABlack BMWNW DC on 2/15/14
45XAU 7068VAWhite Toyota SUVNW DC on 2/15/14
46EF 3938DCSmall Black SUVNW DC on 2/15/14
47DS 5988DCBlack Nissan MuranoNW DC on 2/15/14
48WVB 5745VABlack Mercedes S350NW DC on 2/15/14
49EG 9390DCBlack NissanNW DC on 2/15/14
50WXU 7271VAGray HyundaiNW DC on 2/15/14
51EL 6316DCBlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/16/14
52WMP 1127VAToyota PriusNW DC on 2/16/14
53WXV 4292VAGold Mercedes SUVVA Rosslyn on 2/16/14
54WNA 9728VABlack Toyota CamryNE DC on 2/16/14
55WRA 8611VABeige ToyotaNW DC on 2/16/14
56L76 DPSNJNissanNW DC on 2/16/14
573AF8662MDRed Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/16/14
58CAN 5156NYTan ToyotaSW DC on 2/16/14
59EJL 2788NYGold Honda VanNW DC on 2/16/14
608BH0407MDGreen Toyota PriusUnion Station on 2/16/14
61WZJ 5434VAGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/16/14
62Y69 ABLNJSmall Dark WagonNW DC on 2/16/14
63CU 0278DCGreen Honda Element VanNW DC on 2/16/14
64WNL 5586VABlack ToyotaNW DC on 2/16/14
65XVW 5011VAGreen Toyota SUVNW DC on 2/16/14
66JGS 6741VARed Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/16/14
67VNL 5586VADark Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/16/14
68TSS 1786VAFull Size Green Toyota VanNW DC on 2/16/14
69CAPT SAMVABlack JeepNW DC on 2/16/14
70HQUQVALt Green Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/16/14
71EM 5181DCDark Silver ToyotaNW DC on 2/16/14
72EM 5202DCRed Chevrolet SedanSW DC on 2/18/14
73DX 2521DC (LYFT)Small Black Nissan SUVNW DC on 2/18/14
74WVL 2292VABlack AcuraNW DC on 2/18/14
7589410CCMDBeige NissanNE H St. DC on 2/18/14
76WRU 2213VABlack NissanNW DC on 2/18/14
77WUK 3166VABlack ToyotaNW DC on 2/18/14
78WTD 2076VAGold HondaNW DC on 2/18/14
79XNE 4015VAGray Kia SoulNW DC on 2/18/14
80EE 3663DCGray ToyotaNW DC on 2/18/14
81WVB 6432VAGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/18/14
82WWZ 2037VARed HondaNW 1300 Conn 2/19/14
83WUF 1394VA (LYFT)Gray Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/19/14
84WNR 4253VAGreen HondaNW DC on 2/19/14
85C 76018DCDodge VanNW DC on 2/19/14
86XBW 7178VATan VanNW DC on 2/19/14
87WUY 7744VAGold Nissan SUVNW DC on 2/19/14
88EN 0907DC (LYFT)White SedanNW DC on 2/19/14
897BG6527MDGray ToyotaNW DC on 2/19/14
908DF3572MDBlue Ford FocusNW DC on 2/19/14
918AR7847MDGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/19/14
92EM 3711DCGray InfinityNW DC on 2/19/14
93XDH 4629VAGreen Nissan 4X4NW DC on 2/19/14
94EL 6316DCBlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/19/14
95SPOONIEDC (LYFTRed ToyotaNW DC on 2/19/14
96CAC 1774VADodgeNW DC on 2/19/14
97WWN 9679VATan Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/19/14
983BF9363MDToyotaNW DC on 2/19/14
995944CXVASm Blue Ford SUVNW DC on 2/19/14
1007AE6007MDGray Chevrolet CruzNW DC on 2/19/14
101WNL 7423VALt Green PriusNW DC on 2/19/14
102JBR 8266VA (LYFT)Sm Tan Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
103WPC 8008VaSm Black SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
104WVJ 3460VAGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/20/14
105WVG 3868VABlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/20/14
106WPJ 6161VADark Toyota SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
1076BC2124MDWhite Ford FocusNW DC on 2/20/14
108WPZ 5461VAGreen Honda VanNW DC on 2/20/14
1093BG0873MDSmall Green SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
110WVC 1983VABlue Honda SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
111WPT 9576VABlue Toyota SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
112XRK 6413VAWhite Nissan PathfinderNW DC on 2/20/14
113WWD 9036VASilver Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/20/14
114WRB 6120VAGray NissanNW DC on 2/20/14
115XKE 1758VaBlack Toyota SedanNW DC on 2/20/14
116XFY 2915VADark Gray Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/20/14
117USAVEUSMDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
118XCF 6252VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
119WVG 5846VABlack Honda CRVNW DC on 2/21/14
120WRF 7584VABlack Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 2/21/14
121EC 2760DCLt Green Volvo SedanNW DC on 2/21/14
122EK 6060DCSilver VW JettaNW DC on 2/21/14
1238AH7341MDGray Honda Accord SUVNW DC on 2/21/14
1241AZ8722MDDk Gray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/21/14
125504 788MDSmall Black SedanNW DC on 2/21/14
1267AN9289MDGreen Ford EscapeNW DC on 2/21/14
127DR 8876DCBlack Nissan SUVNW DC on 2/21/14
128WNM 6178VABlack HyundaiaNW DC on 2/21/14
1299AT6594MDBlack Honda CRVNW DC on 2/21/14
130A137064MDBlack Toyota 4-RunnerNW DC on 2/21/14
131XGJ 7604VAGray Toyota SedanNW DC on 2/21/14
132WRG 3225VAGray Honda SedanNW DC on 2/21/14
133KET 8940VAGreen Honda AccordNW DC on 2/21/14
1345BH3304MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
1355BH5012MDBlack HyundaiNW DC on 2/21/14
1368BF4971MDSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
137COLOMBOMDWhite Dodge VanNW DC on 2/21/14
138MGL 6677VATan Toyota RAV?NW DC on 2/21/14
1397BH5500MDWhite Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
140ALFKAN1MDWhite Toyota PathfinderNW DC on 2/21/14
1416BE6450MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
1428BF7454MDBlack Toyota Prius WgnNW DC on 2/21/14
143WNH 2053VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/21/14
144WRF 8981VABlack Toyota Prius WagonNW DC on 2/21/14
145WRW 8391VAGray CamryNW 7&FLa AV 2/21/14
146H117269VABeige Chevrolet CabNW 2/21/14
147WXY 9083VABlack ToyotaSE 3&Pa AVe 2/22/14
1482BD4870MDGray LYFTNW 18&Col Rd 2/22/14
1498AW1418MDBlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 2/22/14
150WMN 2722VABlack Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 2/22/14
1518AN1894MDGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
152WPG 2336VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
153WNL 8808VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
154WYJ 1939VADark Green Lexus RX325NW DC on 2/22/14
155EM 9616DCGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/22/14
156WNJ 9423VAToyota HighlanderNW DC on 2/22/14
157WMX 8578VABlack Chevrolet ImpalaNW DC on 2/22/14
158XCF 5410VASmall Gray Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 2/22/14
159XHC 7031VARed HyundaiNW DC on 2/22/14
160WRE 8872VABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 2/22/14
161WNL 7768VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
162EL 7668DCGold Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
163WNL 7390VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
164WMX 8509VADk Blue Honda AccordNW DC on 2/22/14
165WDC 5856VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
166WNT 8792VAGray Honda AccordNW DC on 2/22/14
167WMU 9440VADk Gray Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
168WMY 7770VADk Gray Kia SUVNW DC on 2/22/14
1691BH1790MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
170XJF 5376VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
171WXY 8509VAGray Honda SedanNW DC on 2/22/14
172HGS 1656VASmall Black SUVNW DC on 2/22/14
173EH 2464DCGray Mazda 5NW DC on 2/22/14
174WPC 7455VABlack Nissan SedanNW DC on 2/22/14
175XGA 8749VAGray Nissan AltimaNW DC on 2/22/14
1769BE5557MDSmall Black SedanNW DC on 2/22/14
1771AG1030MDSilver Honda OdysseyNW DC on 2/22/14
178WPM 7707VAGold Dodge CaravanNW DC on 2/22/14
179WNA 8996VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
1803BH6182MDBlack ToyotaNW DC on 2/22/14
181WMN 8105VANissan UltimaNW DC on 2/22/14
1826BA4230MDBlack Hyundai SedanNW DC on 2/22/14
1835BH3304MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/22/14
184FZG 8205NYGray Ford EscapeNW DC on 2/22/14
185WYE 7066VASilver Toyota Rav4NW DC on 2/22/14
186DR 0945DCTan Cadillac SedanNW DC on 2/23/14
187WZZ 8348VASilver Mitsubishi LancerNW DC on 2/23/14
188WWC 7329VASilver Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/23/14
189WNR 1139VASilver Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/23/14
190WMW 4778VALexusNW DC on 2/23/14
191XBB 5426VASilver Nissan SentraNW DC on 2/23/14
192DS 7892DCSilver Infinity GSNW DC on 2/23/14
193DR 8363DCTan CaddyNW DC on 2/23/14
194FWP 3160VAWhite AltimaNW DC on 2/23/14
195XJG 7221VABlack Honda SedanNW DC on 2/23/14
196WWZ 2037VARed Hyundai SonataNW DC on 2/23/14
197WTP 8302VAGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/23/14
198WNK 4149VABlack Nissan SentraNW DC on 2/23/14
199WVG 3868VADark Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/23/14
200WWU 4012VASilver Honda SedanNW DC on 2/23/14
201WPM 8371VABlack Ford ExplorerNW DC on 2/23/14
2023BA6519MDBrown ScionNW DC on 2/23/14
2038AG3016MDGray Toyota Odyssey VanNW DC on 2/23/14
204WNK 2346VASilver HyundaiNW DC on 2/23/14
2058EK451MDSilver VWNW DC on 2/23/14
206DX 1075DCGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/23/14
207A90 CRKNJGray NissanNW DC on 2/23/14
208JPA4014VABlack Acura MDXNW DC on 2/23/14
2098BG1233MDBlackNW 9&U ST 2/23/14
210WMP 3615VANW 14& Q 2/23/14
211WMXVABlack ToyotaNW 5 & Irving 2/23/14
212WPJ 5963VADark Gray ToyotaSE 8& G ST 2/24/14
213WRZ 1700VABlack EscaladeNW DC on 2/24/14
214WZZ 1691VAWhite Kia SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
215XCL 2829VABlack Hyundai SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
216NOMIVAWhite Honda CivicNW DC on 2/24/14
2178BB1310MDBlack Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
218JAZ 5869VASilver Toyota CamryVA on 2/24/14
2197FEX01MDTan Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/24/14
220XMP 6621VABlack Honda CRVNW DC on 2/24/14
221SPOONIEDC (LYFT)Red Nissan AltimaNW DC on 2/24/14
2226BH0065MDBlack Nissan SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
223WMC 5098VABlack Caddy SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
224D98CZPNJWhite Dodge DartNW DC on 2/24/14
225XUP 2013VASilver Honda AccordNW DC on 2/24/14
226WND 3666VABlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/24/14
227XJM 9697VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/24/14
228WWY 8790VABlue Toyota SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
229XDU 4545VALarge White Toyota VanNW DC on 2/24/14
2307421 BBJVABlack Toyota AltimaNW DC on 2/24/14
2311BH 2500MDSilver Acura SedanNW DC on 2/24/14
232WZJ 9261VAGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/24/14
2336BB137MDDark ToyotaNW DC on 2/24/14
234WXC 2230VAGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/25/14
235ALFKAN1MDWhite Toyota PathfinderNW DC on 2/25/14
236XBN 9521VASmall Gray Honda SUVNW DC on 2/25/14
237EF 3938DCBlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 2/25/14
2383AN8214MDBlack Ford ExpeditionNW DC on 2/25/14
2392FK F48MDSmall Gold Honda SedanNW DC on 2/25/14
240SAU 7068VASmall White SUVNW DC on 2/25/14
241WWU 6970VATan Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/25/14
242WZJ 4439VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/25/14
243WNX 5994VASmall Black SedanNW DC on 2/25/14
244WPU 1516VAWhite Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/25/14
2454FR M61MDSmall Red SedanNW DC on 2/25/14
246DZ0306DCBlack ToyotaRayburn Building on 2/26/14
2475BF6561MDWhite Chrysler T&C VanNW DC on 2/27/14
2488AM5455MDSilver Blue VW SedanNW DC on 2/27/14
249WYG 3206VASilver Blue Toyota RAV4NW DC on 2/27/14
250XDC 4080VASilver Nissan AltimaNW DC on 2/27/14
2512BE2671MDGray Toyota FJ CruiserNW DC on 2/27/14
252EL 0950DCSilver Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/27/14
253G51DXXNJSmall Black Nissan SUVNW DC on 2/27/14
254WXE 2209VABlack Hyundai SedanNW DC on 2/27/14
255WNA 8996VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/27/14
2566ZRF989CaliforniaSilver Honda Odyssey VanNW DC on 2/27/14
2571BF6807MDBlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/27/14
258WPM 7579VARed Honda SedanNW DC on 2/27/14
2592BA1576MDSilver/green Nissan PathfinderNW DC on 2/27/14
260WMS 6250VATan Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/27/14
261EM 4334DCBlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/28/14
262WUR 2087VABlue Honda AccordNW DC on 2/28/14
2635BG2937MDWhite Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/28/14
264EF 9547DCBlack Ford SedanNW DC on 2/28/14
265EL 2368DCBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/28/14
2669AN3769MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/28/14
267WNT 8896VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 2/28/14
268WRD 7399VAGray Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 2/28/14
269WNM 3353VABlack Toyota RAV4NW DC on 2/28/14
270WNU 3584VABlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/28/14
271WTX 6545VASilver Honda AccordNW DC on 2/28/14
272XWD 2064VASilver Toyota AvalonNW DC on 2/28/14
2736AL7169MDRed Toyota Rav4NW DC on 2/28/14
274WPT 5543VABlue Honda AccordNW DC on 2/28/14
2754BE2559MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/28/14
2761AT1998MDRed Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 2/28/14
2771GBJ28MDTan Nissan AltimaNW DC on 2/28/14
2785BH3271MDGray Toyota RAV4NW DC on 2/28/14
27910336M7MDBlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 2/28/14
280WMP 3422VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/28/14
281WTD 9216VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 2/28/14
282WTY 3861VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 2/28/14
283WMU 9550VASmall Dark SedanNW DC on 2/28/14
2845BH9698MDTan Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/28/14
285WMU 4861VABlack Honda PilotNW DC on 2/28/14
286EM 7534DCWhite Toyota PriusNW DC on 2/28/14
287WYR 5756VABlack SUVNW DC on 2/28/14
288WMH 4878VABlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 2/28/14
2898AS1175MDGreen Nissan VersaNW DC on 3/1/14
290WMD 1569VARed Toyota Camry
N Va on 3/1/14
291MToyota2ZVAGray Toyota CamryN Va on 3/1/14
292CY 2513DCTan Toyota 4-RunnerNW DC on 3/1/14
293269M667MDSilver Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/1/14
294WTS 2518VASilver Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/1/14
29561978CEMDGray Nissan PathfinderNW DC on 3/1/14
296EM 8135DCGray Nissan AltimaNW DC on 3/1/14
297YRI 5697VABlack AudiNW DC on 3/1/14
2984AP3306MDGray Honda OdysseyNW DC on 3/1/14
299WTN 2912VABlack Lincoln SUVNW DC on 3/1/14
3007FSM02MDGray SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
301EG 1935DCGray Acura SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
3022BF5161MDGray Toyota Prius (LYFT)NW DC on 3/1/14
3039BH5141MDDark Gray Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
304200M209MDRed Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/1/14
305WMV 3800VAGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/1/14
306WNU 7000VAGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/1/14
307WRK 6764VAGray SUVNW DC on 3/1/14
3087BE4254MDGray Linc Town CarNW DC on 3/1/14
309WMV 3904VABlack Toyota SUVNW DC on 3/1/14
310WNA 3624MDGray CadillacNW DC on 3/1/14
311826 SPQIOWAGreen SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
312JVB 9388VABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/1/14
313WPP 4864VADk Blue Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/1/14
314609M126MDRed Dodge DurangoNW DC on 3/1/14
3155BG2937MDGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/1/14
316WTN 2912VABlack Lincoln SUVNW DC on 3/1/14
317WMH 4878VABlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/1/14
3188AG2192MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/1/14
319DP 7539DCGreen Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/1/14
320WNR 4253VAGray Honda CivicNW DC on 3/1/14
321WRE 8859VARed Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/1/14
3222FXY99MDBlack Lexus SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
323FC 1288DCWhite Pacifica VanPicked up in Va on 3/1/14
324WMY 7770VABlue Kia SUVNW DC on 3/1/14
325WRU 7662VABlack Chrysler Sedan (Lyft)NW DC on 3/1/14
3262BH6053MDTan Honda SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
327WMV 3904VABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/1/14
328WTC 1500MDDark Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
329MBH 1095MDBlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/1/14
330XMV 8396VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/1/14
331WRE 8859VARed Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/1/14
332WVL 5949VARed Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 3/1/14
333ColomboMDWhite Dodge VanNW DC on 3/1/14
334TARTAR 1VAGray Honda Accord (LYFT)NW DC on 3/1/14
335WWD 5823VAGreen SedanNW DC on 3/2/14
336DR 6290DCGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/2/14
337WRE 8859VABlack Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/2/14
338WPC 3102VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/2/14
3398AS1175MDGreen Nissan VersaNW DC on 3/2/14
340WPG 2335VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/2/14
341WWD 5823VAGreen Chrysler SedanNW DC on 3/2/14
342EF 2794DCGray Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/4/14
343WNM 6178VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/4/14
3444AT3420MDBlack Dodge CaravanNW DC on 3/4/14
345XFA 2041VADark Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/4/14
3461AC5362MDRed SUVNW DC on 3/4/14
347JLP 3539VAWhite Honda CivicNW DC on 3/4/14
348WWD 1893VASmall Black SUVNW DC on 3/4/14
349XNP 9693VARed Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/4/14
350WMW 9116VABlack Toyota VanNW DC on 3/4/14
351DK 1664DCBlack SUVNW DC on 3/4/14
352XLC 2329VARed Toyota RAV4NW DC on 3/4/14
3534FRM61MDRed Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/5/14
3545BE7034MDTan Acura SUVNW DC on 3/5/14
355WVS 4250VABlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/5/14
356WNR 4253VATan Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/5/14
357XJM 9697VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/5/14
3589BH8965MDSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/5/14
3594BC8932MDSmall Gray SedanNW DC on 3/5/14
360WNL 6167VABlack Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/5/14
361EM 4296DCBlack Toyota RAV4NW DC on 3/5/14
3627BF6162MDWhite Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/5/14
3638BG1233MDBlack Chevrolet SedanNW DC on 3/5/14
364WUR 2087VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/5/14
365WMM 1810VASmall Tan SedanNW DC on 3/5/14
366EL 4070DCBlack Ford FusionNW DC on 3/6/14
367WPN 1694VAGray Nissan SUVNW DC on 3/6/14
368CR 7246DCBlack Nissan SUVNW DC on 3/6/14
3695BG7299MDGray Nissan CubeNW DC on 3/6/14
370DR 7661DCGray Acura MOXNW DC on 3/6/14
371WXC 5304VABeige Honda Odyssey VanNW DC on 3/6/14
372GEBRYEMDGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/6/14
373EL 9807DCBlack Honda FITNW DC on 3/6/14
374WZU 8181VABlack Nissan Versa (LYFT)NW DC on 3/6/14
375XGS 1656VABlack MatrixNW DC on 3/6/14
3766BE6818MDGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/6/14
3771AH9023MDGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/6/14
378WMB 1770VAGray Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/6/14
379GNAWAVAWhite Toyota RAV4NW DC on 3/6/14
3809AK2551MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/6/14
381XBN 9521VAGray Toyota RAV4NW DC on 3/6/14
382WMC 4225VABlack Nissan AltimaNW DC on 3/7/14
383XJJ 6663VAGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/7/14
384RVR PSTVABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/7/14
385WMW 8041VABrown Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/7/14
386XKH 7968VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
387EN 4151DCSilver Ford FocusNW DC on 3/7/14
388WPG 6294VAWhite Toyota SUVNW DC on 3/7/14
3897BF9374MDBlack Hyundai SonataNW DC on 3/7/14
3909AZ9723MDRed Charger (LYFT)NW DC on 3/7/14
391WML 4569VAGray Acura TLNW DC on 3/7/14
392WPC 1875VABlue Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/7/14
3935BH5278MDSilver Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/7/14
394EM 4528DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
3955BH6996MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
3968FW T30MDBlack SedanNW DC on 3/7/14
3978AT6600MDBlack Charger (LYFT)NW DC on 3/7/14
3982AC0331MDBlack Ford ExcursionNW DC on 3/7/14
399WYB 3252VAWhite Nissan OptimaNW DC on 3/7/14
400EL 7768DCTan Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
401XAW 1418VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/7/14
402WZB 2268VABlack Chevrolet ImpalaNW DC on 3/7/14
403WTY 8428VABlack Sedan (LYFT)NW DC on 3/7/14
404WPL 5977VASilver Honda SedanNW DC on 3/7/14
405XVR 8254VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/7/14
406EM 0134DCSilver Hyundai SUVNW DC on 3/7/14
4073AW1426MDWhite Mercedes E350NW DC on 3/7/14
408DR 0941DCBlack HondaNW DC on 3/7/14
409EH 5078DCBlue BMW 528INW DC on 3/7/14
410WYF 2021VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
411XGS 1656VABlack Toyota RAV4NW DC on 3/7/14
412XCC 2295VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/7/14
413WNR 6103VASilver Honda CivicNW DC on 3/7/14
4141BG0469MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
415WRW 8391VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
4168BG5645MDBlack Chevrolet EquinoxNW DC on 3/7/14
4173BK2705MDWhite Ford FusionNW DC on 3/7/14
418ZT 3930DCWhite Dodge CooperNW DC on 3/7/14
419XCC 2295VABlack Hyundai ElantraNW DC on 3/7/14
420WNL 3935VATan Chevrolet MalibuNW DC on 3/7/14
421XAT 4555VAGray Honda CRVNW DC on 3/7/14
422EM 7600DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/7/14
423WMU 9087VABronze Honda SedanNW DC on 3/7/14
424YG2 G9HMissouriGray VW GTINW DC on 3/8/14
425EM 1509DCBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/8/14
4265BK0374MDBlack Lincn Sedan (DIRTY)NW DC on 3/8/14
427DX 2008DCBlack Kia AltimaNW DC on 3/8/14
428CONNECTDCRed Acura SUV (LYFY)NW DC on 3/8/14
429JZM 3544VAWhite Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/8/14
430EC 0905DCRed Honda ElementNW DC on 3/8/14
431XPB 2745VABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/8/14
432WWU 4861VABlack Honda PilotNW DC on 3/8/14
4338BD1783MDGray Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/8/14
434WRF 1111VAGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/8/14
435WLZ 4893VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/8/14
436EE 5469DCTan Honda SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
437DP 2308DCRed Honda CRXNW DC on 3/8/14
4385DVG93MDSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/8/14
439VMU 9550VASmall Black SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
4406BH0065MDBlack Honda SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
441WRV 7098VABlack InfinityNW DC on 3/8/14
442WMY 7770VALarge Gray VanNW DC on 3/8/14
443SEWISHMDMedium Black SUVNW DC on 3/8/14
4447BF7785MDTan Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/8/14
445WMK 7475VaBlack Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/8/14
4466AY0192MDBlack Ford FocusNW DC on 3/8/14
447XAF 9222VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/8/14
4483BF9892MDWhite Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/8/14
449EX 0738DCGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/8/14
450ABF 2559VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/8/14
451WTY 8428VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/8/14
4526BH0065MDBlack Nissan AltimaNW DC on 3/8/14
453EN 4151DCSilver Ford FocusNW DC on 3/8/14
454BASSOUDCGray Mazda 3 (Very Dirty)NW DC on 3/8/14
455ACWC29MDBlack ToyotaNW DC on 3/8/14
456WSP 8995MDBlack Lincoln Town CarNW DC on 3/8/14
4574BD5449MDSilver Ford FocusNW DC on 3/8/14
45884143CDMDWhite Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
459WMN 7802MDBlack Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
460XTW 8645MDBlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/8/14
461WRY 5655VABlack Chrysler SedanNW DC on 3/8/14
462WRE 8859VABlack Highlander18th @Col RD 3/8/14
463XCL 9388VAWhite Nissan UltimaNW DC on 3/9/14
4645BH 0668VAHonda1048 PM
465XDE 3506VABlue Mitsubishi Lancer-LYFTNW DC on 3/9/14
4666BD4580MDGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/9/14
467KBV 5950VANissan MurenoNW DC on 3/9/14
468WPM 1404VABlack Honda SUVNW DC on 3/9/14
469AMAARVAWhite Toyota SedanNW DC on 3/9/14
470WZC 2234VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/9/14
4719BC8031MDBlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/9/14
472EM 6219DCGray Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/9/14
473WZC 2234VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/9/14
474XDU 3335VASilver Honda AccNW DC on 3/9/14
475WNU 7442VABlack Lincoln Town CarNW DC on 3/9/14
476WPC 8008VABlack VW SedanNW DC on 3/9/14
477XAS 3974VABlack Nissan SedanNW DC on 3/9/14
478WPG 2373VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/9/14
479WMX 8321VARed Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/9/14
480WNL 7390VAGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/9/14
481WWZ 2037VARed Hyundai SonnataNW DC on 3/9/14
4825AW0128MDSmall White SedanNW DC on 3/10/14
4832AL1393MDLight Green Volvo SedanNW DC on 3/10/14
484EK 0738DCGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/10/14
485XBH 3399VAGray Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/10/14
486KJG 6674MDGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/10/14
487GNAWAVAWhite Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/10/14
4887BA4626MDBlack Cadillac SedanNW DC on 3/10/14
489XEH 9458VATan Nissan XterraNW DC on 3/10/14
490WWU 4908VAGray ToyotaSE 1st& I St 3/11/14
4911BE5180MDBlack Chevrolet Equinox-dirtyNW DC on 3/11/14
492JKR 8936VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/11/14
493WLY 4500VARed Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/11/14
494WRB 1368VAGray Honda SedanNW DC on 3/11/14
4951AH9023MDGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/11/14
496WPC 6244VAGreen Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/11/14
497CR 5108DCBlue Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/11/14
498WPN 9691VATan VW SedanNW DC on 3/11/14
499XDU 3335VAGray Honda SedanNW DC on 3/11/14
500WSF 8913VAGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/11/14
5012BE0883MDBlack Chrysler SedanNW DC on 3/11/14
502UZ2205MDWhite Toyota Prius-DirtyNW DC on 3/11/14
503WPN 4138VAGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/11/14
5041AF1672MDBlue Ford Escape-DirtyNW DC on 3/11/14
5056GB207MDGreen Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/11/14
506WTS 5280VABlue VWNW DC on 3/11/14
507WNR 4253VAGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/11/14
508EM 0314DCGray Hyundai SUVNW DC on 3/11/14
509EH 8221DCBlack Chrysler 300CNW DC on 3/11/14
510WNJ 1521VAGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/11/14
511WPU 1915VANissan UltimaNW DC on 3/11/14
5127BB7420MDBlack Honda VanNW DC on 3/11/14
513DU 9224DCGray Mazda-very dirtyNW DC on 3/11/14
514KAL 5706VABlue Audi RogueNW DC on 3/11/14
5159BC5168MDBlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/11/14
516WPK 6939VABrown Hyundai SedanNW DC on 3/11/14
5177BH0523MDSilver Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/11/14
518WXC 5304VASilver Honda OdyessyNW DC on 3/11/14
5196BH3061MDGray Honda AccordNW DC on 3/11/14
520WZP 7618VABlue Ford Focus-dirtyNW DC on 3/11/14
521WWV 4908VA1st & F SE 3/11/14
522WNX 3623VAWhite Toyota1st& C SE 3/12/14
5235BH5736MDGray Chrysler 300NW DC on 3/12/14
5242CJE37MDGray Hyundai SonataNW DC on 3/12/14
5251AD6940MDRed Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/12/14
5263BE2671MDGreen Kia Element (LYFT)NW DC on 3/12/14
527WMK 2076VABlue Honda SUVNW DC on 3/12/14
528DE 7122DCBlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/12/14
5293BC9493MDRed Ford FocusNW DC on 3/12/14
530WMY 3889VAToyota PriusNW DC on 3/12/14
531JLP 3595VAWhite Honda CivicNW DC on 3/12/14
532WPZ 5441VATan Honda CivicNW DC on 3/12/14
533XNP 9493VARed Toyota CorollaNW DC on 3/12/14
5347AL7626MDWhite Nissan VersaNW DC on 3/12/14
535XBZ 2504VABlack Nissan AltimaNW DC on 3/12/14
536XLT 1946VATan Honda AccordNW DC on 3/12/14
5375944 CXVAGray Ford EscapeNW DC on 3/12/14
538WLY 1372VASilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/12/14
539WNT 8864VABlack Honda AccordNW DC on 3/12/14
5408EKA51MDGray VW SedanNW DC on 3/12/14
541XGS 1656VABlack Toyota Rav4NW DC on 3/12/14
542WSF 4520VAGray Toyota HighlanderNW DC on 3/12/14
543WND 8779VABlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/12/14
544TGSS786VATan Scion XBNW DC on 3/12/14
545WNQ 2326VABlack Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/12/14
546WMP 6736VABlack Honda InsightNW DC on 3/13/14
5479BF0091MDBlue Chevrolet ImpalaNW DC on 3/13/14
548EM 6241DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
549EM 4528DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
550WPW 7366VABlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
5512BD4870MDGray VW Golf (LYFT)NW DC on 3/13/14
552WND 2178VASilver Honda AccordNW DC on 3/13/14
553WXH 3459VAWhite Honda OdysseyNW DC on 3/13/14
554GBE 7410NYWhite Honda InsightNW DC on 3/13/14
555WWD 1893VABlack Honda CRVNW DC on 3/13/14
556WMP 6736VABlue Honda InsightNW DC on 3/13/14
5579BF0091MDBlue Chevrolet ImpalaNW DC on 3/13/14
558EM 6241DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
559EM 4528DCSilver Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
560WPN 7366VAGray SedanNW DC on 3/13/14
5618AK6221MDBlue Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/13/14
5622BD4870MDGray VW Golf/LYFTNW DC on 3/13/14
563WND 2178VASilver Honda AccordNW DC on 3/13/14
564GBE 7410NYWhite Honda InsightNW DC on 3/13/14
565WXH 3459VAWhite Honda OdysseyNW DC on 3/13/14
566WWD 1893VABlack Honda CRVNW DC on 3/13/14
5678AH7341MDGray Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/14/14
568DS 5988DCBlue Nissan SUVNW DC on 3/14/14
569WJZ 3184VAWhite Nissan SUVNW DC on 3/14/14
570ETV 1714NYWhite Toyota Camry LENW DC on 3/14/14
571WLZ 9717VABlack Toyota PriusNW DC on 3/14/14
572WRE 4571VAGray Nissan Leaf VanNW DC on 3/14/14
573WNN 5322VAGray MazdaNW DC on 3/14/14
574WMS 6250VAGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/14/14
575WMC 4024VAGray Toyota CamryNW DC on 3/14/14
576DY 5336DCWhite SedanNW DC on 3/14/14
577KMW 6970VABlsck Hyundai SonataNW DC on 3/14/14
578WNX 3623VAWhite Toyota CamryNE DC on 3/14/14
579WPG 8000VABlack Honda SUVNW DC on 3/14/14
580WSB 6442VAToyota14TH and RI 3/14/14
581WPN 3523VAGray HondaNW 3/16/14
582WMW 8047VARedNW Prospect 3/17/14
583VAP 4674VAGray Toyota14th &P NW 3/18/14
5847AG 7626MDWhite18th & Col RD 3/19/14
585WVD 4181VAGray Nissan7th & PA SE 3/19/14
586WMP 1127VAGray Prius7th & H NW 3/23/14
587EL 5714DCWhite ToyotaM Wardman 3/23/14
5883BH6266MDToyota8th &G SE 3/23/14
589WMZ 1092VABlue Toyota4th & H NW 3/23/14
590EM 5181DCGray ToyotaCalvert& 20 3/23/14
591WVJ 3863VAToyotaZoo 3/30/14
592WMP 1635VAGray Toyota21st & K 3/30/14
593EL 9032DCBlack Honda12th & Ind SW 4/3/14
594WUF 6742VAToyota SUV14th& Q NW 4/3/14
5951796 TV (temp)VAGray ToyotaM Wardman 4/4/14
5962BF9249MDGray Toyota14th & R NW 4/5/14
5972BK6114MDGray Toyota14th& T NW 4/5/14
5983BK5400MDBlack Chevrolet CruzeConn & I NW 4/30/14
599WPX 3111VASilver MitsubishiPalomar Hotel 4/30/14
600H5G1N88VABlue Toyota PriusWash Circle 5/1/14
6013BF9892MDWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/1/14
602CONNECTDCBrown Acura MDX-LYFTNW on 5/1/14
603CV 3184DCGray SUV SaturnNW on 5/1/14
604WMN 3637VAWhite Toyota CamryNational Airport on 5/1/14
605217 OHJVASilver Honda CivicNW on 5/1/14
6066BF5617MDBlack Honda AccordNW on 5/1/14
607WNA 9771VASilver Toyota CamryUnion Station on 5/1/14
608WMG 6977VAGray Honda AccordUnion Station on 5/1/14
609WNJ 7550VABlack Ford FreestarNW on 5/1/14
6107AX3215MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/1/14
611WLZ 2735VAWhite Honda AccordNW on 5/2/14
6125BK7884MDWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/2/14
613VAF 8452VAGray Honda CRVNW on 5/2/14
614WVJ 3460VAGray Toyota PtiusNW on 5/2/14
6154AM4350MDBlue Honda CivicNW on 5/2/14
6166BK3533MDBlack Toyota CamryRt. 1-Glebe VA on 5/2/14
61752785BMDBlack Toyota PriusDCA (Reagan) on 5/2/14
6181BK1397MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/2/14
619EM 5181DCGray Toyota CamryUnion Station on 5/2/14
620WPC 7825VASubaruNW on 5/2/14
621WMD 9787VABlack Honda AccordNW on 5/2/14
622WKD 7347VABlue Toyota CorollaNW on 5/2/14
623WRK 6764VABlack Ford EdgeNW on 5/2/14
624WXA 6412VABlack Toyota RAV4NW on 5/2/14
625EJ 7338DCBlack Chrysler 300NW on 5/2/14
62670509VVAToyotaNW on 5/2/14
6274AT7226MDBlack Honda AccordNW on 5/2/14
62885931VVA-Temp tagBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/2/14
629KBP 9109VAToyotaNW on 5/2/14
630WPG 6358VABlack HondaNW on 5/2/14
631WTE 5554VAGray Nissan SUVNW on 5/2/14
632WMY 9539VAToyota PriusNW on 5/3/14
6338AZ8594MDBlack Ford SedanNW on 5/3/14
634WVC 1048VAGray Honda AccordNW on 5/3/14
6359BK6862MDBlack Lexus Es350NW on 5/3/14
636WRB 1093VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/3/14
637WMZ 4422VAHyundai1600 Joyce-Arl.-5/3/14
638CONNECTDCBrown Acura MDX-LYFTNW on 5/3/14
6395BK0479MDToyotaNW on 5/3/14
640WMK 4858VAToyotaNW on 5/3/14
641EM 9470DCRed Chevrolet Taho-LYFTNW on 5/3/14
642WSR 6156VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/3/14
643WZD 2746VAToyotaNW on 5/3/14
644WYB 9157VAWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/3/14
645XBZ 2504VABlack Nissan XTERANW on 5/3/14
646WMU 9087VAHonda AccordNW on 5/3/14
647EM 8390DCToyota HighlanderNW on 5/3/14
6486699MDToyota CamryNW on 5/3/14
649EM 3039DCToyota PriusNW on 5/3/14
650WMP 1157VASilver Toyota PriusNW on 5/3/14
651EM 7403DCSilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/3/14
652WMH 4221VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/3/14
6538BH7605MDToyota Prius5/3/14 NW PA Ave
654E3122DCToyota Highlander5/3/14 NW HolidayInn
655WNK 3882VARed Chrysler5/3/14 NW
656WMG 4235VABlue Toyota CamryNW 7th &Mass 5/4/14
6575BE1660MDGray Toyota Rav4NW on 5/4/14
658LADLAVABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
659WWZ 6354VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
660WMN 3616MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
661XKT 5465VABlack LexusNW on 5/4/14
66222130CEMDSilver Toyota PriusNW on 5/4/14
663SHADI1VAWhite Nissan RogueNW on 5/4/14
664WLZ 6829VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
665XAV 3999VABlack Nissan MuranoNW on 5/4/14
666XPB 9655VABlack Isuzu AscenderNW on 5/4/14
6676BG3072MDToyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
668DF 9630DCWhite Nissan MuranoNW on 5/4/14
669EN 7285DCGray Nissan AltimaNW on 5/4/14
670WPX 3424VABlack Nissan AltimaNW on 5/4/14
671A258118MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
672EM 3977DCWhite Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
673JYN 8831VABlack Toyota Prius VNW on 5/4/14
674WSR 6156VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
675WNA 8996VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
676EI 9447DCGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
677WNA 8996VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
678WNA 9950VABlack Toyota CamrySW on 5/4/14
679WNM 3000VABlack Toyota SCION XbNW on 5/4/14
680WUJ 9861VASilver Honda CivicNW on 5/4/14
681WNJ 1521VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/4/14
682BATITOVABlack Toyota RAV4NW on 5/5/14
6833BL5853MDLt. Green Toyota CamryNW on 5/5/14
684WPC 1875VABlack Toyota Corolla
NW on 5/5/14
685EM 6087DCBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/5/14
686WNL 7533VAWhite Toyota CamryNW on 5/5/14
6872BC5971MDBlack HyundaiNW on 5/5/14
688JOR 0962VABlack Ford FocusNW on 5/5/14
689WLU 5930VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/%/14
690WMC 5099VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/5/14
691EN 2272DCWhite Mitsubishi SedanNW on 5/5/14
692WPC 7973VAVolkswagonNW on 5/5/14
693WRF 1081VAWhite Honda CRVNW on 5/5/14
6941BB5576MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/6/14
69546638BMDBlack Toyota PriusNW on 5/6/14
696WLU 3465VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/6/14
6973AY0255MDBlack Nissan PathfinderNW on 5/6/14
698E 3040MDCWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/6/14
699VAC 2152VABlack Toyota RAV4NW on 5/6/14
7006DB5447MDDk Gray Chevrolet ImpalaNW on 5/6/14
701WMN 4354VAWhite Honda AccordNW on 5/6/14
702XPM 8303VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/6/14
703WRY 4969VABlack Lincoln Town CarNW on 5/7/14
704WNY 7500VARED Chevrolet SUVNE on 5/7/14
705WMZ 1028VASilver Toyota CorollaNW on 5/7/14
706EK 9173DCBlue Chevrolet - LYFTNW on 5/7/14
707WNI 9521VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/7/14
70857291 CEMDNissanNW on 5/7/14
7095AX7136MDBlue ChevroletNW on 5/7/14
710WNM 6939VABlack Toyota PriusNW on 5/7/14
711XAM 6266VAWhite Honda AccordNW on 5/7/14
7129AM9929MDWhite Toyota RAV4NW on 5/7/14
713WUU 4041VABlack Lexus SUVNW on 5/7/14
714WNY 7500VARed Chevrolet SUV, TraversNE on 5/7/14
715WMD 5736VABlack HondaNW H ST 5/07/14
716WLZ 6817VARed Toyota CamryUnion Station 5/7/14
7172BG4034MDGray Toyota CorollaNW 5/08/14
718WUU 4041VABlack Lexus SUVNW on 5/8/14
7195BH3199MDToyota CamryReagan DCA on 5/8/14
7206BK3463MDBlack Toyota PriusNW on 5/8/14
7215AH2248MDLt Green Toyota CamryNW on 5/8/14
722CV 3184DCGray Mid-size Saturn SUVNW on 5/8/14
723WPZ 5362VASilver Honda CivicNW on 5/8/14
724EM 6090DCGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/8/14
725WVG 3868VABlue Toyota CorollaNW on 5/8/14
726WRB 1093VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/9/14
727ALY-FILAVABlue Hyundai SedanNW on 5/9/14
7284BL4176MDGold Honda AccordNW on 5/9/14
729WMV 3610VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
7302BD4482MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
731WPG 4118VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
732WNL 5884VAGray Honda AccordNW on 5/9/14
733EN 6046DCGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
734WMZ 1028VASilver Toyota CorollaNW on 5/9/14
735XAT 4457VAGray HondaNW on 5/9/14
736WNY 7500VARed Chevrolet SUVNE on 5/9/14
7377BE1528MDSilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
7384BF1212MDWhite Honda CivicGlebe/Col. Pike on 5/9/14
739WNK 2006VABlack Toyota CorollaSW on 5/9/14
740XLF 8893VAGray Acura Sedan - LYFTNW on 5/9/14
741DJ 7459DCBlack Nissan AltimaNW on 5/9/14
742QUILLOVAGreen VW SedanNW on 5/9/14
7434BK1643MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/9/14
744EM 8390DCBlack Toyota HighlanderNW on 5/9/14
7456AL8352MDWhite Chevrolet ImpalaNW on 5/9/14
746XMV 7267VABlack Nissan ExteraNW on 5/9/14
747WLZ 6821VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/9/14
748EL 7768DCGold Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
749EP 4911DCBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
7509BG9222MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
7513BL5828MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
752WPT 2496VA

Silver Honda CivicNW on 5/10/14
7533BH5540MDBlack Toyota HighlanderNW on 5/10/14
7545BK0374MDBlack Lincoln MKZNW on 5/10/14
755WMV 6068VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
756WMH 4221VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/10/14
757WWZ 2037VARed Hyundai SonataNW on 5/10/14
7582BK9850MDSilver Nissan AltimaNW on 5/10/14
759WNL 7390VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
760EN 8135DCSilver Nissan AltimaNW on 5/10/14
761WLN 7077VAGold Toyota CorollaNW on 5/10/14
762WPJ 6252VABlack Toyota RAV4Glebe/Col. Pike on 5/10/14
7637BK4717MDSilver Chrysler SedanNW on 5/10/14
764567 24BMDGray Toyota PriusNW on 5/10/14
765WLN 7187VABlue Toyota CorollaNW on 5/10/14
766HFH 1337VAGray Toyota RAV4NW on 5/10/14
767WPM 4293VAImpalaNW on 5/10/14
768WMX 8490VARed Chevrolet SedanNW on 5/10/14
769WPG 1448VADk. Gray Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
7707BL6915MDDk. Gray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/10/14
7715BA1393MDGray Nissan MuranoNW on 5/10/14
772WMC 3415VAGray Honda CivivNW on 5/10/14
773XMV 7265VABlack Nissan XteraNW on 5/10/14
774EN 2745DCGray Honda InsertNW on 5/10/14
7758AH7243MDSilver/Blue Honda CRVNW on 5/10/14
7769BG0769MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/10/14
777535 10BMDToyota Scion XBNW on 5/11/14
778WNR 5518VABlack Chrysler 300NW on 5/11/14
779DT 8618DCGray Hyundai SonataNW on 5/11/14
7804BC5584MDGray Toyota RAV4NW on 5/11/14
781WPT 8985VAGray Toyota PriusNW on 5/11/14
782XJW 5790VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/11/14
783WPX 3424VABlack Nissan XteraNW on 5/11/14
7848AW1418MDBlack HyunadiNW on 5/11/14
7852AZ5962MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/11/14
786XMP 2374VAGray Nissan AltimaNW on 5/11/14
7874BH1178MDGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/11/14
788EL 9323DCDk. Gray Toyota PriusNW on 5/11/14
789XFL 6430VARed Toyota CorollaNW on 5/11/14
7902AW4882MDGold Toyota CamryNW on 5/11/14
791WMN 5317VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/11/14
792WMK 4881VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/11/14
793WMK 7752VASilver ChryslerNW on 5/12/14
794XHL 5907VAGreen Toyota HighlanderNW on 5/12/14
79565875CBMDBrn Nissan H'lander-LYFTNW on 5/12/14
79652337BMDBlack FordNW on 5/12/14
797XAT 4457VAGray Honda CR-VNW on 5/12/14
798HQAQVAToyota CamryNW on 5/12/14
799DM1082DCNW on 5/12/14
800XLF 8893VANW on 5/12/14
8015BE1736MDNW on 5/12/14
8021BF3784MDNW on 5/12/14
803EB 0959DCNW on 5/12/14
804WSZ 2123VAAudiNW on 5/12/14
805WNM 5317VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/12/14
8063BH6294MDNW on 5/12/14
807VAP 4674VANW on 5/12/14
808KNA 3399VAToyota CamryNW on 5/12/14
809WNL 7533VAToyotaNW on 5/12/14
810EH 8555DCNW on 5/12/14
811WMK 4833VANW on 5/12/14
8129AX9596MDNW on 5/12/14
813DS 5723DCHondaNW on 5/12/14
814EP 6230DCNW on 5/12/14
815WWP 1635VADk. Gray Toyota CamryNW on 5/12/14
81665875 CBMDBn Nissan Pathfinder-LyftNW on 5/12/14
817WTE 5554VANW on 5/12/14
818XDE 9505VANissanNW on 5/12/14
819EL 3709DCNW on 5/12/14
820YWH 7478VAHonda CivicNW on 5/12/14
82163170 CEMDToyotaNW on 5/12/14
8227BH5331MDNW on 5/12/14
823WRZ 2008VAAcuraNW on 5/12/14
824WWP 1635VADk Gray Toyota CamryNW on 5/12/14
825WGL 6677VASilver Toyota RAV4NW on 5/12/14
8262BH1100MDGreen Ford FusionNW on 5/13/14
8279AM9871MDDk Gray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/13/14
828CH 4756DCToyota AvalonNW on 5/13/14
8294BL1218MDWhite Nissan RogueKey Bridge on 5/13/14
830WNM 6822VABrown Toyota CamryNW 5/13/14
831EM 1616DCGreen Toyota CamryNE on 5/14/14
832WPG 2231VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/14/14
833WLW 8958VABlue Toyota PriusNW on 5/14/14
834EM 5374DCBlue Toyota CamryNW on 5/14/14
835WMZ 6364VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/14/14
836WMK 4523VABlack Chrysler 300NW on 5/15/14
837WMZ 6364VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/15/14
8389BD9400MDDk Gray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/15/14
839CX 2853DCBlue Ford Explorer-LYFTNW on 5/15/14
840EN 5192DCDk Gray Ford Crown VicNW on 5/15/14
841WLV 4244VARed Toyota CamryNW on 5/15/14
842WRB 6120VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/15/14
843WWK 7475VABlack Honda AccordNW on 5/15/14
844XCM 3680VAWhite Toyota CorollaNW on 5/15/14
845WMW 9848VABlack Toyota PriusNE on 5/15/14
8467BG6527MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/15/14
847WPM 7366VAGray Honda AccordNW on 5/15/14
848WPC 6168 or 6268VAGreen Toyota CorollaNW on 5/15/14
849EN 0148DCGray Toyota CamryNW 5/15/14
8505BH6996MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 5/16/14
851WMX 8766VASilver Hyundai SonataNW 5/16/14
852WLZ 6743VAGray Toyota CamryNW 5/16/14
853WMN 3616VAGray Toyota CamryNW 5/16/14
854WLV 5633VABlack Toyota priusNW 5/16/14
855WTY 3861VABlack Toyota CamryNW 5/16/14
8565BH6996MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 5/16/14
85734188M5MDBk Hyundai SUV mid-sizeNW on 5/16/14
858WVJ 3460VASilver Toyota PriusNW on 5/16/14
859WSP 8995VABlack Lincoln Town CarNW on 5/16/14
8602BK7367MDSilver Toyota CorollaNW on 5/16/14
861WRU 7677VABlue VW SedanNW on 5/16/14
862WWD 5391VAGray HondaNW on 5/16/14
863WSP 8995VABlack FordNW on 5/16/14
864471 59BMDBlack Caddy EscaladeNW on 5/16/14
8659BE9768MDBlack Ford FullsizeNW on 5/16/14
866WPG 2231VAToyota CamryNW on 5/16/14
867WMN 4375VAWhite Nissan AltimaKey Bridge on 5/16/14
868WLZ 2735VAWhite Honda AccordNW on 5/16/14
869WLY 4712VABlack Scion XBUnion Station on 5/16/14
870GEBRYEVASilver Toyota CorollaUnion Station on 5/16/14
871WTD 6081VABlack Toyota PriusUnion Station on 5/16/14
8729BE5557MDBlack Chrysler 300Key Bridge on 5/16/14
873WMM 4828VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/16/14
874WLU 5108VABlue Toyota CorollaNW on 5/16/14
875XAV 7608VAGray Toyota PriusVNW on 5/16/14
8769BK9703MDGold Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
877WRU 7662MDBlack Chrysler 300NW on 5/17/14
878079442TMDBk Toyota Camry - TempNW on 5/17/14
879WRK 6764VABlack Ford EdgeNW on 5/17/14
880WNT 2031VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
8818BE4471MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
882WUP 9923VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
883WSC 5006VAWhite Mitsubishi SUV-MidNW on 5/17/14
884WMR 5326VABlack Toyota PtiusNW on 5/17/14 (3:48)
885WMR 5326VABlack Toyota PriusNW on 5/17/14 (20:35)
886R BHALLIVASilver Honda AccordNW on 5/17/14
887WRZ 2095VABlack Hyundai SonataNW on 5/17/14
888XFH 1337VABlack Toyota RAV4NW on 5/17/14
8891AM7253MDToyota HighlanderNW on 5/17/14
890KBN 6559VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
8912MD2258MDGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/17/14
892WVB 9060VAWhite Toyota CamryNW on 5/17/14
8931BF3768MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW on 5/17/14 (23:48)
8941BF3768MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW on 5/18/14 (1:24)
895WMM 4837VALt. Blue Toyota CamryNW on 5/18/14
896WNA 9771VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/18/14
897WLY 1414VAGreen Chrysler 300NW on 5/18/14
898WNY 5761VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/18/14
8999BH0910MDToyota Black CorollaNW on 5/18/14
900DX 2292DCChevrolet SuburbanUnion Station on 5/18/14
9014AY7774MDHonda Black AccordNW on 5/20/14
902WNZ6292VAHyandai SonataNW on 5/20/14
903EN 7438DCTotota CamryNW on 5/20/14
904WMK 2115VAHonda CRVNW on 5/20/14
9059BF9013MDMaroon HondaNW on 5/20/14
906WSP 8995VAFull Size FordNW on 5/20/14
907YSM 2993VABlack Ford SUVNW on 5/20/14
908WWD 5391VAGray HondaNW on 5/20/14
909WSP 8995VAFull Size FordNW on 5/20/14
910471 59BMDBlack EscaladeNW on 5/20/14
9119BE9768MDBlack Full Size FordNW on 5/20/14
912EN 3200DCSilver Toyota RAV4NW on 5/20/14
913WNA 9761VASilver Toyota PriusNW on 5/20/14
914WMZ 6364VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/20/14
9155BG2123MDBlack Toyota PriusNW on 5/20/14
916WTY 8428VABlack Toyota Camry - LYFTNW on 5/20/14
917VAA 5215VAToyota CamryNW on 5/20/14
918SAADI-TJVAWhite Toyota CorollaNW on 5/20/14
9195AF4976MDGray Toyota SiennaNW on 5/20/14
920EN 9532DCWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/21/14
921WNN 3577VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/21/14
922WMZ 6364VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/21/14
9238FWT30MDDk Gray Toyota CamryNW on 5/21/14
9246BG3353MDHonda CRVNW on 5/22/14
925X46609VAWhite ToyotaNW on 5/22/14
926DS 7929DCBlack ToyotaNW on 5/22/14
9275BA4691MDBlack NissanNW on 5/22/14
928WRE 4683VASilver NissanNW on 5/22/14
9296BK3606MDDk Gray NissanNW on 5/22/14
930WVB 5474VAGray Toyota PriusNW on 5/22/14
931AMDGDCToyota PriusNW on 5/22/14
93204621LMMDBlack LincolnNW on 5/23/14
933EN 5192DCBlue FordNW on 5/23/14
934EN 7740DCBlack ToyotaNW on 5/23/14
935EL 4604DCBlack TototaNW on 5/23/14
936SHADI1VAWhite NissanArlington on 5/23/14
937WHW 8952VAGray ToyotaNW on 5/24/14
938WXD 5184VABlack Acura SedanNW on 5/24/14
939WHW 8952VAGray ToyotaNW on 5/24/14
940WXD 5184VABlack Acura SedanNW on 5/24/14
941XLS 7132VAGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/24/14
942EN 9532DCWhite Toyota PriusNW on 5/24/14
943EYMENVAWhite Hyundai AscentNW on 5/24/14
944WMR 6132VAGray Honda CivicNW on 5/24/14
945VAC 1636VARed Toyota CorollaNW on 5/24/14
946VAF 7978VASilver Mercury SedanNW on 5/24/14
947AX 8609DCOld Gray Toyota Cam/ LYFTNW on 5/24/14
9487BK1812MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/24/14
9491BL8695MDBlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/24/14
950WGL 6677VASilver Toyota RAV4NW on 5/24/14
951WRN 8391VASilver Toyota CamryNW on 5/24/14
952XEF 4419VASilver Toyota CorollaNW on 5/24/14
9538BG8898MDGray Toyota CamryNW on 5/24/14
954WMV 6032VABlack ToyotaNW on 5/25/14
955WSY 1200VASmall Silver ChevroletNW on 5/25/14
956WMC 3909VABlack Kia SedanNW on 5/25/14
957WTB 5474VARed Toyota CorollaNW on 5/25/14
958WMG R235VABlack Toyota CamryNW on 5/25/14
959WRA 8559VAGray Toyota CorollaNW on 5/25/14
960VAT 8771VABlack Honda CivicNW on 5/25/14
961WMP 3355VAWhite Toyota CamryNW on 5/25/14
962WRG 3172VAGray Honda AccordNW on 5/25/14
963DT 8849DCBlack Chevrolet SuburbanNW on 5/25/14
964DH 9964DCBlack HondaNW on 5/25/14
965XTU 4986VABlack HyundaiNW on 5/25/14
966571618MDBlack Chevrolet SUVNW on 5/25/14
967WIGGLEVAWhite ToyotaCrystal City on 5/25/14
968WIW 8952VAGray ToyotaNW 5/26/14
969EN 2468DCToyota CamryUnion Station 5/27/14
970DT 8849DCBlack Chevrolet SuburbanNW 5/27/14
971WWG 8108VABlack Toyota CamryNW 5/27/14
9724BK1643MDToyota CamryNW 5/27/14
973WNY 5761VASilver Toyota CamtyNW 5/27/14
974KMY 4361VANissan AltimaNW 5/27/14
975VAC 1387VABlack ToyotaNW 5/28/14
976XAT 4504VABlack HondaNW 5/28/14
977WND 2476VAGray ToyotaNW 5/28/14
978VAV 2401VABlack NissanNW 5/28/14
979WMK 4632VASilver ToyotaNW 5/29/14
980WNA 7115VASilverDCA 5/29/14
981JLK 7590PAHyundaiNW 5/29/14
982WLV 3707VAGray ToyotaNW 5/29/14
983EM 7747DCGray BMWNW 5/29/14
984WNA 9728VABlack ToyotaNW 5/30/14
985EM 5796DCToyotaNW 5/30/14
986WNY 5761VASilver Toyota CamryNW 5/31/14
987WTH 1030VASilver Honda CivicNW 5/31/14
9882AA4847MDSilver Honda CivicNW 5/31/14
989EN 6130DCSilver Toyota CamryNW 5/31/14
990DELINADCGray Honda CRVNW 5/31/14
9914BK4880MDDk Gray Nissan AltimaNW 5/31/14
992EN 7385DCGray Toyota CorollaNW 5/31/14
993WYN 5015VABlack BMWNW 5/31/14
994EP 2321DCWhite Chevrolet ImpalaNW 5/31/14
995VAF 8591DCBlue Toyota CorollaNW 5/31/14
996EL 5752DCSilver Toyota CorollaNW 5/31/14
997ED 7266DCSilver Toyota CorollaNW 5/31/14
9989BK5369MDBlack VWNW 6/1/14
9994AP7400MDBlack Toyota PriusNW 6/1/14
1000S32 9990ILGray Chrysler 300NW 6/1/14
10013BK9011MDDark Blue JeepNW 6/1/14
1002WRY 4996VASilver HondaNW 6/1/14
1003ADL HLMVABurgandy Ford VanSW 6/1/14
10045BG7140MDBlack HondaNW 6/1/14
1005S32 9990ILGray Chrysler 300NW 6/2/14
1006WPZ 2309VABlack/Dark Blue BMWNW 6/2/14
1007WMN 7766VAGray Toyota CamryNW 6/2/14
1008WNM 6839VABlack Toyota PriusNW 6/2/14
1009WLU 5930VABlack Toyota CorollaNW 6/4/14
10101AW5576MDBlack Nissan SentraNW 6/5/14
1011VAX 1387VABlack ToyotaNW 6/6/14
1012MMK 4632VASilver ToyotaNW 6/6/14
1013WNX 5877VAGray ToyotaNW 6/6/14
10142BK6638MDBlack HyuandiNW 6/7/14
1015WZD 2747VABlack Honda AccordNW 6/7/14
1016110602TMDBlack Toyota CamryNW 6/7/14
1017WLP 6911VABlack ToyotaAlex, Va 6/7/14
1018VAW 1860VABlack FordNW 6/7/14
1019WUY 4511VABlack ToyotaNW 6/7/14
10207KB5361MD (In Accident)Silver Toyota CamryNW 6/7/14
1021XGU 7030VAChevroletNW 6/7/14
1022WMV 6068VABlack ToyotaNW 6/8/14
1023WYN 6961VABlack HondaNW 6/8/14
1024WXP 9109VASilver HondaNW 6/8/14
10258BE8588MDRed Toyota CorollaNW 6/8/14
1026XFF 7192VABlack TototaNW 6/8/14
10272BE9969MDWhite Nissan VersaNW 6/8/14
1028EF 9695DCSilver Chevrolet ImpalaNW 6/8/14
10294MD0277MDBlack Ford FusionNW 6/8/14
10303BH5711MDDk Blue Toyota PriusNW 6/8/14
10316BA2732MDGray Nissan PathfinderNW 6/9/14
1032BAF 9732VARed Toyota CamryNW 6/9/14
1033WMN 2780VAWhite Toyota CamryNW 6/9/14
10342BH5405MDGray Honda AccordNW 6/9/14
10359BH5141MDGray Toyota CamryNW 6/9/14
1036WNK 3882VARed ChryslerNW 6/9/14
1037WNR 1144VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/9/14
1038SERHANVALight Green Honda PilotNW 6/9/14
10391ET H10MDBlack Honda AccordNW 6/9/14
1040BKL 8370NCToyotaNW 6/8/14
1041EN 7285DCGray Toyota CamrySW 6/10/14
10423BH7843MDSilver Toyota CamryNW 6/10/14
10434BK7116MDBlue Toyota CamryNW 6/11/14
1044XEN 8104VALight Blue Honda AccordNW 6/11/14
1045XGH 8588VAHonda70 I SE 6/13/14
1046WLZ 6640VABlack ToyotaNW 6/13/14
1047EN 7663DCBlack ToyotaNW 6/13/14
1048WZJ 5421VASilverNW 6/14/14
1049WMS 6266VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10507AY8532MDBlack Honda CRVNW 6/14/14
10515BH1877MDGray HyundaiNW 6/14/14
1052WMA 5877VAGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1053XCB 9695VABlue Toyota Rav4NW 6/14/14
1054KFH 2988VASilver Nisson VersaNW 6/14/14
1055DM 6702DCGray Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1056WPM 2238VAGray Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1057WSF 8913VAGray Toyota PriusVNW 6/14/14
1058WMP 3422VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10591BF8463MDBlack Toyota VersaNW 6/14/14
1060EN 3463DCWhite Nissan AltimaNW 6/14/14
1061WPC 6018VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10625BE768MDGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1063KHY 1191VAGray Toyota CamryUnion Station6/14/14
1064WMW 6366VABlack Toyota CamryIAD 6/14/14
1065JAZ 5869VASilver Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10665BE7658MDGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10677CY Y06MDGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1068A215436MDRed Honda AccordNW 6/14/14
1069WLY 6852VAGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1070EL 7768DCTan Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1071WEP 4788VABlue Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10727BL 8049MDBlue Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1073WMV 6081VABlack Toyota PriusNW 6/14/14
1074EF 8050DCGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1075WLS 5176VAGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10767BF2061MDSilver Chevrolet MalibuNW 6/14/14
1077RAJASBVABlue Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1078XWP 9109VASilver Honda AccordNW 6/14/14
1079XDM 2558VAWhite SubaruNW 6/14/14
1080JYV 8073VABlack Toyota CamryUnion Station 6/14/14
1081WNT 5168VASilver Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1082WMU 8097VAGray Honda AccordNW 6/14/14
10835BH3276MDBlack Toyota PriusNW 6/14/14
1084WMX 8509VAGray Honda AccordNW 6/14/14
1085EM 5181DCGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1086WWK 1356VAGray Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
10872BA5015MDGreen Jeep CherokeeNW 6/14/14
1088WXL 8369VAWhite Honda CivicNW 6/14/14
1089WXU 1916VASilver Nissan MaximaDCA 6/14/14
1090WPM 2238VAGray Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1091LBS 997MDWhite Mitsubishi - LYFTNW 6/14/14
1092EM 6181DCBlack Ford FusionNW 6/14/14
1093BOLDLGOVAGray Nisson Maxima-LYFTNW 6/14/14
1094WRD 8320VABlue Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
10956BA4230MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1096WRE 4683VASilver Nissan SentraNW 6/14/14
1097SERHANVAGreen Honda PilotNW 6/14/14
1098XBB 2314VABlack Toyota CorollaNW 6/14/14
1099WYF 4350VAGray Toyota CorollaUnion Station6/14/14
1100MGL 6677VASilver Toyota Rav4NW 6/14/14
1101EL 9032DCBlue Honda AccordNW 6/14/14
110235476CFMDBlue Toyota CamryNW 6/14/14
1103WUH 6226VAWhite Toyota SiennaNW 6/16/14
11046AY2314MDBlack MercedesNW 6/16/14
11051BK2625MDRed Toyota CamryNW 6/16/14
1106UBERXVAGray VWNW 6/16/14
11077AR0254MDGray Toyota CamryNW 6/16/14
1108WNR 5162VASilver Toyota PriusNW 6/16/14
1109WME 4399VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/16/14
1110EP 6889DCGray Toyota CamryNW 6/16/14
1111WVL 9075VABlack Toyota CamryNW 6/16/14
11125BH5278MDBlack HyundaiNW 6/16/14
11139BL1442MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 6/17/14
11142BK7075MDSilver ToyotaNW 6/18/14
1115WMN 3732VAGray ToyotaNW 6/18/14
11168AW8741MDBlack DodgeNW 6/18/14
1117WML 4146VAGray HondaNW 6/18/14
1118WUU 4887VARed ToyotaNW 6/18/14
1119WLZ 6691VABlack ToyotaNW 6/18/14
1120KER 5048VASilver MercedesNW 6/18/14
1121EH 8196DCFord FocusDullas Airport 6/18/14
11224BK1090MDBlack HondaNW 6/18/14
11233BL5853MDGreen ToyotaNW 6/19/14
1124EP 3445DCGray Honda CivicNW 6/19/14
1125EN 7515DCGray Honda CivicNW 6/19/14
11261BB5611MDBurgundy ToyotaNW 6/20/14
1127WRV 7075VABlack ToyotaNW 6/20/14
1128YHA 7593VABlack ToyotaNW 6/20/14
11292AZ9158MDWhite NissanNW 6/20/14
1130WESTFAMMDSilver Honda AccordNW 6/20/14
1131EL 1756DCGray Honda CRVNW 6/20/14
1132XBE 8337VASilver Toyota CamryNW 6/20/14
11335BH3304MDToyota Cam - In AccidentNE 1st & Const. 6/21/14
11343BH6266MDBlack ToyotaNW 6/21/14
11359AM1940MDBeige ToyotaNW 6/21/14
1136SAGHRUVASilver HondaNW 6/21/14
113711110XVASilver CamryNW 6/21/14
1138WNF 6524VABlack NissanNational Airport 6/22/14
11393BK6367MDSilver ToyotaNW 6/22/14
11403BK6390MDSilver ToyotaNW 6/22/14
1141WXP 8754VASilver/White Honda Acc'dNW 6/24/14
1142EP 6960DCWhite HondaNW 6/24/14
1143XEK 5694VASilver ToyotaNW 6/24/14
1144XAW 6266VAWhite HondaNW 6/24/14
11454BK1090MDBlack HondaDCA 6/25/14
11464AP0457MDBlack ToyotaNW 6/25/14
11477BF2061MDSilver ChevroletNW 6/26/14
11488AG2192MDBlue ToyotaNW 6/26/14
11498BF8269MDGray ToyotaNW 6/26/14
11504BM2468MDSilver ToyotaNW 6/26/14
1151VAF 1419VAWhite Toyota395 North 6/27/14
1152WMY 9497VAGray ToyotaNW 6/27/14
1153XTT 9061VASilver Honda AccordNW 6/28/14
1154WUV 3071VAGrayNW 6/29/14
1155WNA 9950VABlack ToyotaDCA 6/29/14
11566XN397West VirginiaBlack Toyota CamryNW 6/29/14
11576BL9582MDInfinityG37XNW 7/2/14
11581BF7972MDGray ToyotaNW 7/2/14
1159EM 5181DCGray Toyota CamryUnion Station 7/3/14
1160WMK 2076VASilverNW 7/3/14
1161WPG 8466VABlack ToyotaNW 7/3/14
11626BL8592MDInfinityG37XNW 7/3/14
11633BK4167MDBlack Chevrolet CruzNW 7/3/14
11649AZ9723MDRed Dodge Charger/LYFTNW 7/3/14
1165EB 7087DCWhite Toyota CamryNW 7/3/14
1166EB7087DCBlack ToyotaNW 7/3/14
1167VAX 1528VABlack ToyotaNW 7/5/14 11:46 PM @
Old Ebbitt Grill
1168VAX 1528VABlack ToyotaNW 7/5/14 11:53 PM @
Old Ebbitt Grill
1169WNK 5162VASilver ToyotaNW 7/6/14
1170XJW 2126VASilver Toyota CamryNW 7/6/14
1171VTEKOPVAToyota Camry
11721BB5584MDToyota CamryNW 7/9/14
1173XB2314VAToyota CamryNW 7/9/14
1174WNT 5232VAToyota CamryNE 7/9/14
1175A2224000MDGray Toyota CamryNW 7/9/14
1176WWD 9036VAGray ToyotaNW 7/9/13
1177WXA 6412VAToyota RAV4NW 7/10/14
1178WNX 5877VAGray ToyotaNW 7/10/14
1179EL 1687DCBlue ToyotaNW 7/10/14
1180ER 3014DCBMWArlington VA 7/10/14
11819A/X7696MDRed HondaNW 7/10/14
118237186M2MDToyota RAV4NW 7/10/14
11837AM8066MDNissenNW 7/10/14
1184WZJ 3104DCRed NisSenNW 7/10/14
1185WRF 1736VASilver NissenNW 7/10/14
1186WLZVASilver ToyotaNW 7/10/14
1187EM1616DCGray ToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/10/14
1188EB6309DCBlack GMCNW 7/10/14
1189XFC 4376VAGray HondaNW 7/10/14
11906AT8218MDHyundaiNW 7/11/14
1191VAA6418VABlack ToyotaNW 7/11/14
1192WMC3499VAGreen ToyotaNW 7/11/14
11931BK7693MDBlack FordNW 7/11/14
1194WMY7770VAGreen KIANW 7/11/14
11952BK 6114MDSilver ToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/11/14
1196WVS6328VAGray HondaNW 7/11/14
1197WUM 9511VABlack ToyotaNW 7/11/14
11989AV590MDNissenUNION STATION 7/11/14
1199LLZ2217VASilver ToyotaNW 7/11/14
1200WVG 2130VAGreen HondaNW 7/11/14
1201WMP6383VAHondaNW 7/11/14
1202EP6890DCHondaNW 7/11/14
1203BB5650MDBlack NissenNE 7/12/14
1204VAX 1626VAGreen ToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/12/14
12058BF 4269MDGray ToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/12/14
1206WNS4990VAToyotaNW 7/12/14
12071AC3893MDNW 7/12/14
1208XAL 2583VABlack ToyotaDC 7/12/14
12093BL 5853MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/12/14
12102BN 7462MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/12/14
1211WMG 2001VABlack HondaNW 7/12/14
1212WWR5608MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/13/14
12137AR 0285MDSaturnNW 7/13/14
1214XKE 1758VABlack ToyotaNW 7/13/14
1215EN7515DCBlue HondaNW 7/15/14
1216WMY 9334VABlack ToyotaNW 7/15/14
1217VAV 9031VABlack ToyotaNW 7/15/14
121849971CFMDBlack ToyotaNW 7/15/14
12191BB5649MDRed ToyotaNW 7/15/14
122012BK3637MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/16/14
1221WMX958VAToyotaNW 7/16/14
12224VK 2604MDToyotaNW 7/16/14
12234AM 3544MDWhite HyundaiNW 7/16/14
1224EM6087DCBlack ToyotaNW 7/16/14
1226WLW8952VABlack ToyotaNW 7/17/14
1227JYX1227VAGold ToyotaNW 7/17/14
12281BB5692MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/18/14
12291BN2578MDBrown ToyotaNW 7/18/14
1230WPT7355VABlack HondaNW 7/18/14
12313BH0794MDBlue HondaNW 7/18/14
1233WNT6057VAToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/19/14
1234XBG6251VAWhite ToyotaNW 7/20/14
1235EM3977DCToyotaNW 7/21/14
1236WTL 2395VAToyotaIAD 7/21/14
12373B/G0477MDToyotaNW 7/22/14
1238WZR2269VAHondaNW 7/22/14
1239WXS8964VAWhite ToyotaNW 7/22/14
1240WUV4337VAWhite ToyotaNW 7/22/14
1241VBS 4833VABlack ToyotaNW 7/22/14
1242WLV 3805VAToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/23/14
1243ER1663DCToyotaNW 7/23/14
1244VAU 1782VAToyotaNW 7/23/14
1245DZ 0306DCToyotaNATIONAL AIRPORT 7/23/14
1246VBZ1940VAWhite ToyotaNW 7/23/14
1247WPL 7754VASilver VolovoNW 7/23/14
1248VCA 7986VABlack DodgeNW 7/23/14
1249EN5773DCGray ToyotaNW 7/23/14
1250EM3040DCToyotaNW 7/23/14
1251XAT4504VABlack HondaNW 7/23/14
12526AX8869MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/23/14
1253XBS8959VABlack LexusNW 7/23/14
1254ES13225DCToyotaNW 7/24/14
1255WLU6060VAToyotaNW 7/24/14
1256WLV3599VABlack ToyotaNW 7/24/14
1257VBK8132VAToyotaNW 7/24/14
12583BM8921MDBlack ChevroletNW 7/24/14
1259XEK 5694VAToyotaNW 7/25/14
12601BH6534MDGray HyundaiNW 7/25/14
12611BM7480MDBlack ToyotaNW 7/25/14
1262WPN4119VAToyotaNW 7/25/14
12638BM8804MDBlack CryslerNW 7/25/14
1264WMY3308VASilver HondaNW 7/25/14
12656EEN93MDCryslerNW 7/26/14
1266VBF2965VAHondaNW 7/26/14
12672BN7426MDToyotaNW 7/26/14
12682AW7762MDToyotaNW 7/26/14
1269XAU2228VABlack NissenNW 7/26/14
1270RAYYAN1VALexusNW 7/26/14
1271WNL7423VAGray ToyotaNW 7/26/14
1272EP0573DCWhite ToyotaNW 7/27/14
12732AP7983MDToyotaNW 7/29/14
1274CY1755VAToyotaNW 7/29/14
1275EN0148DCBlack ToyotaNW 7/30/14
1276VBL6121VAToyotaNW 8/01/14
1277WRS 4889VABlack ToyotaNW 8/1/14
12781AH9023MDGray HondaNW 8/1/14
12797CYY06MDGray ToyotaNW 8/1/14
1280ED8900DCBrown ChevroletNW 8/1/14
12816BG0599MDFord SUVNW 8/2/14
12821BK4539MDSilver FordNW 8/2/14
1283VAF1419VAWhite ToyotaNW 8/2/14
12843CFF34MDNissenNW 8/2/14
1285WZC2230VAToyotaNW 8/2/14
1286WWT4390VABlack ChevroletNW 8/2/14
1287WYJ 1939VAGray LexusNW 8/2/14
12881BH7687MDSilver ToyotaNW 8/2/14
1289WMM2265PVASilver NissenNW 8/2/14
1290WNT 1974VABlack ToyotaNW 8/2/14
12916BM1113MDNW 8/3/14
1292XJX6383VABlack ToyotaNW 8/2/14
1293VBS6617VAToyotaNW 8/4/14
1294WMN 3732VAToyotaNW 8/4/14
12956XN397WVBlack ToyotaNW 8/4/14
1296WMG4235VABlack ToyotaNW 8/5/14
1297WMK8482VABlack HyundaiCAPITOL HILL 8/5/14
1298VAZ8846VANissenNW 8/5/14
12991BK6024MDGray HondaNW 8/5/14
1300WPC4755VABlack HondaNW 8/6/14
13026AX8869MDGray ToyotaNW 8/7/14
1303WNX3491VAGray ChevroletNW 8/8/14
1304VAX3054VASilver LexisNW 8/8/14
1305VXP3940VARed HyundaiNW 8/8/14
1306WMP3729VAGray ToyotaNW 8/8/14
1307WVL4800VABlue ToyotaNW 8/8/14
1308VAX1583VAToyotaNW 8/9/14
1309EL1678DCBlue ToyotaNW 8/11/14
13103BL9951MDBlack ToyotaNW 8/12/14
1311WPM2238VABlack ToyotaNW 8/12/14
1312WPG6558VABlack HondaNW 8/14/14
13131BN2551MDBlack ToyotaNW 8/14/14
13145BD0211MDSilver ToyotaNW 8/14/14
1315VCC2192VABlue ToyotaNW 8/14/14
1317WPN4138VAGray HondaNW 8/15/14
1318WVE2435VABlack NissenNW 8/15/14
1319WMU9213VAGray VWNW 8/15/14
1320FREENYVAWhite ToyotaNW 8/15/14
1321EN3844DCBlack ToyotaNW 8/15/14
1322ER2828DCGray HondaNW 8/15/14
13233BK7773MDRed HondaNW 8/15/14
1324VAT8771VAGray HondaNW 8/15/14
1325VCA7986VABlack DodgeNW 8/16/14
1326VAA4017VAGray ToyotaNW 8/16/14
13273AH7254MDBlack ToyotaNW 8/16/14
13288BM5685MDSilver FordNW 8/17/14
1329XCM3788VABlack ToyotaUNION STATION 8/17/14
1330VAZ8846VATan/Dark Silver NissanNW 8/26/14
13311BFV61MDBlack HyundaiNW 8/28/14
1332WPG8466VABlack ToyotaNW 8/29/14
1333AEL4171VAWhite HyundaiNW 8/29/14
1334EM5891DCBlack Nissan XBNW 8/29/14
1335EP0017DCGray HyundaiNW 8/29/14
13369AN4238MDRed MazdaNW 8/29/14
1337WMD9787VABlack HondaNW 8/29/14
1338WLP5559VABlack HondaNW 8/29/14
1339WSP8267VABlack Toyota CamryNW 8/29/14
1340WTH2008VASilver VersaNW 8/29/14
13411BK4525MDSilver Toyota CamryNW 8/29/14
1342WZU6260VASilver Merc Gr MarqNW 8/29/14
13436BK3637MDBlack Toyota HybridNW 8/29/14
13441BM7336MDGold Van / LYFYNW 8/30/14
13454BN7078MDRed Sedan / LYFTNW 8/30/14
1346EJ2150DCGrayToyota Van/ LYFTNW 8/30/14
13479BN5422MDSilver Sedan/LYFTNW 8/30/14
13487AY5444MDGray Sedan/LYFTNW 8/30/14
1349SPOONIEDCRed Nissan/LYFTNW 8/30/14
1350DM5973DCRed Van/LYFTNW 8/30/14
1351WMY7770VAGray Kia SUVSW 8/30/14
1352ER5281DCBlue Honda CivicNW 8/30/14
13533BN3067MDTan JeepNW 8/30/14
1354VCD8173VABlack ToyotaNW 8/30/14
1355XKV3717VATan ToyotaNW 8/30/14
13563AY6266MDBlack Nissan PathfindrNW 8/30/14
1357WNA1038VABlack ScionNW 8/30/14
13587BL7830MDRed MazdaNW 8/30/14
1359AEW6909VASilver AcuraNW 8/30/14
1360ES2251DCSilver Ford FocusNW 8/30/14
1361WNA7261VASilver HondaNW 8/30/14
13621BB5538MDBlack Toyota SUVNW 8/30/14
1363VCL8871VABlack Toyota PriusNW 8/30/14
13649BK0355MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13657BK8562MDBlack AcuraNW 8/31/14
1366ER0655DCWhite Chevrolet SedanNW 8/31/14
1367ES1320DCBlack Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13685AX9040MDSilver/tan Toyota CorollaNW 8/31/14
1369WNM3209VABlack Toyota AvalonNW 8/31/14
1370955M175MDBlack YukonNW 8/31/14
13716AK0043MDBlack ToyotaNW 8/31/14
13726AL7159MDRed Toyota Rav4NW 8/31/14
1373VAP6794VASilver Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13748BM8963MDDk Gray Toyota CorollaNW 8/31/14
13751AW5576MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
1376211105MMDBlack SUVNW 8/31/14
1377VAX2686VAWhite Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
1378WNB1233VABlack Toyota SUVNW 8/31/14
1379WWR3957VAWhite ToyotaNW 8/31/14
13801BL4575MDBlack Toyota VanNW 8/31/14
1381VBR8565VAGray Honda AccordNW 8/31/14
1382WPM7380VAWhite Honda/no head lightNW 8/31/14
1383DT2626DCBlack Cadillac SedanNW 8/31/14
1384ER6771DCWhite Chevrolet SedanNW 8/31/14
1385JXG1031VASilver Nissan MuranoNW 8/31/14
13868AJ9235MDBlack Kia SUVNW 8/31/14
1387VBM8066VASilver Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13889BG0460MDHonda CivicNW 8/31/14
1389VBM9246VABlack Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13901BL8695MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 8/31/14
13916CRK03MDGray/Blue ChevroletNW 8/31/14
1392EL1491DCSmall Blue Ford SUVNW 9/1/14
1393ES5961DCGreen ToyotaNW 9/1/14
13942BK5975MDDk Blue Toyota CorollaNW 9/1/14
13952BN4928MdSilver Toyota CamryNW 9/1/14
1396EN4755DCRed Toyota PriusNW 9/1/14
13971BP8695MDSmall Blue Toyota SUVNW 9/1/14
1398WPC6126VADk Blue HyundaiNW 9/1/14
13992BM3076MDBlack Hyundai SedanNW 9/1/14
1400HCK2275VAToyotaNW 9/1/14
1401WRK5459VASilver Toyota Rav4NW 9/1/14
1402ER0655DCWhite Chevrolet/lyftNW 9/1/14
1403XAM9152VAGray Toyota HighlanderNW 9/1/14
14041YASIN1VASilver Toyota PriusNW 9/1/14
1405WPJ6100VADark Blue Toyota SedanNW 9/1/14
1406VBR9804VAWhite Ford EscapeArlington 9/1/14
14071BB5658MDToyota CamryNW 9/1/14
14088BN1842MDSilver Toyota CamryNW 9/1/14
1409VAU1758VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/1/14
1410XLX2403VASilver Toyota CorollaNW 9/1/14
14116AN0116MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/1/14
14126AN0116MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
14133BH6182MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
1414DL5047DCGold ToyotaNW 9/2/14
1415NAH56WNew JerseyBlack HondaVanNW 9/2/14
1416VAA5620VASilver Chevrolet SedanNW 9/2/14
1417VCB9762VAWhite Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
1418202221TMD (Temp Tag)Gray Honda CR-VNW 9/2/14
1419WYK1415VAWhite Kia ForteNW 9/2/14
14204BP0002MDBrown Honda CR-VNW 9/2/14
1421VBL6196VAGreen Toyota PriusNW 9/2/14
1422WNX9907VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
14233BN8130MDRed Toyota SedanNW 9/2/14
1424WMY7416VARed Hyundai (body damage)NW 9/2/14
14258AW8873MDLarge Gray Nissan VanNW 9/2/14
1426VAW2802VABlue Toyota PriusNW 9/2/14
1427192106TMD Temp TagGray Toyota (Damaged)NW 9/2/14
14289BA4349MDGray Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
14292BP5675MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
1430VBU 7671VABlack ToyotaNW 9/2/14
1431VBU7671VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
14323AZ8543MDGold Toyota CamryNW 9/2/14
14335BL3871MDBlack SedanNW 9/2/14
1434WNX5685VAGold Toyota PriusNW 9/2/14
1435VAX1584VABlack Toyota VersaNW 9/3/14
14362AN7272MDBlack Nissan SentraNW 9/3/14
14377BG1009MDBlack Ford SUVNW 9/3/14
1438DU3444DCGold Range RoverNW 9/3/14
1439WRG1817VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/3/14
1440WXY9083VAGray Toyota CamryNW 9/3/14
1441ER5488DCGray Kia/LYFTNW 9/3/14
1442DL5339DCChrysler SedanNW 9/3/14
14432BK8279MDGray Toyota SedanNW 9/3/14
14441BG7139MDChevrolet ImpalaNW 9/3/14
14453BM4630MDBlack Honda SedanNW 9/3/14
1446VAL4151VABlack Toyota SiennaNW 9/4/14
1447XDU4216VABlue VW JettaNW 9/4/14
14487BN4291MDWhite Toyota CamryNW 9/4/14
1449WLP5440VABurg'dy Nissan AltimaNW 9/4/14
1450WXR7683VABlue Dodge CaravanNW 9/4/14
1451CN4628DCSmall Silver SUVNW 9/4/14
1452WNF8471VAGold Toyota CamryNW 9/4/14
1453ER3374DCRed Toyota PriusNW 9/4/14
1454A25146VA Temp TagBlack Honda AccordNW 9/4/14
1455EV8537DCBlack Small SUVNW 9/4/14
1456WSR1489VARed JeepNW 9/4/14
14577BP6533MDBlue Chevrolet SedanNW 9/4/14
1458EN1302DCWhite Honda AccordNE 9/4/14
1459KAV2367VAWhite Chevrolet TahoeNE 9/4/14
1460WSF3645VAWhite Toyota CorollaNE 9/4/14
14612BR6771MDSilver Toyota CamryNW 9/5/14
1462WCJ4461VAGray Toyota CamryNW 9/5/14
14637BG7058MDBlue Toyota PriusNW 9/5/14
1464YA-ALLAHVARed Toyota CamryNW 9/5/14
1465VCG7044VASilver Toyota CamryNW 9/5/14
14663BK7052MDLt. Blue Chevrolet SonicNW 9/5/14
14675BA2618MDBlack Benz E350NW 9/5/14
14686BA4230MDBlack Hyundai ElantraNW 9/5/14
1469KMW6970VABlack Hyundai SonataNW 9/5/14
1470XBS4040VABlue Toyota YarisNW 9/5/14
1471WMK8419VABlack Hyundai SonataNW 9/5/14
1472WMX9765VADk Gray Toyota PriusNE 9/5/14
1473VAM2824VADark Toyota SedanNE 9/5/14
1474VAX2737VASilver Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
14757AX3197MDSilver Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
1476WXV7288VABlack BMW 328XiNE 9/5/14
14773BD1235MDDark Lexus SedanNE 9/5/14
1478KFJ5714VAGray Toyota RAV-4NE 9/5/14
1479WNR5162VAGold Toyota PriusNE 9/5/14
14807CDB171CaliforniaWhite JeepNE 9/5/14
1481ES1296DCTan Chevrolet Sedan/LYFTNE 9/5/14
1482EK7339DCDark Toyota SedanNE 9/5/14
14835FDJ21MDBlue SedanNE 9/5/14
1484EN8452DCBlue Nissan SentraNE 9/5/14
1485M44594VA Temp TagBlack Toyota PriusNE 9/5/14
14862BM5832MDGray Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
14876AY0743MDBlack Por. Cayenne SUVNE 9/5/14
1488EM6497DCWhite Chrysler T&C VanNE 9/5/14
14896BN7450MDBlack Toyota CamryRosslyn 9/5/14
14901BP5967MDBlack Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
14911BP8189MDWhite Benz C230/LYFTNE 9/5/14
1492WMZ1028VAWhite Toyota CorollaNE 9/5/14
1493VCL 8076VABlack Caddy SedanNE 9/5/14
149498374CEMDSmall Silver Nissan SUVNE 9/5/14
1495KHW3871VARed Toyota CorollaNE 9/5/14
14969BH0754MDWhite VW JettaNE 9/5/14
1497VBK9930VAWhite Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
14983AA8976MDSilver Ford EdgeNE 9/5/14
14992BL9232MDSilver Kia SedanNE 9/5/14
1500WPM7380VAWhite Honda AccordNE 9/5/14
1501VAD1489VABlack Audi DedanNE 9/5/14
1502VAX1459VABlack Toyota PriusNE 9/5/14
15033BM5557MDRed Toyota CamryNE 9/5/14
1504WRF1081VAWhite Honda Rav-4NE 9/5/14
15053BM2131MDSilver Toyota CorollaNE 9/5/14
1506XBP6563VAGold Honda CRVNE 9/5/14
1507WMU4861VABlack Honda PilotNW 9/6/14
1508WMZ8902VABlack Honda AccordNW 9/6/14
15095BM0147MDBlack Chevrolet MalibuNW 9/6/14
1510WPG8466VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
1511WNR3668VAGray Honda AccordNW 9/6/14
1512WRE8872VABlack Toyota SUVNW 9/6/14
1513VAU1758VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
1514MNT8864VAHonda SedanNW 9/6/14
1515M41591VA Temp TagTan Honda CivicNW 9/6/14
1516WVM3851VASilver Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
15171BB5670MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
15188BM4652MDBlack Mercedes 320NW 9/6/14
1519WUH4178MDSilver Toyota SedanNW 9/6/14
15204BN1818MDBlue Honda AccordNW 9/6/14
15219BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav-4NW 9/6/14
15229AL3797MDWhite Audi SedanNW 9/6/14
15235AV3034MDGreen Hyundai SonataNW 9/6/14
15245AN2506MDBlack Hyundai SedanNW 9/6/14
15251BB5631MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
1526ES1032DCGold Honda AccordNW 9/6/14
15272BN7304MDGray Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
15283BP9520MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
15299EGH11MDHonda AccordNW 9/6/14
1530VZB2233VASilver Honda CivicNW 9/6/14
15317BE8150MDSilver Chevrolet ImpalaNW 9/6/14
15328BN1842MDSilver Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
15333BL5828MDBlack Toyota CorollaNW 9/6/14
1534WNR6103VAGold Toyota PriusNW 9/6/14
1535VBV6456VABlack Chevrolet SUVNW 9/6/14
15368BF6468MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/6/14
1537VAW2802VABlack Toyota PriusNW 9/6/14
1538WPZ5361VAGold Honda AccordNW 9/6/14
15395BG1141MDWhite Toyota PriusNW 9/6/14
1540WLX9182VADark Ford FocusNW 9/6/14
15413BP6668MDRed Toyota PriusNW 9/6/14
1542VPK7068VABlack VWNW 9/7/14
15435BM0147MDBlack Chevrolet MalibuNW 9/7/14
15445BF1419MDBlue Toyota HighlanderNW 9/7/14
15458BH4906MDBlack Toyota CamryNW 9/7/14
1546WMZ1041VABlue Toyota PriusNW 9/7/14
1547WWF1970VAGray Toyota CamryNW 9/7/14
1548WLZ2735VAWhite Honda AccordNW 9/7/14
1549VCA3513VAGold Nissan AltimaNW 9/7/14
1550WPH5217VAGray ToyotaNW 9/7/14
1551M-UTD-1VABlue Toyota PriusNW 9/7/14
1552ES0885DCGray Toyota SedanNW 9/7/14
1553YMB9235VAGray Toyota PriusNW 9/7/14
155457043CFMDBlack Toyota Rav-4NW 9/7/14
1555VCW5858VAGold Toyota CamryNW 9/7/14
15562BL2810MDBlack Honda SUVNW 9/7/14
15572BK4295MDBronz Honda AccordNW 9/7/14
1558VAP6643VABlack Lincoln SedanNW 9/7/14
15596BM4033MDGold Nissan SedanNW 9/7/14
15602BM8545MDWhite Toyota CorollaNW 9/7/14
1561EN4636DCBlack Toyota PriusNW 9/7/14
1562WVS6212VABlack Honda SedanNW 9/7/14
1563WLZ6609VAGray Prius/Dent on sideNW 9/7/14
1564WNA7261VAHonda AccordNW 9/7/14
1565VBS4852VAGray Toyota CamryNW 9/7/14
1566E7674XTennesseeWhite Chevrolet CruzeNW/9/7/14
1567BBJ7488VAGold Toyota PriusNW 9/8/14
1568WMG4269VABlack Toyota CamryNW 9/8/14
1569VBV5826VAWhite Toyota PriusNW 9/8/14
1570BBJ7480VAGold Toyota Prus09/08/14
1571WMG4269VABlack Toyota Camry09/08/14
1572VBV5826VAWhite Toyota Prius09/08/14
1573VCH8174VAWhite Toyota Camry09/08/14
1574BBJ7488VAGold Toyota Prius09/08/14
1575WMG4269VABlack Toyota Camry09/08/14
1576VBV5826VAWhite Toyota Prius09/08/14
1577VCH8174VAWhite Toyota Camry09/08/14
1578VCD3997VAGray Honda Accord09/08/14
1579VAX1458VAGray Toyota Prius09/08/14
15805BK8569MDGray Toyota Rav-409/08/14
1581WMV5910VAGray Toyota Rav-409/08/14
1582WNF5396VAGray Toyota Prius09/08/14
1583M35894VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Prius09/08/14
15846BF5617MDBlack Honda Accord09/08/14
1585ARUJUNEVAWhite Toyota Prius09/08/14
15863EHAI4MDgray Toyota Prius09/08/14
15879AN4238MDRed Mazda CX-509/08/14
15888BM2864MDGray Toyota Prius09/08/14
1589EP7043DCWhite Toyota Yaris09/08/14
1590VCR 8907VABlack Toyota Camry09/08/14
1591VCH8174VAWhite Toyota Camry09/08/14
1592VCA6533VASilver Honda Accord09/08/14
1593VCH8174VAWhite Toyota Camry09/08/14
1594VCA6533VASilver Honda Accord09/08/14
1595VCD3997VAGray Honda Accord09/09/14
1596VAX1458VAGray Toyota Prius09/09/14
15975BK8569MDGray Toyota Rav-409/09/14
1598WMV5910VAGray Toyota Rav-409/09/14
1599WNF5396VAGray Toyota Prius09/09/14
1600M35894VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Prius09/09/14
16016BF5617MDBlack Honda Accord09/09/14
1602ARUJYNEVABlack Toyota Prius09/09/14
1603DB4072DCWhite Toyota Prius09/09/14
16043DHA14MDGray Toyota Prius09/09/14
16059AN4238MDRed Mazda CX-509/09/14
16068BM2864MDGray Toyota Prius09/09/14
1607EP4073DCWhite Toyota09/09/14
1608VCR8907VABlack Toyota Camry09/09/14
160940929M2MDWhite Caravan09/09/14
1610WMK8544VASilver Hyundai Sonata09/09/14
1611WNL8918VABlack Hyundai Forte09/09/14
1612WNR1144VABlack Toyota Camry09/09/14
16134BG8103MDSilver Hyundai Elantra09/09/14
1614EL2368DCBlack Toyota Prius09/09/14
1615JKH8823VABlack Chevrolet Sedan09/09/14
16169BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav 409/09/14
1617WRE8859VABlack Toyota Camry09/09/14
1618VBM8680VAGray Toyota Prius09/09/14
1619VAC9635VAGray Toyota Camry9/10/14
1620DF0344DCBlack Toyota Camry9/10/14
1621VCA6533VASilver Honda Accord9/10/14
1622EM4330DCBlack Toyota Prius/LYFT9/10/14
16237AK8403MDBrown Toyota H'lander9/10/14
16248BP3003MDBlack Chrysler 3009/10/14
1625VAC9635VAGray Toyota Camry9/10/14
1626DF0344DCBlack Toyota Camry9/10/14
1627VCA6533VASilver Honda Accord9/10/14
1628EM4330MDMDBlack Toyota Prius9/10/14
16297AK8403MDBrown Toyota Highlander9/10/14
16308BP3003MDBlack Chrysler 309/10/14
16317BG4192MDWhite Toyota Corolla9/11/14
1632WNL7533VAWhite Toyota Corolla9/11/14
16332FSX99MDBlue/Gray Acura XFS09/11/14
1634WRU6344VAWhite Toyota Prius09/11/14
1635EG4574DCWhite Nissan Maxima Rogue09/11/14
1636WUV4337VAWhite Toyota Camry09/11/14
1637WLZ3811VASilver Chevrolet Cruze09/11/14
1638WLX6852VAGray Toyota Sedan09/11/14
16398BK6231MDBlack Toyota Corolla09/11/14
1640XGH8588VAGray Honda Civic09/11/14
1641WMN7874VABlue Ford SUV09/11/14
16422BP5657MDBlack Toyota Camry09/11/14
1643VCA8552VAWhite Chevrolet Impala09/11/14
16446BM8621MDBlack Chevrolet Impala09/11/14
164515983CFMDWhite Toyota Camry09/11/14
16467EFM865CaliforniaWhite Mazda09/11/14
1647218675TMD Temp TagBlack BMW 328i09/11/14
1648ES4786DCBlack Chevrolet Suburban09/11/14
16495BF9408MDWhite Nissan Versa09/11/14
1650WTX5816qVAWhite Toyota Prius09/11/14
1651XPH5124VASilver Honda Accord09/11/14
165222277CEMDBlue Honda Civic09/11/14
16532AW4882MDGold Toyota Camry09/11/14
1654VBS5104VABlue Honda Civic09/11/14
16551BB5636MDDark Toyota Prius09/11/14
1656VAF1419VAWhite Toyota Corolla09/11/14
1657297VHQFloridaBlue Chevrolet Cruze09/11/14
1658WUJ8911VAWhite Toyota Sedan09/11/14
16596AR9866MDSilver Toyota Corolla09/11/14
1660WLU6184VAWhite Toyota Sedan09/12/14
1661ER4171DCSilver Hyundai Accent09/12/14
16629BF7454MDBlack Toyota Van09/12/14
16635BR0124MDBlack Ford Focus09/12/14
1664ES1136DCRed Toyota Prius09/12/14
166595627MD Handicap TagSilver Hyundai Exterra09/12/14
1666VCL9153VASilver Toyota Corolla09/12/14
1667WMP3759VASilver Toyota Corolla09/12/14
1668YUW6558VASilver Toyota Camry09/12/14
1669WNF8944VANissan Leaf09/12/14
1670WLV3805VABlack Toyota Camry09/12/14
16715BF4867MDWhite Sedan09/12/14
1672WSR1489VARed Jeep09/12/14
1673WSP8466VAGreen Toyota Sedan09/12/14
1674ABP5456VAWhite Toyota Camry09/12/14
16757BN4506MDKia SUV09/12/14
16766BK2494MDRed Chevrolet Impala09/12/14
1677WNL8808VABlack Toyota Camry09/12/14
1678WNY2858VABlack Mazda09/12/14
1679199826TMDTan Mazda09/12/14
16801GCF45MDBlack Toyota Camry09/13/14
1681VBK8421VABlack Toyota Prius09/13/14
16829BG0521MDBlue Toyota Prius09/13/14
1683210681TMD Temp TagGray Honda Rav-409/13/14
1684ES7447DCBlack Toyota Camry09/13/14
1685202038TMD Temp TagGray Infinity EX-4509/13/14
1686VBS7588VABlack Honda Accord09/13/14
1687307722CEMDBlack Honda Sedan09/13/14
1688WPG5615VAWhite Toyota Corolla09/13/14
1689FM5189DCSmall Black SUV09/13/14
1690VAD1696VASilver Honda Civic09/13/14
16911BR3296MDGray Toyota Seneca09/13/14
1692XWB1744VAGray Toyota09/13/14
16934AR8712MDBlack Honda Accord09/13/14
16941BN2480MDGray Toyota Prius09/13/14
1695WMD8797VABlack Toyota Camry09/13/14
1696182254TMD Temp TagBlack Honda Sedan09/13/14
16977BN0301MDGray Toyota Prius09/13/14
1698ET3532DCGray Toyota Prius09/13/14
1699KMW6970VABlack Hyundai Sedan09/13/14
1700XFR3222VASilver Hyundai Sedan09/13/14
1701WWU4861VABlack Honda Pilot09/13/14
1702VAC7834VAGray Scion09/13/14
17031BB5613MDWhite Toyota Camry09/13/14
1704WTE5481VABlack Toyota Camry09/13/14
1705WUG9655VABlack Chevrolet Cruze09/13/14
1706WRG3314VASilver Honda Insight09/13/14
1707WRG3314VASilver Honda Insight09/13/14
17082BL9106MDSilver Nissan Altima09/13/14
17094BK7445MDGold Toyota Rav409/13/14
1710WMP3759VASilver Toyota Camry09/13/14
1711JPG4784PennsylvaniaBlack Audi Sedan09/13/14
17128BN8142MDSilver Toyota09/14/14
1713WNT6158VAWhite Toyota Camry09/14/14
1714WPJ6052VABlack Toyota Camry09/14/14
17159AZ9723MDRed Dodge Charger09/14/14
1716WWC6516VAGreen Ford Explorer09/14/14
17171BB5592MDBlack Toyota Camry09/14/14
1718VCA7986VABlack Dodge Charger09/14/14
1719EH6289DCBlack Chrysler Sedan09/14/14
1720VCY5693VAWhite Honda Sedan09/14/14
1721KFL6134VABlue Toyota Corolla9/17/14
17227BK9677MDRed Saturn9/17/14
17239AM1685MDWhite Hyundai Assent9/17/14
17247BH4745MDGold Mercedes9/17/14
1725VAP7065VABlue Toyota Rav 49/17/14
1726325HCFMDSmall Blue Sedan09/19/14
1727JYW8552VABlack Toyota Corolla09/19/14
1728WXV8009VABlue Honda Civic09/19/14
1729WRU3123VASilver Honda Civic09/19/14
1730WUU4887VARed Toyota Camry09/19/14
1731WMZ888VABlack Honda Accord09/19/14
1732WLV3831VAWhite Toyota Camry09/19/14
1733J20982VA Handicap tagBlack BMW 328i09/19/14
17349BF9815MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1735VCJ6918VAGray Toyota Camry09/19/14
1736VBJ3056VASilver Toyota Prius09/19/14
1737XLW4247VABlack Dodge Cruiser09/19/14
1738VAU2661VARed Nissan Altima09/19/14
17398BN1581MDGray Toyota Camry09/19/14
1740VRB8761VAWhite Toyota Camry09/19/14
1741ES7850DCGray Toyota Corolla09/19/14
17427BL2772MDSilver Toyota Corolla09/19/14
17437AS0574MDGray Toyota Camry09/19/14
17449BL1758MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
17456BD1362MDGold Lexus Sedan09/19/14
1746ES7091DCSilver Infinity09/19/14
1747WLP6628VASmall Black Sedan09/19/14
17482BM4005MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1749MIl8076VABlack Toyota Rav 409/19/14
1750IBH2999MDGray Toyota Sienna09/19/14
1751WUY4470VAWhite Toyota Corolla09/19/14
1752UCT1769VASilver Honda Civic09/19/14
17537BK9703MDSilver Toyota Camry09/19/14
17541BL6915MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1755IENZ77MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1756CS9604DCSilver Toyota09/19/14
1757207243TMD Temp TagSilver Honda Accord09/19/14
175883181CEMDSilver Mazda CX-709/19/14
1759A14872VA Temp TagGray Toyota Corolla09/19/14
17603BM3277MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1761A14872MDWhite Toyota Rav 409/19/14
1762VCL8388VASilver Toyota Camry09/19/14
1763ZU2043DCSilver Nissan Altima09/19/14
1764WTR5179VAWhite Toyota Camry09/19/14
17657AS7553MDBlack Toyota Rav 409/19/14
1766VBM7854VABlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
1767210041TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Corolla09/19/14
17684BE6890MDBlack Ford Taurus09/19/14
1769A16448VA Temp TagBlack Ford Taurs09/19/14
1770WTD2040VAGray Honda FIT09/19/14
17713BP9520MDBlack Toyota Camry09/19/14
17722BE7375MDBlack Toyota Rav 409/19/14
1773M56527VAWhite Toyota Camry09/19/14
1774WNA3115VA (LYFT)Black Hyundai Sedan09/19/14
1775VBR8761VAWhite Toyota Camry09/19/14
17766BP3736MDGray Honda Pilot09/19/14
1777WUP1730MDWhite Cadillac Escalade09/19/14
1778WPT7355VABlue Honda Civic09/19/14
17791BK7742MDBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1780WND5683VABlack Toyota Highlighter09/20/14
1781WLU5150VABlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
17826BM8221MDWhite Buick Sedan09/20/14
17838AT8145MDBlue Toyota Camry09/20/14
1784WTT7626VABlack Ford Focus09/20/14
1785EH4086DCSilver Toyota Camry09/20/14
1786WPW3083VASilver Ford Focus09/20/14
17878BM4663MDWhite VW small SUV09/20/14
1788XBZ2504VABlue Nissan Sentra09/20/14
17896CPE38MDWhite Honda Accord09/20/14
1790ES1320DCBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1791WUU6477VARed Toyota Camry09/20/14
17924AF7403MDRed Toyota Camry09/20/14
17937AY6107MDSmall Silver Ford SUV09/20/14
17948BE8406MDSilver Nissan Maxima09/20/14
17955AW0330MDChevrolet Super Sport09/20/14
1796CT9031DCGreen Nissan X-terra09/20/14
1797EM5189DCBlack Toyota Rav 409/20/14
17985BH3199MDBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1799117GNTMDBlack Dodge Charger09/20/14
1800EX7562DCBlack BMW SUV09/20/14
18012AA4870MDNissan Solara09/20/14
1802WLR3853VABlue Chevrolet Cruze09/20/14
1803WMX9765VABlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1804MIL6104MDSilver Ford Sedan09/20/14
18054BB0405MDSilver Mazda Sedan09/20/14
18069BL4140MDRed Toyota Camry09/20/14
18071AR8836MDSilver Toyota Prius09/20/14
18084BB0405MDSilver Mazda 309/20/14
18096BB4580MDGray Toyota Camry09/20/14
1810EP4269DCGray Acura Sedan09/20/14
1811ED0489DCSilver Toyota Camry09/20/14
18126BH8401MDSilver SUV09/20/14
18138AN6552MDSilver Sedan09/20/14
18149BM9752MDBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1815EK6504DCSilver BMW Sedan09/20/14
18162BM9752MDBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
18175AP4934MDBlue Honda Accord09/20/14
18185BK049MDBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1819ET0767DCBlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1820WNY1638VAGray Toyota Highlander09/20/14
18215BD3069MDGray Sedan09/20/14
1822WMY6032VABlack Toyota Camry09/20/14
1823WWA3673VAWhite Toyota Corolla09/20/14
18241BR1042MDSilver Nissan Morano09/20/14
1825WSJ4773VAGray Toyota Prius09/20/14
18263BH9513MDBlue Toyota Camry09/20/14
1827WYN3850VABlue Mazda Sedan09/20/14
18282PB9191MDSilver Toyota Prius09/20/14
1829WXP2387VARed Toyota Prius09/20/14
1830WVX5394VASilver Honda Pilot09/20/14
1831WMY7416VARed Hyundai09/20/14
18339BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav 409/20/14
1834WPB8025VABlack Toyota Prius09/20/14
18358BN9219MDGray Toyota Prius09/20/14
1836ES4222DCGreen Ford Fusion09/21/14
18379BH5199MDWhite Toyota09/21/14
1838WNR1376VAGray VW09/21/14
18395EFX41MDBlack Toyota Corolla09/21/14
1840MUCARAVASilver Hyundai09/21/14
1841Er3290DCRed Toyota Corolla09/21/14
1842A10233VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Prius09/22/14
18439BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav 409/22/14
1844VAX2686VASilver Toyota Camry09//23/14
1845WRY5655VABlack Chrysler 30009/23/14
1846WZV 7275VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
18471BG2982MDRed Ford Fiesta09/23/14
1848KHZ8642VABlack Volvo S4009/23/14
1849EN0624DCBlack Nissan Maxima09/23/14
18503BM5615MDWhite Sedan09/23/14
1851WRZ5424VAGray Toyota09/23/14
1852WPC1875VABlack Toyota Corolla09/23/14
18531BB5604MDSilver Toyota Camry09/23/14
18541BK7069MDSilver Toyota Camry09/23/14
1855EM6232DCBlack Nissan Altima09/23/14
18561BK7069MDBlack Chevrolet Suburban09/23/14
1857A49831MD Temp TagGold Cadillac SRX09/23/14
18581BP4985MDsilver Chrysler 30009/23/14
1859ER1590DCBlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1860ER6117DCBlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
18617AB7286MDBrown Ford Escape09/23/14
18625AP0545MDWhite Toyota Corolla09/23/14
1863VAD1943VADark BMW Sedan09/23/14
18641AV8303MDDark Sedan09/23/14
18659BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav 409/23/14
1866ES5910DCBlack Toyota Sedan09/23/14
1867WZC22340VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
186815992CFMDBlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1869JRY198Silver Mazda09/23/14
187027698CFMDGray Honda Pilot09/23/14
18719BP8819MDBlack Chevrolet Suburban09/23/14
1872VAA6418VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1873VWN1144VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1874VBR8024VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1875VAT9414VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
1876VAW2822VABlack Toyota Camry09/23/14
18771BN2578MDGold Toyota Camry09/24/14
18787BM2065MDBlack Toyota Rav-409/24/14
1879CE50287MDGreen Chrysler 30009/24/14
18807BN7995MDHyundai SUV09/24/14
1881XUX6930VABlack Chevrolet Tahoe09/24/14
1882M55690VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Avalon09/24/14
1883EN7638DCBlack Toyota Prius09/24/14
1884XAS3990VABlack Toyota Camry09/24/14
18853BN0671MDWhite Toyota Camry09/24/14
18866BN2546MDBlack Toyota Camry09/24/14
1887WSG6361VABlack Chevrolet Yukon XL09/24/14
1888WME8267VAWhite Ford Focus09/24/14
1889KED9500Lexus Sedan09/24/14
1890XHL6773VAWhite Chevrolet Yukon09/24/14
18914FRM61MDRed Toyota Corolla09/24/14
1892UH8DGLNew JerseySUV09/24/14
1893XPW1039Red Nissan SUV09/24/14
1894ABK2332MDBlue Toyota Prius09/24/14
1895955M175MDGMC Yukon09/24/14
18962AX8961MDSilver Lexus SUV09/24/14
18975BP8889MDGreen Chevrolet09/24/14
18987BH8311VABlack Nissan Pathfinder09/24/14
1899VCR6010VADark Sedan09/24/14
1900WLx6972VABlack Lexus RX45009/24/14
1901XFL6430VARed Toyota Corolla09/24/14
1902VDB7457VABlack Toyota Camry09/24/14
19033BE9794MDBlack Toyota Camry09/24/14
19045AE1791MDSilver Toyota Camry09/24/14
1905WMV6081VABlack Toyota Prius09/24/14
19069BP6328MDWhite Toyota Camry09/24/14
1907Karma99VASilver Toyota Prius09/24/14
1908EN1353DCBlack Toyota Corolla09/24/14
1909VCR9023DCWhite Toyota09/24/14
1910WVE2335VABlack Toyota Prius09/24/14
19115BC0380MDRed Toyota Rav409/24/14
1912KMR5868Gold Toyota SUV09/24/14
19134AA4441MDGold Cadillac09/25/14
19144BG3334MDWhite Toyota Camry09/25/14
1915KLX2861VAGold Toyota Camry09/25/14
1916WTE5554VAGray Nissan Rogue09/25/14
19177BL2783MDBlack Toyota Corolla09/25/14
1918WPC6116VABlack Toyota Camry09/25/14
19197BH2084MDBlack Toyota Prius09/25/14
1920XCC2295MDBlack Hyundai Sonata09/25/14
192190815CEMDGray Chevrolet SUV09/25/14
1922EP9505White Toyota Corolla09/25/14
19234BK2332VABlack Toyota Prius09/25/14
19247AR0825MDBlack Toyota Camry09/25/14
1925XfL9522Toyota Solaris09/25/14
1926XLB9279Silver Sedan09/25/14
1927EJ8733DCBlack Mercedes Sedan09/25/14
1928WRG3172MDGreen Honda09/25/14
19299BN4718MDRed Toyota Avalon09/25/14
19301BN7235MDBlack Chevrolet Yukon09/25/14
1931EN2213DCBlack Toyota Rav 409/25/14
19323BR6905MDBlack Chevrolet Tahoe09/25/14
1933CIGW73FloridaBlack Chevrolet Suburban09/25/14
1934ZAX3087MDBlack Chevrolet Tahoe09/25/14
19359BG2519MDRed Ford Expedition09/25/14
1936VBJ5791VARed Chevrolet Suburban09/25/14
1937WNL6167VABlack Toyota Corolla09/25/14
19389BG0760MDBlack Toyota Corolla09/25/14
19392AS8943MDGold Nissan Altima09/25/14
19401BB835MDMazda CT09/25/14
19411BB0643MDBlack Nissan Maxima09/25/14
1942WTE4795VABlack Nissan Rogue09/25/14
1943WUB8867VABrown Lexus RX 35009/25/14
19444BN1201MDTan Toyota Corolla / Body Damaged09/25/14
19454BE2600MDSilver Toyota Corolla09/25/14
1946VBN2016VASilver Nissan Altima09/25/14
1947XDU3335VASilver Honda Accord09/25/14
1948MOOLOTAVARed Kia Soul09/25/14
1949EP4929VARed Toyota Corolla09/25/14
1950ED7595VAWhite Hyundai Sonata09/25/14
1951EP6929VARed Range Rover09/25/14
1952EK7821VAWhite Toyota Camry09/25/14
1953222263TRed BMW09/25/14
1954CY1755VARed Toyota Prius09/25/14
19554AM3544MDWhite Hyundai Elantra09/25/14
1956VAU7070VABlack Chrysler Town & Country09/25/14
1957ES1296VABlue Chevrolet Sedan09/25/14
1958WWG4554VAWhite Kia Rio09/25/14
1959WNL7390VABlack Toyota Camry09/25/14
1960XLU3339VABlack GMC SUV09/25/14
1961LADLAVABlack Toyota Camry09/25/14
1962WTE4795VABlack Nissan Rogue09/25/14
1963CKV6672North CarolinaBack Nissan09/25/14
1964VBS5109VABlue SUV09/25/14
1965XPL2493VAHonda Pilot09/25/14
19664BN2401VASilver Honda SUV09/25/14
19676AP4081VAWhite Nissan Maxima09/25/14
1968204518TMD Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry09/25/14
1969BK6114MDSilver Toyota Camry09/26/14
19706BN1461MDRed Hyundai Sonata09/26/14
1971VBZ9432VABlack Toyota Prius09/26/14
19721BB5598MDBlack Toyota Prius09/26/14
19736AN3545VASilver Sedan09/26/14
19747AY7092VABlack Toyota Prius09/26/14
1975EG5004DCSilver Town & Country09/26/14
1976WUY6566VABlack Toyota09/26/14
19771BB5611MDBrown Toyota Avalon09/26/14
197833680CABlue Cadillac Escalade / blackened windows09/26/14
1979JAB8988VAGray Honda Civic09/26/14
19802BL6110MDBlue Chrysler Caravan09/26/14
19812AB7883MDGray Toyota Rav-409/26/14
19829BE6539MDWhite GMC Terrain09/26/14
19833AL9393MDGray Toyota Camry09/26/14
1984212835TMD Temp TagRed Jeep09/26/14
1985EvangEMDBlack Nissan Maxima09/26/14
19862BP1805MDGray BMW 745 LI09/26/14
1987XS1350VAGray Toyota09/26/14
1988VAT9414VABlack Nissan Altima09/26/14
1989VAC9635VAGray Toyota Sedan09/26/14
1990WLV4244VARed Toyota Camry09/26/14
1991ER33204VAGray Toyota Camry09/26/14
19929BN4718VABlack Toyota Camry09/26/14
1993VDE7065VABlack Honda Accord09/26/14
1994XLT1946VASilver Honda Sedan09/26/14
1995WTG7956VAGray Toyota Corolla09/26/14
1996WUJ4265VABlack Mercedes Benz09/26/14
1997WNL9848VAGray Honda09/26/14
19987AB7836MDSilver Toyota Camry09/26/14
1999WRE3198MDWhite Toyota Camry09/26/14
2000XPW1146VABlue Nissan Versa09/26/14
2001VBJ9701VALincoln Town Car09/26/14
2002WRE3198VAWhite Toyota Sedan09/26/14
2003ER1280VAGold Dodge SUV09/26/14
2005XMC6280VASilver Toyota Camry09/26/14
2006WMX8603VABlack Toyota Camry09/26/14
20075BC8494MDWhite Chrysler Sedan09/26/14
2008ET7019VASilver Toyota Camry09/26/14
2009EM6090VABlack Toyota Camry09/26/14
2010WLZ6861VAGray Toyota Camry09/26/14
2011WNA9761VASilver Toyota Prius09/26/14
2012VOA8585VARed Toyota Prius09/26/14
20135BF9408VASilver Nissan Versa09/26/14
201447602**MDGold Nisan Rogue09/26/14
20155BC2493MDGold Van09/26/14
2016VBS3058VAGold GNC09/26/14
2017WNL7390VAGray Toyota Camry09/26/14
2018YA-ALLAHVARed Toyota Camry09/26/14
2019WNG2638VAGray Honda Accord09/26/14
2020N91EGCNew JerseyBlacChevrolet Equinox09/26/14
2021VCR9023VAWhite Toyota Avalon09/26/14
2022WVB8141VABlack Toyota Camry09/26/14
20237BX9677MDRed Sedan09/26/14
2024VCG7050VAGold Ford Explorer09/26/14
2025EB9677DCWhite Mazda09/26/14
2026VAX1458VASilver Toyota Prius09/26/14
20271GAG23MDRed Sedan09/26/14
2028WWC6516VAGreen Ford Explorer09/26/14
2029VBN8178VABlack Toyota Camry09/27/14
20302Bl9109MDGray Nissan Rogue09/27/14
2031XWW5046VATan Toyota Camry09/27/14
2032WNY2858VAGray Mazda09/27/14
2033244oPTVAGray Honda Accord09/27/14
2034EE1153DCBlue BMW Sedan09/27/14
2035KBP9109VAGray Toyota Camry09/27/14
2036VBL7957VARed Toyota Camry09/27/14
20375BE2786MDWhite Lexus09/27/14
20382BK6114MDSilver Toyota Camry09/27/14
2039EM3039VABlue Toyota Prius09/27/14
20402BK6114MDSilver Toyota Camry09/27/14
2041VCS3131MDSilver Honda Accord09/27/14
20429BE3345MDSilver Toyota Rav-409/27/14
2043WLZ2735MDWhite Honda Accord09/27/14
2044XNL4062VAGray Toyota Camry09/27/14
2045A45841VA Temp TagWhite Toyota Prius – Speeding09/27/14
2047WRJ4629VAGray Sedan09/27/14
2048XND4199VABlack Toyota Camry09/27/14
20496BD1093MDBlack Chevrolet Impala09/27/14
20502BM2105MDRed Hyundai Elantra09/27/14
2051WUB3221VASilver Sedan09/27/14
20526BP1162MDBlack Toyota Camry09/27/14
20535BK8563MDGray Toyota Prius09/27/14
20541ENZ77MDBlack Toyota Camry09/27/14
2055ET1118DCBlack Honda Civic09/27/14
2056DM6561DCGold Toyota Camry09/27/14
20572AW7762DCGold Toyota Corolla09/27/14
2058WMW4972VAGray Nissan Maxima09/27/14
2059WNU7000VAGray Toyota Prius09/27/14
2060A44136VA Temp TagGray Toyota Camry09/27/14
2061SONIC 8VAGray SUV09/27/14
20621ENZ77MDBlack Toyota Camry09/27/14
2063ET1118DCBlack Honda Civic09/27/14
2064DM6561DCGold Toyota Camry09/27/14
20652AW7762MDGold Toyota Corolla09/27/14
2066WMW4972VAGray Nissan Maxima09/27/14
2067WNU7000VAGray Toyota Prius09/27/14
2068A44136VA Temp TagGray Toyota Camry09/27/14
2069SONIC 8VAGray SUV09/27/14
2070WTE5554VASilver Nissan SUV09/27/14
2071VBE1783VAGray Chevrolet Sedan09/27/14
20723BM9219MDSilver Toyota Camry09/27/14
2073WNL5884VADark Silver Toyota Sienna09/27/14
2074WMY3249VASilver Toyota Sedan09/27/14
2075GSM4369PennsylvaniaRed Toyota Camry09/27/14
20769BNl5927MDBlack Nissan Maxima09/27/14
2077SALIDVAWhite Audi SUV – Blackened windows09/27/14
2078VCH7400VASilver Sedan09/27/14
20799BN4718MDRed Toyota Avalon09/27/14
2080WVR4464VASilver Honda Accord09/27/14
2081WUK3953VABlack Lincoln Town Car09/27/14
2082KHY1191VASilver Toyota Camry09/27/14
2083VCJ2450VABlack Nissan Maxima09/27/14
2084DPD6689TexasNissan Maxima09/27/14
2085WXU1916VASilver Nissan Maxima09/28/14
2086WNE1415VABlack Chevrolet Suburban09/28/14
20876BL3836MDWhite Car09/28/14
2088EM2411DCBlack Hyundai Genesis09/28/14
2089A10233VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Prius09/28/14
20904BE9754MDblack Mercedes Benz 30009/28/14
20913BP1739MDWhite Toyota Avalon09/28/14
2092A36266VA Temp TagBlack Nissan09/28/14
2093VBL6121Va Temp TagWhite Toyota Van09/28/14
2094EK2871DCWhite Toyota Camry09/28/14
2095XGA4505MDGold Chevrolet Impala09/28/14
20961BB5584MDBlack Toyota Camry09/28/14
2097VBS8129VAGray Toyota Sienna09/28/14
2098M075096MDGray Toyota Rav 409/28/14
2099FJP7951New YorkBlack Ford Expedition09/28/14
2100020MPEKentuckyGray Mercedez Car09/28/14
2101WNR6079VAWhite Suzuki Car09/28/14
21026AN5857MDGold Chevrolet Equinox09/28/14
2103WPJ6161VABlack Toyota Camry09/28/14
2104VCR8907VABlack Toyota Camry09/28/14
21059BN7529MDBrown Nissan Murano09/28/14
2106VBX7285VAGold Toyota Corolla09/28/14
21073AR5441MDGold Toyota 4-Runner09/28/14
21082BG7758MDGray Honda09/28/14
21091BB5584MDBlack Toyota Camry09/28/14
2110WMN3577VA (LYFT)Black Toyota Camry09/28/14
2111EH0231DCBlack Toyota Camry09/29/14
2112A58219VA Temp TagWhite Nissan Altima09/29/14
21131BP0536MDGray Dodge Charger09/29/14
21147BR7302MDBlack Toyota Prius09/29/14
2115WMV5805VARed Toyota Camry09/29/14
21163BR6584MDBlack Chevrolet Yukon09/29/14
2117WWA9020VAWhite Honda09/29/14
2118EP2488DCSilver Honda Civic09/29/14
2119VBM9235VAGray Toyota Prius09/29/14
21203AN0872MD (Very Dirty)Blue Toyota Camry09/29/14
21215AJ1394MDBlack GMC SUV09/29/14
2122WTG8164VAGray Toyota Prius09/29/14
2123XNF5114VAGray Honda CR-X09/29/14
2124WLX4095VAGray Toyota Prius09/29/14
21258BM3319MDGray Toyota Prius09/29/14
2126WNF7481VASilver Toyota Camry09/29/14
2127CY7994VAGray Toyota Prius09/29/14
2128232357TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Corolla09/29/14
2129WVB8141VABlack Toyota Camry09/29/14
21309AN4562MDBlack Toyota Prius09/29/14
21318AR3283MDWhite BMW 328i09/29/14
2132DR6442DCBlack Nissan Maxima09/29/14
2133221691TMD Temp TagBlack Honda Civic09/29/14
21347AR0285MDBlack Toyota Camry09/29/14
21354BN2663MDTan Mazda09/29/14
21365BL2080MDBlack Mercedes Benz09/29/14
2137WTR5179VAWhite Toyota Camry09/29/14
21386BD4491MDGray Nissan Pathfinder09/29/14
21397026HMVASilver Toyota Camry09/29/14
214019957CDMDRed G.M.C.09/30/14
214127698CFMDGray Honda Pilot09/30/14
21424BK7377MDGray Toyota Prius09/30/14
2143EL6239DCWhite Toyota Prius09/30/14
214440982CFMDGray Mercedez Benz E e-350.09/30/14
2145EL0567DCWhite Honda Civic09/30/14
21468BP4811MDBlack GMC Terrain09/30/14
2147GKS2642New YorkBlack Nissan Rogue09/30/14
21489BG6644MDWhite Toyota Camry09/30/14
21491BL5461MDBlack Nissan Maxima09/30/14
2150667YERFloridaWhite Chrysler09/30/14
21512BP8990MDGray Toyota Sienna09/30/14
21526BG1725MDBlack ford Focus09/30/14
2153WPU6530VABlack Mazda – 309/30/14
21546BF6489MDBlack Dodge Van09/30/14
2155BZ8959DCBlack Ford Escape09/30/14
2156WMG70919VATan Honda Accord09/30/14
2157238623TMD Temp TagTan W.W. Van09/30/14
2158JGZ6902PennsylvaniaWhite Ford Taurus09/30/14
2159VBM8066VASilver Toyota Camry10/01/14
2160KAZ1785VABlack Nissan Rogue10/02/14
2161VMC5001VABlack Cadillac10/02/14
21628AX3176MDBlack Toyota Camry10/02/14
2163EP5890DCGray VW Passat10/02/14
2164A241398MD Temp TagSilver Toyota Corolla10/02/14
2165WSL1721VASilver Toyota Corolla10/02/14
2166WYM9438vaBlack Honda Civic10/02/14
21675AX8592MDBlack Honda Crosstour10/02/14
21686BE6450MDBlack Honda Insight10/02/14
2169EJ5241DCBlack Chevrolet Impala10/02/14
2170ENV2727DCBlack Toyota Prius10/02/14
2171WND5023VAWhite Toyota Prius10/02/14
2172CB1510DCSilver Toyota Camry10/02/14
2173WMP1127VASilver Toyota Prius10/02/14
2174WRS2273VASilver Kia R-1010/02/14
21756BF5617MDBlack Honda Accord10/02/14
2176241894TVA Temp TagBlack GMC SUV10/02/14
2177VBN8065VAGray Toyota Camry10/02/14
2178231934TVA Temp TagBlack Chevrolet Suburban10/02/14
2179EN5070DCGold Chevrolet Equinox10/02/14
2180WLV3765VABlack Toyota Corolla10/02/14
2181WNL8808VABlack Toyota Camry10/02/14
2182WTP8441VABlack Honda Pilot10/02/14
2183EN5824DCLight Blue Chevrolet Spark10/02/14
2184EL5714DCWhite Toyota Camry10/02/14
2185WMX3985VAGray Toyota SUV10/02/14
2186WMV6081VABlack Toyota Prius10/02/14
2187JMAYKAVABlack Nissan Maxima10/02/14
2188WPT3383VABlack Ford Taurus10/02/14
218915983CFMDGray Toyota Prius10/02/14
21905BL7182MDGray Toyota Camry10/02/14
21918FFX94MDBlack Acura Sedan10/02/14
2192RIM1VABlack Toyota Corolla10/02/14
2193WMP3759VABlack Toyota Camry10/02/14
21946BF3397MDSilver Toyota Camry10/02/14
2195218992TVa TempSilver Toyota Avalon10/02/14
2196EN0652DC (LYFT)White Chevrolet Impala10/02/14
21977AY7092MDBlack Toyota Camry10/02/14
2198195290TMD Temp TagBlue Toyota Prius10/02/14
21999BL7416MDBlue Toyota Odasey10/02/14
2200M42615VA Temp TagBlue Mercedes Benz CLE-50010/02/14
2201JPE8964PennsylvaniaBlue Chevrolet Tahoe10/02/14
2202WMY9434VABlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
22035BG2123MDBlack Toyota Prius10/03/14
2204S0202MTennesseeGray Toyota Camry10/03/14
22051BB5599MDBlack Toyota Avalon10/03/14
2206WVS6235VAGray Honda Pilot10/03/14
2207VCR2031VASilver Nissan Altima10/03/14
220826001M8MDBlack Lexus R400h10/03/14
2209WSW1189VAWhite Toyota Sequoia10/03/14
2210VBA2009VABlack Toyota Prius10/03/14
2211WPM7234VAGray Honda Accord10/03/14
22122AW7762MDGray Toyota Corolla10/03/14
2213BDFD18FloridaGray Honda CR-V10/03/14
22146AT0977MDWhite Honda Accord10/03/14
2215WMV5860VASilver Toyota Prius10/03/14
22172BA3790MDGray Toyota Camry10/03/14
2218ES5058DCSilver Hyundai Elantra10/03/14
22195BG2123MDBlack Toyota Prius10/03/14
2220WLU5150VABlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
2221WLZ6877VAGray Toyota Prius10/03/14
2222WLT2971VASilver Volvo10/03/14
2223VCV5530VASilver Toyota Prius10/03/14
2224WXA8787VABlack Toyota Prius10/03/14
2225DB7085DCBlue Toyota Camry10/03/14
2226WRF111VASilver Toyota Corolla10/03/14
2227VCD8173VABlack Hyundai10/03/14
22285BK0374MDBack Lincoln Continental10/03/14
2229WTZ5990VABlack Toyota Corolla10/03/14
22308BM2463MDBlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
22318BF0990MDSilver Lexus ES35010/03/14
2232XAC7450VAWhite VW Passat10/03/14
2233AKE6025ArizonaBlack Dodge Sedan10/03/14
22342BL9406MDBlack Toyota Rav-410/03/14
2235PWRTAPVAWhite Nissan Altima10/03/14
22368AV3959MDGray Toyota Highlander10/03/14
22372BB3786MDGray Subaru Outback10/03/14
2238WSS1587VAGray Honda Civic10/03/14
2239XFF6194VABlack Toyota Avalon10/03/14
2240205152TMD Temp TagSilver Nissan Altima10/03/14
22414BD4282MDBlack Toyota Highlander10/03/14
2242ED5042DCBlack Chevrolet Lumina10/03/14
2243WRY4993VABlack Lincoln Continental10/03/14
2244HH & MHVABlack Honda Accord10/03/14
2245VCR9234VABlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
22467BH1431MDWhite Honda Odyssey10/03/14
2247KAG4423VABlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
22483AP8277MDSilver Nissan Maxima10/03/14
2249ER8344DCRed Nissan Moreno10/03/14
2250VBX8064VABlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
2251XDC5856VABlack Honda Sedan10/03/14
2252J1426JTennesseeGray Mazda10/03/14
2253VCY3841VABlack Toyota Prius10/03/14
22546BL3513MDBlack Toyota SUV10/03/14
2255ENV8946DCBlack Lexus Sedan10/03/14
2256VZB1967VAWhite Toyota Camry10/03/14
2257XMT5918VAGray Lexus RX40010/03/14
2258EL5714DCWhite Toyota Corolla10/03/14
22597BP2571MDBlack Toyota Camry10/03/14
22606PB3736MDGold Honda Pilot10/03/14
22618BC8282MDBlue Toyota Prius10/03/14
2262XAN8306VAWhite Hyundai XG35010/03/14
22631BB5675MDBlack Hyundai Sedan10/03/14
2264DH7558DCBlack Nissan Rogue10/03/14
22656BK8481MDBlack ford Focus10/03/14
2266EM1186DCSilver Toyota Corolla10/03/14
2267KHL9687VAGray Jeep10/03/14
2268DY7444DCGray Mitsubishi Galant10/03/14
2269204334TMD Temp TagGreen Toyota Corolla (Seen in Virginia)10/03/14
2270WSS9062VAGray Toyota Corolla10/03/14
2271WXT4795VABlack Toyota Corolla10/04/14
2272XBN5499VABlack Toyota Camry10/04/14
2273VBZ9534VABlack Toyota Camry10/04/14
22749BN5422MDSilver Toyota Camry10/04/14
22752PB7462MDBlack Honda Pilot10/04/14
2276VCR9019VASilver Toyota Camry10/04/14
22773BH5540MDBlack Toyota Highlander10/04/14
2278XJG7221VABlack Honda Civic10/04/14
2279WPG2231VABlack Toyota Camry10/04/14
22806BM6732MDWhite Hyundai Sonata10/04/14
2281WNT8792VASilver Honda Accord10/05/14
2282VBM8992VAGray Toyota Camry10/05/14
2283WPC1766VARed Toyota Camry10/05/14
22842BR2102MDGray Toyota Corolla10/05/14
22857BR7302MDBlack Toyota Prius10/05/14
22865AT3699MDBlack Toyota SUV10/05/14
22879BR7184MDBlack Toyota Corolla10/05/14
22885BR7934MDGray Lexus Rx400h10/05/14
22894BK7273MDBlack Toyota Highlander10/05/14
22907BH5226MDBlack Nissan Maxima10/05/14
2291ShakillaVABlack Toyota Prius10/05/14
2292EP0128MD Temp TagDark Blue Dodge Caravan10/05/14
2293UCY6593VAWhite Honda Accord10/05/14
22942BP7704MDSilver Ford Taurus10/05/14
2295EJ8220DCRed Toyota Camry10/05/14
2296EN6130DCWhite Toyota Corolla10/05/14
2297225402TMD Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry10/05/14
2298XBW4346VARed Hyundai Accent10/06/14
22998599CLVAGold Hyundai Elantra10/06/14
2300VBB5789MDBlack VW Tagguerre10/06/14
2301WNT8779VAGold Honda Civic10/06/14
23024BN9486MDBlack Mercedes Benz Sedan10/06/14
2303WMX1511VASilver Lexus RX33010/06/14
23042BR2095MDBlack Toyota Corolla10/06/14
2305VA49105DCBlack BMW 328i10/06/14
2306VBH4945VABlue Toyota Camry10/06/14
23076BH9179MDTan Acura TL10/06/14
23087EP2573MDWhite Toyota Prius10/06/14
23099FVK96MDRed Toyota Camry10/06/14
2310WNL7423MDSilver Toyota Prius10/06/14
2311233823TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry10/06/14
2312ET1167DCBlack Chrysler Sedan10/06/14
2313EP1895DCBlack ford Fusion10/07/14
2314EM5170DCBlack Suzuki Forenza10/07/14
2315XEU2514VASilver Toyota Corolla10/07/14
2316Z79859MD Temp TagCold Toyota 4-Runner10/07/14
23175BM0770MDBlack Chrysler 20010/07/14
23188BL9961DCBlack Range Rover10/07/14
2319KMH3791VARed G.M.C. Envoy10/07/14
23208AW5119MDBlack Mercedes Benz 35010/07/14
23211BP2951MDBlack Toyota Prius10/07/14
23229BP6328MDSilver Toyota Camry10/07/14
2323EM3612DCWhite Ford Fusion10/07/14
23246AY1389MDWhite Ford Fusion10/07/14
23255AG8208MDGold Chrysler 20010/07/14
2326EI6869DCBlack Toyota Camry10/07/14
2327WNA9761VASilver Toyota Prius10/07/14
23289BC5196MDBlack Honda Accord10/07/14
2329XMR7825VABlack Toyota Camry10/07/14
2330XOA4342VABack Acura XST10/07/14
23313BF9700MDGold Toyota Avalon10/07/14
23322BP0945MDBlack Toyota Corolla10/07/14
2333ES8794DCWhite Buick Sedan10/07/14
2334WRU7652VAGray Toyota Prius10/07/14
23363BN0677MDSilver Toyota Camry10/07/14
2337603FYAKYPontiac Sedan10/07/14
2338VBV7707VARed Honda Element10/07/14
2339EF6621DCGold Sedan10/07/14
23407BC8599MDGray VW Passat10/08/14
2341JPC0631PennsylvaniaWhite VW Jetta10/08/14
2342ET2174DCGold Chevrolet Malibu10/08/14
23433BA0660MDRed Ford Escape10/08/14
2344EK7096DCBlack BMW (Dented Front)10/08/14
2345ER3306DCGray Honda Pilot10/08/14
23468BK7702MDGreen Toyota Camry10/08/14
2347BRNXNYVABlack Toyota Corolla10/08/14
2348ER9294DCBlack Toyota Camry10/08/14
2349VBL6196VASilver Toyota Camry10/08/14
23501BP5452MDGray Honda Sedan10/08/14
23518BG4748MDSilver Chevrolet Cruze10/08/14
2352VBL7956VAGray Honda Civic10/08/14
2353WLW8936VAWhite Toyota Prius10/08/14
23545AY2199MDWhite VW Jetta10/08/14
2355GFS6413New YorkHyundai Sonata10/08/14
23562BN7450MDGray Toyota Camry10/08/14
2357WSP8644VASilver Toyota Camry10/08/14
2358MBT3190VARed VW Jetta10/08/14
2359EN5189DCBlack Toyota Rav 410/08/14
2360ER9249DCBlack Toyota Camry10/08/14
2361VAP5781DCGray Toyota Prius10/08/14
23628BN1581MDSilver Toyota Camry10/08/14
2363WPZ1556VABlue Toyota Prius10/08/14
23642AB2450MDSilver VW Jetta10/08/14
2365XVD8258VABlack Honda Accord10/08/14
236651029CFMDBlack Acura TL10/08/14
23671BP7901MDSilver Toyota Prius (LYFT)10/08/14
2368ER0652DCWhite Chevrolet Impala10/08/14
23699BN5422MDSilver Toyota Camry10/08/14
2370KM58845DCSilver Mazda10/08/14
23715BK0728MDGray Ford Fusion10/08/14
23722BR4134MDWhite Toyota Rav 410/08/14
2373WRE8859VARed Toyota Highlander10/08/14
2374WXE8700VASilver Toyota Camry10/08/14
2375KARMA99VASilver Toyota Prius10/08/14
2376ER2610DCTan Toyota Sienna10/08/14
2377EM0548DCBlack Toyota Prius10/08/14
2378XAT4555VAGray Honda Rav 4 (Body damaged)10/08/14
23797BL2772MDGray Toyota Sedan10/08/14
23806AS5518MDSilver Honda Accord10/08/14
23811BM7853MDBlack Honda Accord10/08/14
2382DK0044DCGold Infinity10/08/14
2383191788TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Prius10/08/14
2384EJ1967DCVW Jetta10/08/14
238516746CFMDSilver Toyota Sienna10/08/14
2386WLW8962VASilver Toyota Prius (All windows black)10/09/14
2387VAV8956VABlack Toyota Camry10/09/14
2388WNT8651VABlack Mercedes Benz Sedan10/09/14
2389EM7403DCSilver Toyota Camry10/09/14
23909BP0174MDGray Nissan Altima10/09/14
23916BD5587MDGold Chevrolet Impala10/09/14
23923BN8677MDSilver Toyota Camry10/09/14
23931BB5670MDBlack Toyota Avalon10/09/14
23947BH2720MDWhite Toyota Avalon10/09/14
2395DT9078DCBlack ford Focus10/09/14
23966BC5012MDBlack Toyota Prius10/09/14
2397WMJ4478VAGray Toyota Camry10/09/14
2398WMN2755VAWhite Toyota Rav 410/09/14
23991BB5581MDSilver Toyota Prius10/11/14
2400A72583VA Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry10/11/14
2401WTY4106VARad Honda Odyssey10/11/14
24023AF5801MDSilver Toyota Camry10/11/14
2403EM6497DCWhite Chrysler Van10/11/14
24041BK5650MDRed Toyota Corolla10/11/14
2405435XMVTennesseeBlack Nissan Maxima10/11/14
2406WNU6990DCGray Toyota SUV10/11/14
240758176CFMDSilver Honda Cruze10/11/14
2408WNK4441VABlack Toyota Prius10/11/14
24094BC3746MDSilver Nissan Altima10/11/14
2410WPG3765VABlack Toyota Corolla10/11/14
24113MD1059MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/11/14
2412XFM5435VASilver Toyota Corolla10/11/14
2413VAS1331VABlue Honda Civic10/11/14
2414WMM2218VABlack Toyota Camry10/11/14
2415WMW5310VASilver Toyota Equinox10/11/14
24161BB5677MDBlack Toyota Avalon10/11/14
24176BM2461MDBlack Chrysler 20010/11/14
2418EN6211DCSilver Lexus Sedan10/11/14
2419SUDANMDBlack BMW10/11/14
2420WUB2764VAWhite Ford Focus10/13/14
2421WMD9934VASilver Honda Insight10/13/14
2422WWZ9319VABlue Nissan Murano10/13/14
24239BP8492MDSilver VW10/13/14
2424CR4893DCSilver Toyota Corolla10/13/14
2425ED1626DCGray Toyota Sienna10/13/14
2426MXT804VASilver Toyota Prius10/13/14
2427WLZ2181VABlack Toyota Prius10/13/14
24281BB5576MDBlack Toyota Avalon10/13/14
2429238623TMD Temp TagGreen VW Toueareg10/13/14
2430WXV8096VARed Toyota Camry10/13/14
2431WMM2218VABlack Toyota Camry10/13/14
2432MI55825MDBlack Honda Civic10/13/14
2433JNT6842VABlack Ford Escape10/13/14
2434VBZ2301VABlack Honda Accord10/13/14
2435WPC3102VABlack Toyota Camry10/13/14
2436VBH9283VASilver Toyota Prius10/13/14
2437EJ4562MDBlack VW Jetta10/13/14
2438EJ1967MDWhite VW Jetta10/13/14
2439WMX9058VABlack Toyota Camry10/13/14
24402AP7913MDBlack Toyota Camry10/13/14
2441CV9648DCBlack Toyota Prius10/13/14
2442VAV 4351VAGold Volvo-7010/13/14
2443WTB5307VABlack Toyota Prius10/13/14
2444WEKEVABlack Hyundai Sonata10/13/14
2445BGI6124Florida Temp TagRed Hyundai Sonata10/14/14
24466AZ8795MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/14/14
24475FCE31MDSilver Audi10/14/14
2448Tos 0029MDSilver Acura10/14/14
2449WPOT7355VABlack Honda Civic10/14/14
24502A21574MDSilver Jeep Limited10/14/14
24518BN4864MDSilver Nissan Optima10/14/14
2452WMK4311VAWhite Chevrolet Impala10/14/14
2453WMG6970VABlack Honda Accord10/14/14
2454A47936MD Temp TagWhite Toyota Prius10/14/14
24554BG9861MDSilver Honda Accord10/14/14
2456WND5261VASilver Toyota Prius10/14/14
2457VCN4369VAWhite Nissan Sentra10/14/14
24588BN6854MDBlack Toyota Rav 410/14/14
24591BE3866MDGray Nissan Altima10/14/14
2460WUG9777VAWhite Ford Edge10/14/14
24615BP4881MDRed Jeep10/14/14
24627BG1237MDWhite Chrysler 30010/14/14
2463P4541ZTennesseeWhite Kia Forte10/14/14
2464LJ70MassachusettsSmall Silver SUV10/14/14
2465WMM9116VABlack Toyota Savanna10/14/14
2466DY6974DCBlack Chevrolet Cruze10/14/14
2467WMD6954VABlue Honda Accord10/14/14
2468VCC2192VABlue Toyota Prius10/14/14
24695BC4883MDSilver Toyota Highlander10/14/14
24708BK3602MDGray Toyota CR-V10/14/14
2471WNT8864VAGray Honda Accord10/14/14
2472633M662MDBlack Chrysler Mountaineer10/14/14
2473CHZF56FloridaGray Toyota Sedan10/15/14
24741BP8576MDSilver Kia Optima10/15/14
2475EP4472DCBlue Toyota Camry10/15/14
24761BH7867MDSilver Toyota Highlander10/15/14
2477EB6760DCWhite Ford Escape10/15/14
24782BH6071MDBlack Honda Odyssey10/15/14
2479VCM8917VABlack VW10/15/14
24806AZ7366MDBlue Nissan Rogue10/15/14
24813BN0562MDWhite Toyota Corolla10/15/14
2482KGG8924VASilver Toyota Camry10/15/14
2483WTK4175VABlack Mercedes Benz E35010/15/14
2484SUDANMDBlack BMW Sedan10/15/14
2485WPC3102VABlack Toyota Camry10/15/14
2486U82EPYNew JerseyBlue Toyota Camry10/15/14
2487WSS1978VAGray Nissan10/15/14
2488VBW5657VAGray Toyota Rav 410/15/14
24892BN0910MDWhite Acura QX6010/15/14
2490UWF63VNew JerseyWhite Volvo Wagon10/15/14
2491231894TMD Temp TagBlack GMC10/15/14
2492L94EGDNew JerseyWhite Maxima (Black Windows, Tag shield)10/15/14
2493WUU3922VARed Toyota Camry10/15/14
249414767CFMDBlack Toyota Prius10/15/14
24952AK8350MDSilver Kia Optima10/15/14
2496ES0624DCGray Toyota Camry10/15/14
24976BL3581MDBlack Toyota Camry10/15/14
2498VCR6046VABlack Toyota Corolla10/15/14
2499JZR5567VABlue Ford Explorer10/15/14
250064166CAMDSilver Acura MDX10/15/14
25012BB5332MDRed Mercury Villager10/15/14
25029AB8415MDRead Toyota Prius10/15/14
25037BL4776MDBlack Honda Accord10/15/14
2504213563TMD Temp TagBlack Dodge Nitro10/15/14
2505WWG7908VABlack Cadillac Escalade SUV10/15/14
2506EN8974DCBlack Toyota Prius10/15/14
25077AM5736MDGray Honda Accord10/15/14
2508VCD4777VATan Honda Sedan10/15/14
25092BM1338MDBlue Toyota Prius10/15/14
25109BR2145MDBlack Toyota Sedan10/15/14
2511447090TMD Temp TagBlack Hyundai Sonata10/15/14
2512WLU5387VABlack Nissan Altima10/15/14
25132BP3536MDToyota Camry10/15/14
2514250915TMD Temp Tag10/16/14
2515WTY7131VAWhite Maxima10/16/14
2516EM7403DCWhite Toyota Camry10/16/14
2517VDE4566VASilver Toyota Corolla10/16/14
2518WPN1520VASilver Nissan Altima10/16/14
2519VAV2772VABlack Toyota Camry10/16/14
25204BP4619MDHyundai Elantra10/16/14
2521ET7800DCBlackToyota Corolla10/16/14
25224BP46693MDGray Mazda10/16/14
2523PME2510GeorgiaGreen Chrevrolet P.U.10/16/14
2524VAF8450VAGray Honda CR-V10/16/14
2525BU8275DCBlack Mazda10/16/14
2526DZ2843DCBlack Acura DZ10/16/14
2527WLX9160VAWhite VW Passat10/16/14
2528WLY4712VABlack Toyota Scion10/16/14
2529EN7638DCBlack Toyota Prius10/16/14
2530VBM8092VAGray Toyota Camry10/16/14
2531VAT9419VABlack Nissan Optima10/16/14
2532DZ3082DCSilver Toyota Prius10/16/14
2533EL5448DCWhite Toyota Corolla10/16/14
2534RAJASBVABlack Toyota Camry10/16/14
2535XCW2410VASilver Chevrolet Impala10/16/14
25362BD9126MDSilver Toyota Camry10/16/14
2537XHM8512DCBlack Toyota Camry10/16/14
2538CKB9531North Carolina10/16/14
25391BR3431MDSilver VW Jetta10/16/14
2540EP8742DCGreen Nissan Quest10/16/14
2541EN6248DCGray Honda Insight10/17/14
25422BD0055MDBlack Audi S-410/17/14
2543DM4933DCWhite Hyundai Elantra10/17/14
2544EM7398DCSmall Gray Dodge SUV10/17/14
25455PEM69MDBlack Chrysler 30010/17/14
2546VBL7956VAGray Honda Civic10/17/14
2547EN5070DCGray Toyota Corolla10/17/14
25481BL4112MDSilver Toyota Camry10/17/14
2549WMX9703VABlack Toyota Camry10/17/14
2550CZ4580DCGray Honda CRV10/17/14
25512BT2892MDWhite Toyota Corolla10/17/14
2552EN6162DCSilver Toyota Corolla10/17/14
2553GCA1190New YorkBlack Ford Taurus10/17/14
2555CVYW09FloridaSilver Nissan Sentra10/17/14
2556BF64454TexasWhite Audi A-410/17/14
25571BG7370MDSilver Chevrolet Impala10/17/14
255846816CFVAGray Toyota Camry10/17/14
25599BL0172MDBlack Nissan Rogue10/17/14
25606BN7256MDGreen Toyota Prius10/17/14
25619BN0583MDBlack Toyota Rav 410/17/14
25626PTW207CaliforniaGray VW Sedan10/17/14
2563WNS4990VABlack Toyota Camry10/17/14
2564EM5419DCSilver Ford Fusion10/17/14
25659MD3127MDSilver Toyota Camry10/17/14
2566VDN1700VAGray Honda Odessy10/17/14
2567IAY3359VASilver Chevrolet Impala10/17/14
2568KLC6898VAGray Kia Soul10/17/14
25698BP3016MDBlack Chrysler 30010/17/14
2570WLZ6861VAGray Toyota Camry10/17/14
2571DM4933DCWhite Hyundai Elantra10/17/14
2572VCA9301VAGray Toyota Camry10/17/14
25732AM7737MDGray Toyota Camry10/17/14
25744AY5886MDBlack Toyota Camry10/17/14
25757BH4590MDGray Chevrolet Impala10/17/14
2576WRB1093VAGray Toyota Corolla10/17/14
2577MIL8419MDBlack Mercedes Benz SUV10/17/14
2578BJ1835DCWhite Volvo C1010/17/14
2580VCJ7010VAGray Toyota Highlander10/17/14
2581DM4933DCWhite Hyundai Elantra10/17/14
2582DY3674DCBlue Mazda 610/18/14
2583HYD3823PennsylvaniaBlue Ford Fusion10/18/14
2584HSM0025VAWhite Toyota Prius10/18/14
2585JCT2225VASilver Honda Odyssey10/18/14
2586ER2530DCWhite Toyota Camry10/18/14
25872BB4456MDBlack Range Rover10/18/14
25881BB5611MDBlack Toyota Camry10/18/14
2589WTB6572VABlue Chevrolet Suburban10/18/14
2590JNZ7614VAWhite Hyundai Accent10/18/14
25911AR8836MDSilver Toyota Prius10/18/14
2592NANZ RYDVASilver BMW SUV10/18/14
2593EF5392DCGray Toyota Rav 410/18/14
2594F90DVWNew JerseyGray Kia Sedan10/18/14
25953BG6377DCRed Toyota Camry10/18/14
25963BG5789DCGray Toyota Camry (Body damage)10/18/14
2597EN5773DCGray Toyota Camry10/18/14
25983BG5789MDGray Toyota Camry10/18/14
2599EN5773DCGray Toyota Camry10/18/14
26002AW7762MDSilver Toyota Camry10/18/14
26017BB2734MDSilver Toyota Prius10/18/14
26029BL1442MDBlack Toyota Camry10/18/14
26031BL1555MDSilver Nissan Versa10/18/14
2604BFU8377VAGray Hyundai Sonata10/18/14
2605WRA8611VASilver Toyota Corolla10/18/14
26069BL9754MDWhite Toyota Corolla10/18/14
2607N78ESENew JerseyWhite Sedan10/18/14
2608VDL1022VAGray Toyota Camry10/18/14
26092BD2923MDBlack Lincoln Zepher10/18/14
2610EG7286DCSilver Honda Civic10/18/14
26119BK2174MDBlack Nissan Maxima10/18/14
26123BL5863MDGray Toyota Corolla10/18/14
26136BE6818MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/18/14
26148AT5640MDRed Honda CRV10/18/14
26159AX9596MDRed Toyota Corolla10/18/14
261792967CEMDRed Honda Odyssey10/18/14
2618VBJ3056VAWhite Toyota Prius10/18/14
2619XLU1568VABlack Toyota Corolla10/18/14
2620VCE4983VARed Chevrolet Cruz10/18/14
26216BK7479MDGray Honda Pilot10/18/14
2622XAP7801VASilver Hyundai Touring10/18/14
2623WPK5157VASilver Toyota Versa10/18/14
2624EL2368DCBlack Toyota Camry10/18/14
26253BP7065MDGray Chevrolet Impala10/18/14
26269BE3378MDWhite Toyota Rav 410/18/14
26278BM0426MDRed Honda Pilot10/18/14
2628ES6074DCWhite Lexus GS30010/18/14
2629VBJ4637TXGray V.W. Jetta10/18/14
263015934CEMDGray Honda Pilot10/18/14
26314AW6777MDGreen Chrysler Van10/19/14
2632A62646VA Temp TagBlack Honda Accord10/19/14
26337BG6582MDWhite Toyota Camry10/19/14
2634XHX5046VASilver Toyota Camry10/19/14
2635ET4078DCBlack Toyota Camry10/19/14
26366BR2673MDBlack Ford Explorer10/19/14
2637EH9332DCBlack Nissan Optima10/19/14
2638225246TMD Temp TagWhite Toyota Camry10/19/14
2639VBG8781VABlack Nissan Maxima10/19/14
26407BN9380MDWhite Mercedes Benz C30010/20/14
26412BP0331MDBlack Honda CR-V10/20/14
2642WZT1929VASilver Volvo XC-8010/20/14
2643DU7419DCGray Lexus LS-43010/20/14
2644VAP4848VAWhite Honda Accord10/20/14
26457AZ7772MDWhite Subaru Imprenza10/20/14
2646D371EDUtahSilver VW Passat10/20/14
2647VBM8002VABlack Toyota Camry10/20/14
26483BE3138MDGray Toyota Ravr10/20/14
2649WUB3857VARed Honda Odyssey Van10/20/14
2650VPE7941VABlack Honda Odyssey10/20/14
2651WPG2190VABlack Toyota Prius10/20/14
2652VCA8514VASilver Honda Ridgeline10/20/14
2653UBX8183VABlack Toyota Camry10/20/14
2654XPW7570VASilver Honda Accord10/20/14
2655WPC6116VABlack Toyota Camry10/20/14
2656VAP6803VASilver Hyundai10/20/14
2657ES3592DCBlack Toyota Prius10/20/14
2658ES6840DCGray Toyota Prius10/20/14
265916TA17MassachusettsRed Audi A-410/20/14
2660EF5392DCGray Toyota Rav 410/20/14
2661VBJ3056VAWhite Toyota Prius10/20/14
26621BH5572MDGray Nissan10/20/14
2663VBM8065VAGray Toyota Camry10/21/14
2664ES5456DCGray Toyota Camry10/21/14
2665WPS3152VAGold Volvo XC-7010/21/14
2666WNK5717VABlack Nissan Maxima10/21/14
26677BK8575MDWhite Scion10/21/14
2668WRF792VABlack BMW 528i10/21/14
26694BP2903MDRed Toyota Camry10/21/14
2670243530TMD Temp TagWhite Toyota Camry10/21/14
26716BD4580MDGray Toyota Camry10/21/14
2672WND5334VABlack Mercedes Benz SUV10/21/14
2673E11678VABlack Toyota Rav 410/21/14
2674794EG9MassachusettsSilver Hyundai SUV10/21/14
2675351VDWWisconsinBlack Nissan Juke10/21/14
2676WXQ...VARed Chevrolet 4-PV10/21/14
2677ET0553DCGray Toyota Camry10/21/14
2678XVF8002VABlack Honda Accord10/21/14
2679DX9939DCBlack Chrysler 30010/21/14
2680WLT3283VAWhite Chevrolet Traverse10/21/14
2681WNV5323VABlack Toyota Camry10/21/14
2682WPC6197VASilver Toyota Prius10/21/14
26834BF0086MDGray Toyota Corolla10/21/14
26848BK0814MDBlack Cadillac Sedan10/21/14
268504780CFMDWhite V.W. Passat10/21/14
2686EN5623DCBlack Toyota Camry10/21/14
26878AN1210MDBlack Chrysler 30010/21/14
2688XPH8181VABlack Toyota Camry10/21/14
26896AX3330MDwhite Honda Accord10/21/14
2690VCA3074VAGray Volvo SUV10/21/14
26914BK4618MDRed Hyundai SUV10/21/14
2692CS9604DCGold Toyota 4-Runner10/21/14
26939AX9360MDWhite Sedan10/21/14
26946CT5164MDGreen Honda Civic10/21/14
2695254503TMD Temp TagBlue Honda Accord10/21/14
26968BP3981MDBlue Toyota 4-Runner10/21/14
2697JXL3149VARed Honda Accord10/21/14
2698253008TMD Temp TagGreen Honda Accord10/21/14
2699ER6165MDSilver Toyota Prius10/21/14
2700ER2610DCGray Toyota Sienna10/21/14
27017AY7692MDBlack Toyota Camry10/21/14
27025AP0545MDWhite Toyota Corolla10/21/14
2703WLM8937VAWhite Toyota10/21/14
2704WRG3223VAWhite Toyota Prius10/21/14
2705VCJ7123VABlack Toyota Camry10/21/14
2706EK4585DCBlack Toyota Van10/21/14
27072AV2117MDWhite Toyota Camry10/21/14
27087AA4678MDRed Kia Van10/21/14
27096KPT326CaliforniaBlack Toyota Prius10/21/14
27101BR5405MDSilver Toyota Prius10/21/14
2711WRZ1700VABlack Cadillac Escalade ESV10/22/14
2712CHN1540North CarolinaBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2713287M743MDSilver Lexus GX47010/22/14
2714ER4154DCBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2715A49774VA Temp TagWhite Chrysler 30010/22/14
2716ABN6219VABlue Chevrolet Impala10/22/14
2717ET6549DCBlack Toyota Prius10/22/14
271822702CEMDSilver Sedan10/22/14
2719EN5451DCBlack Acura TL10/22/14
2720WPZ1732VARed Mazda10/22/14
27217BP2596MDWhite Toyota Camry10/22/14
2722ET8456DCBlack Chrysler 30010/22/14
2723WLV1064VAWhite Nissan Altima10/22/14
2724VAR9819VAWhite Hyundai Sedan10/22/14
2725VAT7175VABlack Hyundai Accent10/22/14
27266BR8468MDGray Toyota Highlander10/22/14
2727WSU5918VAGray Toyota Camry10/22/14
27286AJ9469MDSilver Mercedez Benz Sedan10/22/14
2729ER5548DCGray Toyota Camry10/22/14
27301BK2545MDBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2731XEU2514VASilver Toyota Corolla10/22/14
27325BL8298MDBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
27332BD4482MDBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2734WTC3238VAGray Honda Accord10/22/14
2735ET4078DCBlackToyota Camry10/22/14
2736WXXP5308VASilver Toyota Camry10/22/14
27379BD7273MDSmall Blue Chevy SUV10/22/14
27382BL8177MDSilver Range Rover10/22/14
2739WLY4747VAWhite Toyota White Toyota Camry10/22/14
2740CZ5206DCSilver Toyota XL410/22/14
2741888YP4MassachusettsBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2742CT4682VABlack Toyota Prius10/22/14
27438FGH93MDSilver Toyota Camry10/22/14
27446BN1737MDWhite Chevrolet Impala10/22/14
2745VBN8173VAGray Toyota Camry10/22/14
2746WZJ4439VABlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
27475AZ2822MDBlack Toyota Camry10/22/14
2748WWP2863VABlack Nissan Versa10/22/14
2749WVP6464VAGreen Nissan Optima10/22/14
27507BP2395MDSilver Honda Accord10/22/14
27512BP3536MDToyota Camry10/24/14
2752HGUQVAGray Toyota Corolla10/24/14
27534BP5718MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/24/14
2754VCY5877VAGray Honda Accord10/24/14
2755VWVS2443VASilver Acura MDX10/24/14
2756WMD1674VABlack Nissan Optima10/24/14
27573BB5621MDSilver Nissan Rogue10/24/14
2758BAW3376VABlack Nissan Altima10/24/14
27597BP6683MDWhite Chrysler 30010/24/14
2760WZE4679VAWhite Toyota Prius10/24/14
27617BP6781MDGreen Honda Civic10/24/14
2762VAF8452VABlue Honda CRV10/24/14
27631254CZVABlack Toyota Corolla10/24/14
27644BM2591MDSilver Cadillac SRX410/24/14
2765EP1264DCWhite Toyota Prius10/24/14
27663BE4016MDWhite Toyota Sequoia10/24/14
27675BM5380MDWhite Toyota Corolla10/24/14
276836749M4MDBlack Cadillac Escalade SUV10/24/14
2769VBZ9547VATan Toyota Van10/24/14
2770ET4078DCBlack Toyota Corolla10/24/14
27716BG3201MDBlue Honda Accord10/24/14
27722BN7450MDGray Toyota Camry10/24/14
2773WLY4712VABlack Toyota Scion XB10/24/14
27745BN5825MDBlack Lincoln Continental10/24/14
27757AC1507MDDark Red / Burgundy Scion XB10/24/14
2776299M421MDBlack Acura MDX10/24/14
27773BN3143MDBlack Toyota Corolla10/24/14
27783BE1814MDGray Mercedes Benz C30010/24/14
2779YUW6558VASilver Toyota Camry10/24/14
2780EB9311DCBlack Toyota Camry10/24/14
2781VCD6777VABlack Toyota Camry10/24/14
2782WUK7706VAWhite Toyota Odyssey10/24/14
2783JKH8823VABlack Chevrolet Malibu10/24/14
2784253859TMD Temp TagGray Nissan Versa10/24/14
2785HAIDER 1VABlack Toyota Camry10/24/14
2786WYF4359VASilver Toyota Camry10/24/14
2787WSM4400VABlack Honda Accord10/24/14
2788VBS8672VASilver Nissan Altima10/24/14
27892866CYMDBlack Lexus Sedan10/24/14
27907BP22355MDBlack Honda Odyssey10/24/14
2791WRD5323VABlack Mercedes Benz C30010/24/14
2792EG6027DCSilver Nissan Altima10/24/14
2793VDN1601VARed Volvo 58010/24/14
27941BB2183MDWhite Nissan Altima10/24/14
27956BD4580MDGray Toyota Camry10/24/14
2796WRY1671VAwhite Honda Accord10/24/14
2797VMD5201VABlack Toyota Prius10/24/14
2798VCS1343VASilver Toyota Highlander10/24/14
2799DU5698DCBlack BMW X510/24/14
2800EB8390DCWhite VW Jetta10/24/14
28016BR6283MDGray Toyota Camry10/24/14
28021BB5655MDWhite Toyota Camry10/24/14
2803XEN8953VABlack Subaru Legacy10/24/14
2804JKM1172VABlack Toyota Odyssey10/24/14
28055AV4858MDWhite Kia Soul10/24/14
2806VBJ6225VAGray Honda Civic10/24/14
2807WRH6272VABlack BMW Sedan10/24/14
2808208064TMD Temp TagWhite Jeep10/24/14
2809WPZ5461VABlack Honda Pilot10/24/14
2810VCL9416VASilver Honda Accord10/24/14
2811WPZ1012VABlack Toyota Prius10/24/14
281240982CFMDTan Mercedes Benz10/24/14
2813ING965MassachusettsInfinity FX3510/24/14
2814ET3858DCWhite Nissan Sedan10/24/14
2815DGD6511TexasBlack Chevrolet Tahoe10/24/14
2816VCX6017VABlack Toyota Camry10/24/14
28174BC7821MDWhite Toyota Prius10/24/14
28188AW3376MDLight Blue Altima10/24/14
28197BP2554MDSilver Toyota Camry10/24/14
2820710429VAMitsubishi Galant10/24/14
28211BH5572MDSilver Nissan10/24/14
28221BB5686MDBlack Toyota Prius10/24/14
2823XLX5584VA (No Front Tag)Blue Chevrolet Impala10/25/14
2824WYW1448VABlack Honda Accord10/25/14
28254ESC63MDScion X-D10/25/14
2826EF0808DCWhite Ford Escape10/25/14
2827VCY3850VABlack Toyota Sierra10/25/14
28283AK011MDChevrolet P.U. Truck Murano10/25/14
2829WMM1747VABlue Kia Murano10/25/14
2830VBM8065VAGray Toyota Camry10/25/14
2831WLY4747VAWhite Toyota Camry10/25/14
283221400CFMDSilver Honda CRV10/25/14
28336BL3626MDGray Toyota Prius10/25/14
28343BP9477MDBlack Toyota Camry10/25/14
2835VAW5140TVAWhite Toyota Corolla10/25/14
2836WZJ7611VASmall Black SUV10/25/14
28372BK9191MDSilver Toyota Prius (Smoking in car)10/25/14
2838KFH2988VASilver Nissan Versa10/25/14
28397AN9707MDSilver Toyota Camry10/25/14
28405BP7370MDBlack Honda Pilot10/25/14
28423AW0732MDSilver Honda Accord10/25/14
28432FLs73MDGray Nissan Altima10/25/14
2844AV6173DCBlue Honda Civic10/25/14
2845VDK2532VABlack Honda Accord10/25/14
2846VBM4261VAWhite Chevrolet Cruze10/25/14
2847VMZ4159VABlack Lexus 45010/25/14
28487BP2340MDSilver Honda Accord10/25/14
2849VP4604New YorkGray Honda Accord10/25/14
2850251718TMD Temp TagBlack Ford Focus10/25/14
28511BB5646MDGray Hyundai SUV10/25/14
2852VBZ9809MDGray Hyundai SUV10/25/14
28536MD0876MDSilver Volvo XC9010/25/14
2854WPC4793VAwhite Honda Accord10/25/14
28557BH1095MDWhite Toyota Prius10/25/14
28564BH1701MDBlue Toyota Corolla10/25/14
28571AW0386MDBlack Honda Civic10/25/14
28584BK3463MDBlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
285961TS34MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/25/14
2860WNK5647VABlue Toyota Prius10/25/14
2861CS1840DCBlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
28628AW0139MDSilver Honda Accord10/25/14
2863WMY9865VAGray Nissan Sentra10/25/14
2864VAW2822VASilver Honda Accord10/25/14
2865236868TMD Temp TagRed Toyota Camry10/25/14
2866WHM8791VASilver Toyota Sienna10/25/14
2867EX6318MDWhite Kia Forte10/25/14
28684AY7675MDSilver Hyundai Sonata10/25/14
2869A101230VA Temp TagBlack Cadillac Escalade10/25/14
28702572970Pennsylvania Temp TagGray Hyundai Sonata10/25/14
28719Br2145MDBlack Honda Accord10/25/14
2872HEMIUNTMDBlack Dodge Charger / Front Police Bumper10/25/14
28737BL2772MDGray Toyota Camry10/25/14
2874WLX7771VABlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
28757BN8244MDGray Honda Rav 410/25/14
2876DelinaDCSilver Honda10/25/14
28779BD5031MDSilver Toyota Prius10/25/14
2878WMK4311VASilver Chevrolet Impala10/25/14
2879WLV3765VABlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
28806BA9154MDGray Ford Escape10/25/14
2881VBN9015VAGray Honda Accord10/25/14
288235476CFMDBlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
2883VAV8992VABlackToyota Camry10/25/14
28842459497TTMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry10/25/14
2885WXE3734VASilver Toyota Corolla10/25/14
2886YUSSEFVABlack Toyota Camry10/25/14
28878BR4361MDGray Chevrolet Impala10/25/14
28889BL9754MDWhite Toyota Camry10/25/14
2889WLW8543VAGray Toyota Camry10/25/14
28905BM5837MDBlack Toyota Camry10/25/14
28912A)4526MDBlack Ford10/25/14
28923BP5407MDSilver Toyota Corolla10/25/14
28932BN8084MDBlack Nissan Maxima10/25/14
2894229253TMD Temp TagRed Toyota Yaris10/25/14
2895JPN3286PennsylvaniaBlack Nissan Maxima10/25/14
2896EM8512DCBlack Toyota Prius10/25/14
2897ER1647DCSmall Green Mercedez Benz10/25/14
28981BL1552MDSilver Nissan Versa10/25/14
2899CP2192DCBlack Subaru10/25/14
2900WLZ6877VAGray Toyota Prius10/25/14
290133X959MDRed Toyota Tundra P.U.10/25/14
2902M868300MDWhite Volvo C8010/25/14
2903WSZ2201VAGray Toyota Corolla10/25/14
29046EZC35MDBlack Toyota Corolla10/25/14
2905MO259VAGold Toyota Camry10/25/14
2906WLS2085VABlack Lexus CT200h10/25/14
2907EH4527DCBlue Chevrolet Cruze10/25/14
29088AK6221MDBlue Toyota Prius10/25/14
29099FAS68MDSilver Toyota Yaris10/25/14
2910EF0449DCWhite Hyundai Elantra10/25/14
29113ESK15MDBlack Mercedes Benz C50010/25/14
2912EN9635DCWhite Scion XB10/25/14
29136BR2800MDWhite GMC Yukon10/25/14
29149BL9884MDWhite Mercedes Benz GL45010/25/14
2915V548223MassachusettsRed Honda CRV10/25/14
2916VCS8627VASilver Nissan Optima10/25/14
2917ES6496DCGray Honda CRV10/25/14
2918HVR5304PennsylvaniaBlack Mitsubishi10/25/14
2919WMU8982VABlack Chrysler 30010/25/14
29201762AVA Temp TagGray Toyota Rav 410/25/14
2921Z52AFLNJGreen Honda Accord10/25/14
29229BH5650MDSmall Green SUV10/25/14
2923WMW4760VABlack Chevrolet Avalanche 4Dr P.U. Truck10/25/14
2924WRY1542VAGold Toyota Highlander10/25/14
2925241677TMD Temp TagTan Chevrolet Impala10/25/14
2926WLN7008VABlack Toyota Camry10/25/14
2927UDE2876VAGold Ford Fusion10/25/14
29285AYR81MDSilver Ford Crown Victoria10/25/14
29295BK0728MDGreen Ford Sedan10/25/14
29307BK0810MDBlack BMW 335i10/25/14
2931WLV3765VABlack Toyota Insight10/25/14
2932EH3725DCRed Chevrolet 4Dr P.U.10/31/14
2933ET7933DCBlack Audi SUV10/31/14
2934MAKENIVAMazda SUV CX-910/31/14
2935WSB2737VABlue Chevrolet 30010/31/14
2936ETF3375OhioBlack Nissan Versa10/31/14
29375BK0479MDBlack Toyota Camry10/31/14
2938R94D248MassachusettsSilver Hyundai10/31/14
29395AB4448MDBlack Audi A-410/31/14
2940507984DelawareBlack Toyota Insight10/31/14
2941ET0695DCSilver VW10/31/14
2942VDB4947VABlack Toyota Camry (Driver picking nose)10/31/14
29437BD7323MDWhite Nissan Rogue10/31/14
2944WWT5144VABlue Toyota Corolla10/31/14
2945WMP5387VASilver Toyota Rav 410/31/14
2946WVP6469VASilver Toyota Corolla10/31/14
29474AV6221MDBlack Hyundai Sonata10/31/14
2948WNZ5469VAGray Chevrolet Equinox10/31/14
2949WVP6469VAGray Toyota Corolla10/31/14
29508BM8200MDGray Toyota Corolla10/31/14
2951VDD9102VABlue Ford Focus10/31/14
2952WLP2211VABlack Honda Accord10/31/14
2953VALVRSVAGray Toyota Camry10/31/14
29549BN2244MDBlack Toyota Prius10/31/14
29556BD4580MDGray Toyota Camry11/01/14
2956DX1520DCBlack Nissan Murano11/01/14
29571BB5655MDWhite Toyota Avalon11/01/14
29586BD9833MDBlue Nissan Altima11/01/14
2959KHY1191VAGray Toyota Prius11/01/14
2960VDH3444VAGreen Toyota Prius11/01/14
29611AF0652MDRed Toyota Prius11/01/14
2962ET6067DCBlack Honda Civic11/01/14
2963WLU6166VAGray Toyota Prius11/01/14
2964XUG4380VABlack Nissan Altima11/01/14
2965WMD8164VABlack Dodge Durango11/01/14
2966EN8555DCSilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
2967WSS1978VASilver Nissan Optima11/01/14
2968VAP5436VASilver Nissan Murano11/01/14
2969EJ3127DCSilver Nissan Rogue11/01/14
2970ER8876DCSilver Ford Windstar11/01/14
2971WMY3367VAGray Honda Pilot11/01/14
29729BN4716MDBlack Chevrolet Malibu11/01/14
29736FN4716MDBlack Nissan Versa11/01/14
2974XAG3822VASilver Mercedes Benz C24011/01/14
29751BB5657MDBlack Toyota Prius11/01/14
2976223799TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
29772BK8979MDSilver Toyota Camry (LYFT)11/01/14
29789BN5422MDSilver Toyota Camry (LYFT)11/01/14
29792BL9206MDBlack Toyota Rav 411/01/14
2980CW6983DCBlue Honda11/01/14
2981ET6653DCGray Toyota Camry11/01/14
29829BH8965MDSilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
29831AT3720MDBlack Cadillac Escalade11/01/14
2984EN3016DCSilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
29855BG2959MDGray Toyota Corolla11/01/14
2986ENV4679PennsylvaniaSilver Toyota Corolla11/01/14
2987LEP0957MDBlack Nissan Altima11/01/14
29888BR2532MDBlack Chrysler Enclave11/01/14
2989225847TMD Temp TagWhite Nissan Altima11/01/14
2990WWG6516VABlue Ford Explorer11/01/14
2991WPJ9543VASilver Toyota Prius11/01/14
29924BG7367MDGray Honda Odyssey11/01/14
2993XAW9502VAGray Honda Civic11/01/14
29944BH1178MDSilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
2995XLH9731VABlack Lexus IS25011/01/14
2996SONIC 8VASilver Toyota SUV11/01/14
2997BASSARVASilver Nissan Altima11/01/14
2998EL5790DCSilver Audi Van11/01/14
2999EL8374DCGray Toyota Prius11/01/14
30004BT1867MDGray Honda Accord11/01/14
3001VAZ6992VABlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
30024BK1343MDGray Toyota Rav411/01/14
3003WNT2090VABlue Toyota Corolla11/01/14
3004WVP6464VAGray Toyota Altima11/01/14
3005CS0845DCBlue Toyota Matrix11/01/14
30067AX7582MDSilver Mercedes Benz S55011/01/14
30078BL5240MDBlack Toyota Altima11/01/14
3008JCK0726PennsylvaniaWhite Sedan11/01/14
3009XDG1381VASilver Toyota Rav 411/01/14
3010H2755RTennesseeGray Chevrolet Impala11/01/14
3011WRE8872VAblack Toyota Rav 411/01/14
3012TITAN 10VABlack Chevrolet Suburban11/01/14
3013EF9562DCGray Ford Explorer11/01/14
30148BF6568MDBlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
30157BP6847MDSilver Honda Accord11/01/14
3016WMC5099VASilver Toyota Camry11/01/14
30175AY3244MDGray Hyundai Sonata11/01/14
30188AA6063MDGray Nissan Altima11/01/14
3019HINDIVABlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
3020XED2257VAWhite Mercedes Benz C30011/01/14
30215BK7208MDWhite Chevrolet Equinox11/01/14
30224AG7317MDBlack Chevrolet Impala11/01/14
3023DU3320DCGray Jeep11/01/14
3024WUZ7272VAGray VW Jetta11/01/14
3025WNT8651VABlack Mercedes Benz11/01/14
3026ET1525DCSilver Honda Odyssey11/01/14
30277BP4811MDBlack Mercedes Benz11/01/14
3028WNT5228VABlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
30296BD0436MDBlack Honda Accord11/01/14
3030VDE2073VABlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
3031WZR5988VAWhite Ford Explorer11/01/14
3032YBU7494VAWhite Honda Sedan11/01/14
30331763GDVABlack Cadillac11/01/14
30346AY6605MDWhite Toyota Venza11/01/14
30352AT6992MDBlue Chrysler SUV11/01/14
3036XAP7801VASilver Hyundai Touring11/01/14
30376AY0192MDGray Ford Escape11/01/14
3038DD6985DCBlack Hyundai Santa Fe11/01/14
303956035FCMDTan Infinity11/01/14
304092732BYMDSilver Nissan Alitma11/01/14
30411BP2953MDBlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
3042WYE6646VABlack Toyota Camry11/01/14
30433BE1725MDWhite Nissan Sentra11/03/14
30448BM2229MDBlack Nissan Maxima11/03/14
3045WLP6720VABlack Toyota Camry11/03/14
3046XLK1890VABlack Jeep11/03/14
3047WLP6783VAGray Toyota Rav 411/03/14
30481BE8592MDBlack Jaguar11/03/14
30499BH5701MDWhite BMW X-611/04/14
3050AEE9789VABlack Honda Accord11/04/14
3051VCD9386VABlack Honda11/04/14
3052G16DIPNew JerseyWhite Toyota Camry11/04/14
3053XRU6101VABlack Lexus RX35011/04/14
3054VDJ4611VAGray Honda11/04/14
3055261483TMDSilver Nissan Altima11/04/14
3056ZP4606VAGray Honda Accord11/04/14
3057H75DJTNJBlack Hyundai Elantra11/04/14
3058VCL8723VAWhite Toyota Prius11/04/14
3059VBM8423VAGray Toyota Prius11/04/14
3060ES9296DCGray Dodge Charger11/04/14
3061EN4055DCBlack Honda Accord11/04/14
306230352AVA Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry11/04/14
3063DY2202DCBlack Dodge Charger11/04/14
30641BB5669MDGray Toyota Avalon11/04/14
3065EN9374DCBlack Honda Accord11/04/14
30661BB5678MDBlack Toyota Avalon11/04/14
3067VBK8006VASilver Toyota Prius11/04/14
3068WWX1511VAGray Lexus RX35011/04/14
3069WSP8995VABlack Lincoln Town Car11/04/14
3070DE1638DCWhite Nissan Sentra11/04/14
307103911LMMDBlack Chevrolet Suburban11/04/14
3072VCG9241VAGray Toyota Prius11/05/14
3073VCH7400VAGray/Blue Top Toyota Prius11/05/14
3074KBP9109VAGray Toyota Camry11/05/14
3075DX4886DCGray Honda Civic11/05/14
30761BR0061MDWhite Kia Sorento11/05/14
3077VAW9941VAWhite Toyota Camy (Wrong way: 900 block 9th St)11/05/14 (8:10 pm)
30785BP8922MDBlack Chevrolet Cruze11/05/14
30796BK9417MDBlack Subaru Van11/05/14
3080ES4193DCBlack Toyota Versa – LYFT11/05/14
30815BM3864MDBlack Nissan Altima11/05/14
30821BB5638MDWhite Toyota Camry11/05/14
30837BP2592MDBlue Toyota Prius11/05/14
30843BN8835MDBlack G.M. Terrain11/06/14
30851BE3473MDSilver Honda Accord11/06/14
30862BP6126MDGray Chrysler 30011/06/14
3087EN3200DCSilver Toyota Rav 411/06/14
3088VDB4923VAGray Toyota Camry11/06/14
30897BE1528MDSilver Toyota Camry11/06/14
3090WPP4355VASmall Black Ford11/06/14
30915BL5611MDSilver Honda Civic11/06/14
30923BN8035MDSilver Hyundai Elantra11/06/14
3093EN8232DCBlack Honda Accord11/06/14
3094267741TMD Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry11/06/14
3095ER3204DCSilver Toyota Camry11/06/14
3096WRF1111VASilver Toyota Corolla11/06/14
3097WLW6176VABlack Toyota Camry11/06/14
30982BK9191MDSilver Toyota Prius11/06/14
3099KNG4180VABlack Honda Cross11/06/14
3100WPM7380VAWhite Honda Accord11/06/14
3101EL2368DCBlack Toyota Camry11/06/14
31027AY7092MDBlack Toyota Camry11/06/14
3103WMM2121VAWhite Toyota Sienna Van11/06/14
3104SHAKIL 1VABlack Nissan11/06/14
31056BN1635MDBlack Toyota Camry11/06/14
3106WNX6328VASilver Toyota Odyssey11/06/14
3107WPG6367VARed Honda Accord11/06/14
3108NanZRYDVAGray BMW X-311/06/14
3109WNU7000VAGray Toyota Prius11/06/14
3110VCT4214VAGray Hyundai Elantra11/06/14
3111WZC2294VASmall Silver Lexus SUV11/06/14
3112WRU6768VASilver Hyundai Elantra11/06/14
3113232840TMD Temp TagWhite Toyota Avalon11/06/14
3114831ZXAConnecticutBlack Toyota Camry11/06/14
3115ES8249DCBlack Toyota Corrolla11/06/14
31167BH1095MDBlack Toyota Prius11/06/14
3117GJB6647New YorkSilver Toyota Camry11/06/14
3118VBN1308VABlack Honda Accord11/06/14
3119XME2037VAGray VW Passat11/07/14
312028323AVA Temp TagWhite Toyota Camry11/07/14
3121XRV7230VAWhite Toyota Camry11/07/14
3122VCH6704VAGray Toyota Camry11/07/14
3123845M580MDGray Toyota Rav 411/07/14
31243BK0461MDBlack VW Car11/07/14
31252CVB89MDGray Subaru Forester11/07/14
3126VAE9481VAWhite Chevrolet Impala11/07/14
31271BT0706MDBlack Toyota Camry11/07/14
31287AW9351MDblack Toyota Rav 411/07/14
3129WNT8651VABlack Mercedes Benz C28011/07/14
31305ESV27MDSilver Chevrolet Car11/07/14
31316BK8564MDBlack Ford Fusion11/07/14
3132ET1596DCBlack Toyota Prius11/07/14
3133WLZ8665VAWhite Toyota Civic11/07/14
3134WPM4235VAGray Toyota Camry11/07/14
31351BB5576MDBlack Toyota Camry11/07/14
313653618CAMDSilver Infinity11/07/14
3137WLZ6877VAGray Toyota Prius11/07/14
3138EJ7024VASilver Chrysler 30011/07/14
3139WXL5050VABlack Hyundai Sonata11/07/14
3140WXH8632VAGray Toyota Camry11/07/14
3141CE9722DCGreen Toyota Prius11/07/14
3142EN4207DCSilver BMW SUV11/07/14
3143KURT 12DCWhite Honda11/07/14
31441BM9550MDSilver Infinity QX6511/07/14
31452BB1258MDGray Honda Accord11/07/14
314672136CFMDSilver Toyota Rav 411/07/14
3147WLP7286VABlack Honda Civic11/07/14
31483AC3275MDSilver Toyota Prius11/07/14
3149ED7266DCWhite Toyota Corolla11/07/14
31508AJ3019MDGray Toyota Prius11/07/14
3151WMH4878VABlack Toyota Corolla11/07/14
31523BN7280MDBlue Chevrolet11/07/14
3153VBB7378VAGray Nissan Altima11/07/14
31545AP2549MDWhite Nissan11/07/14
31552BV0905MDWhite Toyota Camry11/07/14
3156WCZ2294VAGold Lexus RX 35011/07/14
31575AHT23MDRed Toyota Avalon11/07/14
3158VCR6144VABlue Toyota Camry11/07/14
31598BM8885MDSmall Silver Ford SUV11/07/14
31601BT0003MDWhite Toyota Prius11/07/14
31619AX3264MDSilver Toyota Camry11/07/14
3162VAW2933VAGray Toyota Camry11/07/14
3163VBF2965VARed Honda11/07/14
3164VAV6481VAWhite Chevrolet Impala11/07/14
3165WNF7481VASilver Toyota Camry11/07/14
3166JSU9815VAWhite Pontiac Zepher11/07/14
3167VCP4090VASilver Honda Civic11/07/14
31681BB5594MDBlack Toyota Camry11/07/14
3169XLT7120VABlack Nissan Maxima11/07/14
3170MK505VAWhite Toyota Camry11/07/14
31719MD3127MDSilver Toyota Camry11/07/14
3172NAMIBIAMDWhite Toyota Camry11/07/14
31739BE3200MDBlack Nissan Murano11/07/14
3174VBX8285VABlack Toyota Camry11/07/14
31758PT869West VirginiaGray Toyota Rav 411/07/14
31762BT8026VABlack BMW Sedan11/07/14
3177WRD5323VABlack Mercedes Benz Sedan11/07/14
3178XUX3783VABlue Honda Accord11/07/14
31793BT1765MDSilver Dodge Charger11/07/14
31805BT8922MDBlack Chevrolet Cruze11/07/14
31818BP9477MDBlue Toyota Rav 411/07/14
31827AD5285MDGray Lexus RX35011/08/14
3183EN8530DCBlack Honda Accord11/08/14
3184232935TMD Temp TagWhite Chrysler 30011/08/14
3185XJM9697VASilver Toyota Camry11/08/14
3186285IUfVASilver Hyundai Sonata11/08/14
31871BP8465MDSilver Toyota Prius11/08/14
3188ET6040DCRed Toyota Camry11/08/14
3189EN4942DCSilver Hyundai Sonata11/08/14
3190KHR9206VATan Nissan Rogue11/08/14
3191VBX8413VARed Toyota Camry11/08/14
3192WRV8038VABlack Ford Explorer11/08/14
3193WWJ9801VABlack Honda Pilot11/08/14
3194WND2178VASilver Honda Civic11/08/14
31959BR2066MDWhite Mazda 611/08/14
3196WUM3664VAWhite Chrysler Sedan11/08/14
31971BB5611MDBurgundy Toyota Avalon11/08/14
3198VBL9481MDBlack Nissan Altima11/08/14
31997BR7302MDBlack Toyota Prius11/08/14
32002AR5878MDGray Acura Sedan11/08/14
32011BB5638MDSilver Toyota Camry11/08/14
3202XBB2314VABlack Toyota Corolla11/08/14
3203HFY1789VABlack Toyota Corolla11/08/14
3204WRG3223VAWhite Toyota Prius11/08/14
32053AY0255MDBlack Nissan SUV11/08/14
3206KCN1527VASilver Mercedes Benz C32011/08/14
32075BR9846MDSilver Honda Civic11/08/14
32082BM0978MDWhite Chevrolet Malibu11/08/14
3209ETR182VAOld Gray Car11/08/14
321013454AVABlack BMW GT11/08/14
32119BB5589MDBlack Toyota Avalon11/08/14
32124BR8692MDSilver Honda Fit11/08/14
3213269271TMD Temp TagGray Toyota Prius11/08/14
32143FGN60MDBlack Toyota Prius11/08/14
32152BM2100MDRad Toyota Corolla11/08/14
3216VCA6720VABlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
3217VAU1752VABlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
3218VCR9001VAWhite Toyota Prius11/08/14
3219EM3070DCGray Mercedes Benz GL45011/08/14
32206AM5565MDGray Nissan Optima11/08/14
322125705CEMDSilver Toyota Camry11/08/14
3222EU1980MDBlack Toyota Corolla11/08/14
32231BL4112MDSilver Toyota Camry11/08/14
32244BC5584MDGray Toyota Rav 411/08/14
3225WYA8839VABlack Nissan Murano11/08/14
32261AT9645MDRed Nissan Altima11/08/14
32271BL4575MDBlack Toyota Sienna11/08/14
3228T0415FTennesseeGreen Chevrolet Sonic11/08/14
32293BR5559MD Temp TagSilver Honda Insight11/08/14
3230266887TMD Temp TagTan Honda Accord11/08/14
32317BB9553MDSilver Chrysler Town & Country11/08/14
3232XLX8349VABlack Honda Accord11/08/14
3233WMM2149VAGray Toyota Camry11/08/14
323476494CEMDBlack Mercedes Benz C30011/08/14
3235DST763VAWhite Ford Focus11/08/14
32367AT4158MDSilver Nissan Pathfinder11/08/14
32375BN5819MDGray Toyota Prius11/08/14
3238XWB1744VAGray Toyota Camry11/08/14
3239KFH4612VABlue Toyota Rav 411/08/14
3240VAT9414VABlack Nissan Altima11/08/14
3241WTH1966VAWhite Kia Soul11/08/14
3242XJF2142VABlack Nissan Altima11/08/14
3243YAS512DCGray VW Passat11/08/14
3244WXV8009VABlack Honda Civic11/08/14
3245WUY3959VASilver Toyota Rav 411/08/14
3246WUP9923VABlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
32476BE5808MDBlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
3248SANKULPDCBlack Toyota Prius11/08/14
3249WNT2031VASilver Toyota Camry11/08/14
3250XBN9521VAGray Toyota Rav 411/08/14
3251VDB7293VAWhite Toyota Sienna11/08/14
32524BP4934MDWhite Chevrolet Cruze11/08/14
3253KCB8366VAWhite Nissan Altima11/08/14
32547BH2084MDBlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
32556BC5617MDBlack Toyota Camry11/08/14
32568BL7739MDBlack Hyundai Sonata11/08/14
3257WRK2089VABlue Honda Accord11/08/14
3258VAU6230VABlack Chevrolet Tahoe11/09/14
3259ER2529DCGray Hyundai Sonata11/09/14
3260WNM6223VABlack Hyundai Sonata11/09/14
3261ES2886DCBlack Toyota Camry11/09/14
32624XT685West VirginiaSilver Toyota Prius11/09/14
32631BB5657MDBlack Sedan11/09/14
3264WZP4630VAGray Honda CR-V11/09/14
3265DR7441DCBlack Toyota Prius11/09/14
3266WPT9805VASilver Toyota Camry11/09/14
3267WMM2218VABlack Toyota Camry11/09/14
3268WMM6397VAFord C-Max11/09/14
3269ZP4606VAGray Honda Accord11/09/14
3270WVT4205VAWhite Toyota Avalon11/09/14
32715BL7343MDGray Honda CR-V11/09/14
32726BN9219MDBlack Jeep11/09/14
3273WSL3486VABlack Toyota Camry11/09/14
3274BDX0829GeorgiaBlue Toyota Vensa11/09/14
3275WYD1469VAGray Honda Accord11/09/14
3276EE8725DCGray Toyota Prius11/09/14
32777BR3206MDDark Green Subaru Wagon11/09/14
327885USMAVABlack Mercedes Benz11/09/14
32799BB4130MDBlack Toyota Prus11/09/14
3280VAX1595VAblack Toyota Rav 411/09/14
3281WXD1111VABlack Chrysler Sedan11/09/14
32828AY0354MDBlack Infinity G-3511/09/14
328320904MOMDGray Toyota Sequoia11/09/14
32847BL9720MDBlack Ford Explorer11/09/14
3285CGE2520New YorkRed Ford Explorer11/09/14
3286WRZ5988VAWhite Ford Explorer11/09/14
32872516224Pennsylvania Temp TagGray Toyota Camry11/09/14
3288CAZP3RVAWhite Ford Edge11/09/14
3289F67DJYNew JerseyWhite Toyota Prius11/09/14
3290XND3551VARad Suzuki Car11/09/14
3291VBJ3056VASilver Toyota Prius11/09/14
3292HEMIUNITMDBlack Dodge Charger11/09/14
3293WUX4772VASilver Toyota 4-Runner11/09/14
3294XRG4213VABlue Toyota Rav 411/09/14
32951BR5472MDSilver Toyota Camry11/09/14
32963BR5560MDGray Lexus ES35011/09/14
32977BP2560MDRed Toyota Avalon11/09/14
3298WMD5210VABlack Toyota Camry11/09/14
3299EK9684DCBlack VW Wagon11/09/14
33005AT4260MDBlue Toyota Prius11/09/14
3301XCF6252VABlue Toyota Camry11/09/14
3302VDN1863VABlack Toyota Prius11/09/14
3303WLN7152VAblack Toyota Rav 411/09/14
3304VCJ7010VASilver Toyota Highlander11/09/14
33059MD6842MDRed Lexus GL35011/09/14
33062BL9414MDBlack Toyota Prius11/09/14
33075BK7934MDBlack Ford Sedan11/09/14
33081BR5405MDWhite White Toyota Prius11/09/14
33098BM2204MDTan Chysler 30011/09/14
3310WTH2008VAGray Nissan Versa11/09/14
3311WRA8559VAGray Toyota Corolla11/09/14
33121BN2578MDSilver Toyota Camry11/09/14
33131BN2578MDSilver Toyota Camry11/09/14
3314WXB5440VABlack Chevrolet Impala11/09/14
3315KFG3263VASilver Toyota Pathfinder11/09/14
3316WTE5554VASilver Nissan Rogue11/09/14
3317LMG970MississippiGray Infinity Sedan11/10/14
3318VBH4994VABlack Volvo S 4011/10/14
33195BM7956MDSilver Chevrolet Equinox11/10/14
33207FEX17MDWhite Toyota Prius11/10/14
33215BG4878MDSilver Toyota Prius11/10/14
33223BH4846MDBlack Honda Accord11/10/14
3323268857TMD Temp TagBlack Chevrolet Impala11/10/14
3324XBE8214VARed Honda Entorage11/10/14
3325WVC1573VAGray Hyundai Sonata11/10/14
33266BF5617MDBlack Honda Accord11/10/14
3327VCM9118VAGray Honda Accord11/10/14
3328EG6932DCBlack BMW XG11/09/14
33296BG2278MDSmall Gray SUV11/10/14
33306BK3556MDBlack Toyota Corolla11/10/14
33315AX8592MDBlack Honda Crosstour11/10/14
3332EK3356DCSilver Nissan Sentra11/10/14
3333VDF4042DCBlack Mazda 311/10/14
3334241176TMD Temp TagWhite Toyota Camry11/10/14
3335WMK6960VABlack Hyundai Tucson11/10/14
3336DCNC20FloridaBlack Jeep11/09/14
33374BE2559MDBlack Toyota Camry11/10/14
33382BL9206MDblack Toyota Rav 411/10/14
33396BE2066MDGray Ford Taurus11/10/14
33406BR4772`MDSilver Toyota Prius11/10/14
3341WMK8544MDSilver Honda Crosstour11/10/14
3342EM5011DCRed Honda Accord11/10/14
33433AP0399MDGray Toyota Camry11/10/14
3344HRb5225PennsylvaniaSilver BMW Car11/10/14
3345715263West Virginia Temp TagDark Gray Chevrolet Impala /Blackened Windows11/11/14
3346CU7959DCSilver Toyota Prius11/11/14
3347VAZ6992VABlack Toyota Camry11/11/14
33488BP8681MDSilver BMW Sedan11/11/14
33491BF776MassachusettsSilver Chrysler Sedan11/11/14
3350DX8751DCWhite Nissan Maxima11/11/14
3351VAF8452VAGray Honda Rav411/11/14
3352EE9239DCBlue Nissan Versa11/11/14
33534MD7109MDWhite Scion XB11/11/14
3354JPC8971PennsylvaniaWhite Chrysler Van11/11/14
3355ER2809DCWhite Honda Crosstour11/11/14
3356BPLY88FloridaBlack Volvo Car11/11/14
3357VBZ9405VAGray Toyota Camry11/11/14
33584BA6286MDBlack Nissan Rogue11/11/14
3359WRJ65680VABlack Lexus Sedan11/11/14
3360MODARVAGray Toyota Prius11/11/14
3361WWU8412VAGray Honda Accord11/11/14
3362WXD1111VARed Chrysler 30011/11/14
3363WTB6528VASilver Toyota Camry11/11/14
3364VCR9227VAGray Toyota Camry11/11/14
3365VCD3869VASilver Honda Accord11/11/14
33667BH1095MDBlack Toyota Prius11/11/14
3367WXR7696VABlack Honda Accord11/11/14
3368WMXX9765VAGray Toyota Prius11/11/14
3369WNA9950VABlack Toyota Camry11/11/14
33709AB9991MDRed Toyota Rav 411/11/14
33713BP9521MDWhite Toyota Corolla11/11/14
3372VCH7400VASilver Toyota Prius11/11/14
33731AK2005MDSilver Honda Accord11/11/14
3374EL1309DCBlack Toyota Camry11/11/14
3375EJ0944DCGray Honda Crosstour11/11/14
3376EM5176DC (LYFT)White Nissan Maxima11/11/14
3377WMW5090VAWhite Toyota Matrix11/11/14
3378IMGRANDPennsylvaniaRed Dodge Charger11/11/14
33798AS4634MDGray Honda Accord11/11/14
338042077M5MDGold Honda Pilot11/11/14
3381D98AFHNew JerseyBlack Chrysler 30011/11/14
3382DD5052DCBlack Ford Focus11/11/14
3383EF4922DCSmall Red SUV11/11/14
33845AD6153MDWhite Mercedes Benz CLS500 / Dark tag cover11/11/14
3385B6BN5422MDGray Toyota Corolla11/11/14
33866BN3303MNGreen Pontiac Grand Prix/Blackened Windows11/12/14
3387Y34DTRNew JerseyWhite Chevrolet Impala11/12/14
3388WZR2269VABlack Honda Accord11/12/14
33897BP2616MDBlack Toyota Camry11/12/14
3390WMX9765VAGray Toyota Camry11/12/14
33916AP4857MDGray Ford Focus11/12/14
33921020JSYMDGray Ford Edge11/12/14
33933BK4167MDBlack Chevrolet Sedan11/12/14
3394BR8018DCGray Toyota Prius11/12/14
3395ANGSHUVAGray Toyota Prius11/12/14
3396EP8367DCSilver Toyota Prius11/12/14
33979BT6497MDTan Toyota Sienna11/12/14
33985BR3774MDBlack Chrysler 30011/12/14
33992BG1500MDGray Toyota Venus11/12/14
34009EEY94MDBlack Mazda 311/12/14
3401WUJ8527VABlack Nissan OX-Terra11/12/14
34025BN58019MDGray Toyota Camry11/12/14
3403DP4764DCWhite Honda Accord11/12/14
3404DP8591DCWhite Hyundai Elantra11/12/14
3405WLZ6609DCGray Toyota Prius11/12/14
3406VAW6721VASilver Neon Quest11/12/14
34072AT0044MDBlack Nissan Murano11/12/14
3408WLX7771VABlack Toyota Prus11/12/14
3409GHALIB1VASilver Honda Accord11/12/14
34108BN6934MDBlack Honda Accord11/12/14
3411VBM8201VABlue Toyota Prius11/12/14
3412VBD8411VABlack Chevrolet Suburban11/12/14
3413TABIDVABlack Toyota Corolla11/13/14
34145BK7884MDWhite Toyota Prius11/13/14
3415WXH3422VAGray Honda Accord11/13/14
3416ET3939DCSilver Mercedes Benz Car11/13/14
3417CKP1981MichiganWhite Mitsubishi Galant11/13/14
3418XPR5715VASilver Ford Focus / Bike rack11/13/14
34192BN9047MDSilver Toyota Prius11/13/14
34209BF9155MDBlue Honda Accord11/13/14
3421WLP6833VABlack Toyota Camry11/13/14
342277950CDMDBlack Toyota Avalon11/13/14
34232BB7174MDBlue Ford Fusion11/13/14
34247BN9028MDBlack Toyota Prius11/13/14
3425CV6082DCGray Toyota Camry11/13/14
3426XEK7471VATan Honda Accord11/13/14
3427CBY5748GeorgiaTan Chrysler Town & Country Van11/14/14
3428WWU7313VASilver Honda Accord11/14/14
3429VDA7919VABlue Toyota Prius11/14/14
3430WWU7313VASilver Honda Accord11/14/14
3431ES2789DCSilver Honda Accord11/14/14
3432A99973VA Temp TagSilver Toyota Camry11/14/14
34334AN5333MDBlue Toyota Corolla11/14/14
3434WMV6248VATan Honda Accord11/14/14
3435VDS5218VABlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3436CY4380VAWhite Toyota Prius11/14/14
34377BR1711MDBlack Lexus RX33011/14/14
34388AI8929MDGray Nissan Morano11/14/14
3439VAV9081VABlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3440226525TMD Temp TagBlack Chevrolet Malibu11/14/14
3441WPB8151VABlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3442WSC9503VAGreen Toyota Camry11/14/14
34432091PNVAWhite Ford Focus11/14/14
3444WRU6768VASilver Toyota Camry11/14/14
3445WNY6150VARad Ford Fiesta (6 passenger overload)11/14/14
3446BACK2MDMDGreen Volvo Car11/14/14
34474BK7301MDBlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3448VAT9414VABlack Nissan Altima11/14/14
34498BG9357MDBlack Toyota SUV11/14/14
3450EN1383DCBlack Acura Car11/14/14
3451EG0495DCBlack Chevrolet Car11/14/14
3452WUB7005VAGray Nissan Altima11/14/14
3453VCT1052VAGray Toyota Prius11/14/14
34544BR9454MDBlack Kia Forte11/14/14
34558BE6195MDBlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3456J35BVUNew JerseySilver Chevrolet Impala11/14/14
34572BE7747MDTan Dodge Charger11/14/14
3458VAW4861VASilver Ford Focus11/14/14
3459ER3270DCBlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3460WLZ6743VAGray Toyota Camry11/14/14
3461VCZ3300VABlack Toyota Camry11/14/14
3462WRB1093VASilver Toyota Corolla11/14/14
34634AF9018MDTan Chrysler 30011/14/14
34649BH5138MDBlack Toyota Prius11/15/14
3465FAA4072New YorkBrown Infinity Q5011/15/14
34667BN1439MDBlue Honda Accord11/15/14
3467DY8839DCSilver Nissan Optima11/15/14
3468WZR1039VASilver Nissan Optima11/15/14
3469JTATS49VAGreen Toyota Prius11/15/14
34703BP6166MDToyota Rav411/15/14
34714AX3768MDSilver Nissan Altima11/15/14
3472DR8727DCBrown Ford Focus11/15/14
3473EJ6326DCBrown Mercedez Benz E-35011/15/14
34748BK6339MDSilver Toyota Corolla11/15/14
34755BM4882MDWhite Hyundai Sonata11/15/14
3476VBJ6425VAWhite Toyota Corolla / Darkened Windows11/15/14
34772BC9990MDSilver Toyota Sienna11/15/14
34784EBW13MDGray Toyota Camry11/15/14
34794XT685PennsylvaniaSilver Toyota Camry11/15/14
3480WPG6358VABlack Honda Accord11/15/14
34814225BBJMDSilver Honda Civic11/15/14
3482205834TMD Temp TagBlack Chevrolet Cruze11/15/14
3483KHT1191VAGray Toyota Camry11/15/14
3484XPB2745VABlack Toyota Rav411/15/14
3485WXH8632VAGray Toyota Car11/15/14
3486VCJ4461VAGray Toyota Camry11/15/14
34879ACG64MDGold Dodge Car11/15/14
34885AF3208MDblack Toyota Rav 411/15/14
34899AL4875MDGray Honda Pilot11/15/14
3490WWAPNILVAGray Toyota Camry11/15/14
34918BA4445MDBlack Nissan Maxima11/15/14
3492WRH9261VAGreen Toyota Avalon11/15/14
34934BE2559MDBlack Toyota Camry11/15/14
34948BB3309MDRed Chevrolet Malibu11/15/14
3495VBP8414VAGray Toyota Rav 411/15/14
3496VDB7457VABlack Toyota Camry11/15/14
34975BN5315MDWhite Chrysler Sebrina11/15/14
3498EN2573DCRed Toyota Camry11/15/14
34994BT1867MDSilver Honda Accord11/15/14
3500WTD6173VAWhite Toyota Corolla11/15/14
3501ET3531DCGray Toyota Prius11/15/14
3502XHS3278VABlack Honda CR-V11/15/14
3503VCW3016VABlack Acura SUV11/15/14
35044AL8069MDRed Cadillac CT511/15/14
35054BE2600MDSilver Toyota Corolla11/15/14
35067BC8281MDGray Buick11/15/14
350719328CBMDBlack Dodge Equinox11/15/14
35087BP8442MDBlue Kia Versa11/15/14
3509CK8613DCGray Scion XB11/15/14
3510WLR5118VAWhite Nissan Altima11/15/14
3511EM0314DCSilver Hyundai Murano11/15/14
3512WMZ1126VABlack Toyota Camry11/15/14
35131BB5576MDBlack Toyota Camry11/15/14
35144AT5477MDBlack Mercedes Benz CLS 55011/15/14
3515ER2858DCWhite Ford Escape11/15/14
35168BM8885MDGold Ford Escape11/15/14
3517COLOMBOMDWhite Dodge Caravan11/15/14
35183AY2045MDWhite Honda Crosstour11/15/14
35199AL2303MDWhite Nissan Altima11/15/14
3520VCN4978VASilver Toyota Corolla11/15/14
3521XAC1210VASilver Kia Rondo11/15/14
35227AV4374MDWhite Chevrolet Impala11/15/14
3523WPZ1012VABlack Toyota Prius11/15/14
3524EL5714DCWhite Toyota Camry11/15/14
35256AZ8597MDBlack Honda Civic11/16/14
35261BT8207MDGray Toyota Camry11/16/14
3527EN4055DCBlack Honda Civic11/16/14
35288AW4473MDGray Nissan Quest11/16/14
35297BP6781MDSilver Honda Accord11/16/14
3530XCY4471VARed Mercedes Benz CLS 55011/16/14
35315BP 4961MDSilver Ford Fiesta11/16/14
3532EP3230DCBlack Honda Insight11/16/14
35334AZ8603MDSilver Nissan Versa11/16/14
35346ZYY113CaliforniaSilver Kia Optima11/16/14
3535VPN1767VABlack Toyota Black Toyota Prius11/16/14
3536PACHTONVAWhite Toyota Camry11/16/14
3537EU3957DCTan Honda Accord11/16/14
3538ED4720DCWhite Toyota Van11/16/14
35397BP2611MDBlack Toyota Camry11/16/14
35405BE4853MDGray BMW Car11/16/14
35419AZ2005MDRed Nissan Maxima / Blackout Windows11/16/14
3542TSS1786VAGray Toyota Van11/16/14
35431BT4724MDRed Nissan Sedan11/16/14
3544WMD1674VABlack Toyota Camry11/16/14
3545GFX4940OhioSilver Hyundai Elantra11/17/14
3546SARAHIVASilver Hyundai Santa Fe11/17/14
35476BC5105MDBlack Chrysler 30011/17/14
3548EH4291DCSilver Audi Car11/17/14
3549KXB965MDSilver Audi A611/17/14
3550VDC8776VAGray Chrysler 30011/17/14
3551WPT7355VABlack Honda Civic11/17/14
35528FXZ86MDBlack Honda Civic11/17/14
3553KAL6385VAblack Toyota Rav 411/17/14
3554VCJ6918VASilver Toyota Camry11/17/14
3555VCD9835VAWhite Buick Lacrosse / Body damage11/17/14
3556DL5835DCWhite Toyota Prius11/17/14
3557VCA6198VAGreen Volvo Car11/17/14
35589BN5254MDWhite Toyota Camry11/17/14
3559VAC1846VAGray Toyota Corolla11/17/14
3560EG8866DCGreen Saturn Fusion11/17/14
3561JMG1527VASilver Honda Accord11/17/14
35624AV3667MDBlack Toyota Corolla11/17/14
3563ES3459DCBlack Toyota Prius11/17/14
3564WNK3882VARed Chrysler Sebring11/17/14
3565BM8297DCBlack Honda Pilot11/17/14
3566WRY1542VAGold Toyota Highlander11/17/14
35676BP9822MDGold Nissan Maxima11/17/14
3568EN7222DCGray Honda Accord11/17/14
3569ES5047DCSilver Toyota Corolla11/17/14
3570WPZ5362VAGray Honda Accord11/17/14
35711AF1661MDRed Nissan Altima11/17/14
3572Key 8821VAWhite Lincoln Town Car11/17/14
3573VAW2802VABlack Toyota Prius11/17/14
3574VCM8922VABlack Honda Accord11/17/14
35758BB3503MDRed GMC Envoy11/17/14
3576CW1313DCBlack Ford Escape11/18/14
35771BB5584MDBlack Toyota Camry11/18/14
3578VAX7094VABlack GMC Yukon11/18/14
357914327M4MDBlack Ford Explorer11/18/14
3580AY5218DCBlack Dodge Van11/18/14
35818BR4583DCSilver Toyota Camry11/18/14
35821BK4525MDBlack Honda Accord11/18/14
3583EP5418DCGray Toyota Camry11/18/14
35846BT6388MDLite Green Nissan Altima11/18/14
35853AX3491MDRed Toyota SUV11/18/14
3586GEG9261OhioWhite Chevrolet Cruze11/18/14
35877BP8422MDBlue Nissan Versa11/18/14
3588VCT4241VASilver Hyundai Elantra11/18/14
35895FZL18MDWhite Toyota Camry11/18/14
3590VBE7493VASilver Chrysler Town & Country Van11/18/14
35914AT3762MDBlack Cadillac Car11/18/14
3592DP8946DCBlack Ford Explorer11/18/14
35938BA4271MDGold Lincoln Sedan11/18/14
35942BT6129MDGray Hyundai Elantra11/19/14
3595ChK2056North CarolinaRed VW Care11/19/14
3596WMZ8888VABlack Honda Accoard11/19/14
35971BB5448MDSilver Toyota Prius11/19/14
35983BM3510MDGray Nissan Altima11/19/14
3599XMG8215VASilver Hyunda Allure11/19/14
36004BF1630MDSilver VW Care11/19/14
3601ET2978DCWhite Chrysler Pacifica11/19/14
3602VAW2802VABlue Toyota Prius11/19/14
3603WME1593VAGray Toyota Camry11/19/14
3604VDJ7705VABlack Toyota Prius11/19/14
3605ZADRAWMDRed Toyota Camry11/19/14
36067BP2571MDBlack Toyota Camry11/19/14
3607WWL7012VAGray Honda Accord11/19/14
3608WRW4491VABlack Dodge Charger11/19/14
360921565CCMDBlack Saab11/19/14
3610XEY4551VAGreen Pontiac Car11/19/14
3611VDG8776VAGray Chrysler 30011/19/14
3612XFW5435VAGray Toyota Camry11/19/14
36139AR9402MDBlack Chevrolet Malibu11/19/14
36149740TKVABlack Audi A-611/19/14
361517613CFMDSilver Toyota Camry11/19/14
3616VAW6721VAWhite Nissan Van11/19/14
3617CLS5867MichiganBlack Dodge Charger / Blacked out windows11/19/14
3618VCJ2897VABlack Jeep11/19/14
36198BA4445MDBlack Nissan Altima11/19/14
3620VCY4087VAWhite Toyota Prius12/01/14
3621VPG7717VASilver Nissan Altima12/01/14
3622XBN7612VAGray Honda FIT12/01/14
36236BL1388MDBlack Cadillac12/01/14
3624ED9031DCGreen Toyota Camry12/01/14
36251BG2982MDRed Ford Fiesta12/01/14
3626DZ5953VAWhite Toyota Prius12/01/14
3627VDF4946VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/01/14
3628DP6050DCBlack Dodge Durango12/01/14
3629241785TMDBlack Toyota Corolla12/01/14
36304BT5056MDBlack Toyota Rav412/01/14
3631WLV3365VAGray Toyota Camry12/01/14
36327BH1095MDBlack Toyota Prius12/01/14
36336BD2023MDWhite Chrysler Van / Bike Rack12/01/14
3634JPG6247New YorkWhite Toyota Camry12/01/14
36359AZ2005MDRed Nissan Maxima / Blackout Windows12/01/14
36361AR5617MDRed Dodge Caravan12/01/14
36374BT5066MDBlack Honda CR-V12/01/14
3638JGA5968VAGray Toyota Camry12/01/14
363961117AVA Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry12/01/14
3640EM1616DCGreen Toyota Camry12/01/14
3641WLP5045VAGray Mercedes Benz C 30012/01/14
3642ET0950DCBlack Suburban Forester12/01/14
36435BL5006MDBlack Honda Accoard12/01/14
3644WMU7313VATan Honda Accord12/01/14
36457AP1034MDBlack Lincoln Town Car12/01/14
3646VBM8002VABlack Toyota Camry12/01/14
3647BGT7938TexasGray VW Jetta12/01/14
3648AU ALMNIFloridaTan Volvo XS-9012/02/14
36493AX8696MDWhite Toyota Prius12/02/14
36506BP5752MDWhite Toyota Camry12/02/14
3651WMV6081VABlack Toyota Camry12/02/14
3652VBM9868VAGray Honda Odyssey12/02/14
3653WNM3811VABlack Kia Car12/02/14
36544AS8717MDGreen Dodge Caravan12/02/14
3655DP8025DCGray Toyota Versa12/02/14
3656WTD9884VAGray Hyundai12/02/14
3657EU1101DCBronwn Chevrolet Cruze12/02/14
36586BR4772MDWhite Toyota Prius12/02/14
3659WNA9761VAWhite Toyota Prius12/02/14
3660WMP5307VASilver Toyota Rav412/02/14
3661VCA6791VAGray Toyota Prius12/02/14
366298BA4445MDBlack Nissan Altima12/02/14
36635BM5825MDBlack SUV12/02/14
36647BR5849MDGreen Mitzubishi Galant12/02/14
3665XTT1908VARed Nissan XD12/02/14
3666XCC3052VAGray Toyota Corolla12/02/14
36673BM9564MDBlack Nissan Altima12/02/14
36689BT6407MDTan Toyota Sienna12/02/14
3669ER4264DCGray Toyota Rav 412/02/14
3670WPC6168VAGray Toyota Camry12/02/14
3671DM4933DCWhite Toyota Corolla12/02/14
3672VCT2023VAGray Hyundai Sonata12/02/14
3673VFH6501VAGray Toyota Prius12/02/14
36741BK4525MDBlack Honda Accord12/02/14
367517441M2MDRed Jeep Compass12/02/14
3676VDX5065VATan Toyota Sienna12/02/14
36778BM2207MDBlack Dodge Charger12/03/14
3678VCH1726VAGray Toyota Prius12/03/14
36797BP5708MDWhite Toyota Camry12/03/14
36802BA5999MDGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
36812BA5999MDGray Toyota Avalon12/03/14
36826BK3463MDBlack Toyota Prius12/03/14
3683275921TMD Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry12/03/14
3684WMW4882VABlack Toyota Camry / tailgated an ambulance12/03/14
3685VBZ9312VABlack Toyota Camry12/03/14
3686269271TMD Temp TagGray Toyota Prius12/03/14
3687VCA8500VASilver Nissa Altima12/03/14
36887BN4763MDBlack Nissan Rogue12/03/14
3689WYZ9865VABlack Honda Accoard12/03/14
3690DX9902DCSilver Toyota Corolla12/03/14
3691GTD158MDSilver Hyundai Sonata12/03/14
36926BK3532MDGray Toyota Hihlander12/03/14
3693JWE9138VABlack Acura TL / Blackened Windows12/03/14
3694XVT9701VAGray Toyota Corolla12/03/14
3695COLOMBOMDWhite Dodge Caravan12/03/14
3696WPG8130VAGray Honda Accord12/03/14
3697WZX2905VAGray Toyota SUV12/03/14
3698VCA8500VASilver Nissan Altima12/03/14
36997BN4763MDBlack Nissan Rogue12/03/14
3700WYZ9865VABlack Honda Accord12/03/14
3701DX9902DCSilver Toyota Corolla12/03/14
3702GTD158MDSilver Hyundai Sonata12/03/14
37036BK2532MDGray Toyota Highlander12/03/14
3704JWE9138VABlack Acura TL / Blackened Windows12/03/14
3705XVT9791VAGray Toyota Corolla12/03/14
3706COLOMBOMDWhite Dodge Caravan12/03/14
3707WPG8130VAGray Honda Accord12/03/14
3708WZX2905VAGray Toyota SUV12/03/14
3709Q311 – 898Tennessee Temp TagBlack Chevrolet Suburban12/03/14
37105BN6028MDBlack Toyota Prius12/03/14
3711XMC6280VAGold Toyota Corolla12/03/14
3712WPC7026VAWhite Nissan Altima12/03/14
3713BJ8631DCBlack Chevrolet Suburban12/03/14
3714VAW2802VAGray Toyota Prius12/03/14
37152BL6289MDBlack Dodge Caravan12/03/14
37164225BBJMDGray Honda Accord12/03/14
3717XMC6260VASilver Toyota Camry12/03/14
3718CY1775VARed Toyota Prius12/03/14
3719VAZ8452VAGray Honda CR-V12/03/14
37203BM4630MDBlack Honda Accord12/03/14
37216BN1635MDGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
3722VCR6062VAGray Toyota Prius12/03/14
37235AE7586MDSilver Toyota Rav412/03/14
37244BC5122MDGray Toyota Rav 412/03/14
37251BF2614MDBlack Nissan Altima12/03/14
372603172M7MDSilver Toyota Rav412/03/14
3727WXE4373VAGray Ford Escape12/03/14
3728WZJ5392VAGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
3729VDP4115VAGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
3730VDP4155VAGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
373196990CDMDBlack Lexus SUV12/03/14
37321BB5586MDGray Toyota Camry12/03/14
37334BT4082MDWhite Toyota Prius / Blackened Windows12/03/14
3734VBS5109VAGray Honda CR-V12/03/14
3735WNL7423VAGray Toyota Prius12/03/14
3736GDL5038NYWhite Toyota Camry12/04/14
373772339AVA TempKia Sorento12/04/14
37384AY3043VATan Honda Element12/04/14
37394AG4797VARed Nissan Altima12/04/14
3740IAMHIS2VARed Nissan Altima12/04/14
37413BH8110MDWhite Dodge Charger12/04/14
37428BR8760MDWhite BMW '12/04/14
3743WNT5386VASilver Toyota Camry12/04/14
3744WYD6139VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/04/14
3745VDT1753VADark Honda Accord12/04/14
3746WNU7000VAGrey Toyota Prius12/04/14
3747WSR6460VABlue Jaguar / Blackened Windows12/04/14
37481BL4395MDWhite Ford Focus12/04/14
3749255502TMD Temp TagGray Toyota Camry12/04/14
37502AA4847MDBlack Nissan Maxima12/04/14
3751DB8900DCTan Toyota 4-Runner12/04/14
3752WSP8995VABlack Lincoln Town Car12/04/14
37538BT0020DCTan Mercury12/04/14
3754XCT4031VAGold Mazda CX-712/04/14
37552AX2049MDGray Toyota Camry12/04/14
375674992AVA Temp TagBlack Toyota Highlander12/04/14
37575BB7921MDWhite Scion XB12/04/14
37588BN1865MDBlack Nissan Sentra12/04/14
37594AZ5095MDSilver Chrysler Malibu12/04/14
3760WZC2238VABrown Honda Accord12/04/14
3761WNB1402VAGray Dodge Charger12/04/14
3762VBM7870VABlue Toyota Prius12/04/14
3763MANO-2VAWhite Nissan Maxima12/04/14
3764JSS6590VATan SUV12/04/14
37654BT4685MDSilver Toyota Camry12/04/14
3766RAJASBVABlack Toyota Corolla12/04/14
37671BB5600MDBlack Toyota Camry12/04/14
37681BK1003MDBlack Dodge Durango12/04/14
37695AR3647MDDark Lexus SUV12/04/14
3770KHN1863VAWhite Toyota Camry / Blackened Windows12/04/14
37712BR7174MDBlue Ford Fusion12/04/14
3772DP0904DCBlack Cadillac12/04/14
37731BA3855MDBlack Honda Accord12/04/14
37748BlP7770MDSilver Toyota Rav412/04/14
3775DP0904DCBlack Toyota Cadillac12/04/14
3776XRW6997VATan Honda Odyssey12/04/14
3777VAW2977VASilver Toyota Corolla12/04/14
3778N50400DC Temp TagGray Toyota Corolla / Body damage12/05/14
3779GFN5433VAWhite Jeep12/05/14
378039268AVA Temp TagBlack Dodge Charger12/05/14
3781WYX5581VABlue Toyota FIT12/05/14
37827BH3084MDBlack Toyota Camry12/05/14
37839BL1758MDBlack Hyundai car12/05/14
378493387CEMDGray Hyundai Sonata12/05/14
3785KBG52900VASilver Toyota Camry12/05/14
37867BD0007MDWhite Toyota Corolla12/05/14
37875BN4803MDGray Chevrolet Malibu12/05/14
3788998494MMDWhite Honda Odyssey12/05/14
3789XNV7747VAGray Infinity G3512/05/14
3790KCN1527VASilver Mercedes Benz C32012/05/14
37911BP2931MDBlack Toyota Prius12/05/14
3792WNS5616VASilver Cadillac SRX12/05/14
37939BK0355MDGray Toyota Prius12/05/14
3794416YA6MassachusettsSilver Hyundai Elantra12/05/14
3795263483TMD Temp TagSilver Nissan Sentra12/05/14
37963BP5400MDGray Toyota Camry12/05/14
3797WTP8302VAGray Toyota Prius12/05/14
37989AS5089MDGray Toyota Camry12/05/14
37999BP3539MDGray Toyota Prius12/05/14
380062104AMD Temp TagBlack Toyota Avalon12/05/14
38019AL2303MDWhite Nissan Altima / Blackened Windows12/05/14
3802FMR887MDBlack Acura car12/05/14
3803CREATORMDGray Toyota Rav 412/05/14
3804VCZ3263VASilver Toyota Camry12/05/14
38052BH9354MDRed Toyota Rav 412/05/14
3806WTL2769VAGray Hyundai12/05/14
3807VCR9019VASilver Toyota Camry12/05/14
3808XCY2213VABlack Hyundai Elantra12/05/14
3809VCA6533VASilver Honda Accord12/05/14
3810CJP5157North CarolinaBlack Chrysler 20012/05/14
3811ESS1568New YorkSilver Ford Focus12/05/14
3812GEU4728New YorkSilver Nissan car / Bad Exhaust12/05/14
3813WVL6510VAWhite Toyota Camry12/06/14
3814ES2366DCBlue Honda FIT12/06/14
3815VCT3966VASilver Hyundai Elantra12/06/14
3816WSY8833VASilver Kia Sorento12/06/14
3817DR6855DCBlack Nissan Altima / Blackened Windows12/06/14
38185BP8947MDGray Dodge Caravan12/06/14
3819CY1755VARed Toyota Prius12/06/14
3820EN7638DCBlack Toyota Prius12/06/14
38214AC3859MDTan GMC Yukon XL12/06/14
3822EM4151DCGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3823WTY3861VABlack Toyota Camry12/06/14
38243AD3328MDBlack Subaru / Backened Windows12/06/14
3825WMP3615VASilver Toyota Prius12/06/14
3826VCY3850VABlack Toyota Van12/06/14
38271BV9386VARed Toyota Insight12/06/14
3828BYROCKVAGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3829897M208MDBlack Nissan Juke12/06/14
38304AB6316MDBlack Nissan Sentra12/06/14
3831VAZ6992VABlack Toyota Camry12/06/14
3832WRE2971VAWhite Toyota Siennaa12/06/14
3833WMP3422VABlack Toyota Camry12/06/14
3834VBS8672VASilver Nissan Sentra12/06/14
3835WSL3675VAGray Toyota Prius12/06/14
38362BB5340MDRed Chrysler Van12/06/14
3837WSL7408VAWhite VW Passat / Blackened Windows12/06/14
3838RH6753DCSmall Tan SUV12/06/14
3839DY6853DCBlack Toyota Corolla12/06/14
3840WZP1732VARed Toyota Matrix12/06/14
38412AX2444MDWhite Ford Fusion12/06/14
3842JJA1853VABlack Honda Civic12/06/14
3843XRM7855VAGray Nissan Murano12/06/14
38449AD4852MDGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3845422ZT5MassachusettsSilver Honda Accord12/06/14
3846AEN3540VAGold Kia Soul / Bike Rack12/06/14
3847N50400DC Temp TagSilver Toyota Corolla12/06/14
38488BC0390MDRed Nissan Sentra12/06/14
3849MODARVAGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3850BFCJ90MDWhite Ford Fusion12/06/14
3851M610317MDGold Toyota Highlander12/06/14
3852VPJ9069VAWhite Toyota Corolla / Blackened Windows12/06/14
3853MAMA ALIVAWhite Nissan Rogue12/06/14
3854NKENJUMDBlue Toyota Rav 412/06/14
38557BK8575MDWhite Scion XD12/06/14
3856WTR5179VAWhite Toyota Camry12/06/14
38578BL9957MDGreen Nissan Altima12/06/14
385827941M7MDSilver Jeep12/06/14
38593AT4809MDGold Chevrolet Tahoe12/06/14
38602BL9109MDGreen Nissan Altima12/06/14
38613BG8012MDRed Hyundai Accent12/06/14
38625AHT23MDBlack Toyota Avalon12/06/14
38634BF0086MDGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
38646AT6465MDBlack Dodge Charger12/06/14
3865LRW998MDSilver Toyota Camry12/06/14
38662BN7450MDDark Toyota Camry12/06/14
38677AS8093MDSilver Hyundai Elantra12/06/14
3868EK5666MDWhite Dodge Terraine12/06/14
38698BF1107MDTan Infinity12/06/14
3870XGF1081VAWhite Toyota Camry / Blackened Windows12/06/14
38716AV0885MDBlack Dodge Charger12/06/14
3872457DUHOregonWhite Hyundai Elantra12/06/14
3873XAW6899VAMazda 512/06/14
38748AR3283VAWhite BMW car12/06/14
3875VCR6113VAGray Toyota Rav 412/06/14
3876VDM9024VABlack Chevrolet Suburban12/06/14
3877VBA3598VABlack Dodge Durango12/06/14
3878JFU2647VAGray Toyota Rav 412/06/14
38796AY6605VAWhite Toyota Venza12/06/14
3880EK2039DCSilver Toyota Camry12/06/14
38812BV8343MDGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3882WVS6362VAGray Honda Accord12/06/14
3883899M825MDBlack Toyota Highlander12/06/14
3884WWC7244VABlack Toyota Prius12/06/14
38858EGH11MDGray Honda Accord12/06/14
3886WLZ6743VAGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
388761T34VASilver Toyota Car12/06/14
38881BB4173MDGray Honda Civic / Bike Rack12/06/14
3889WLX6852VAGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3890TJ001VAGray Toyota Camry12/06/14
3891WZR1048VAWhite Nissan Maxima / Blackened Windows12/06/14
3892DJN4746TexasSilver Nissan Altima12/07/14
3893XLY1843VASilver Nissan Versa12/07/14
3894WYW8481VAWhite Toyota Camry12/07/14
3895WXR8770VATan Honda CR-V12/07/14
3896EE7654DCBlack Cadillac12/07/14
3897VCS4391VABlack Honda Accord12/07/14
38986AY2314MDBlack Mercedes Benz C30012/07/14
3899WMY2855VASilver Chevrolet Volt12/07/14
3900DR8363DCOld Gold Cadillac12/07/14
3901ET8456DCBlack Chrysler 30012/08/14
3902VBA9108VABlack Chevrolet Impala / Blackened Windows12/08/14
39036BP3660MDWhite Toyota Camry12/08/14
39042BK6866MDSilver Kia Sedona12/08/14
39052BD4482MDBlack Toyota Camry12/08/14
3906VAM5541VASilver Nissan Moreno12/08/14
3907BKW6529TexasBlack Mazda 612/08/14
39083CCZ90MDBlack Chrysler 30012/08/14
3909270273TMD Temp TagSilver Nissan Rogue12/08/14
3910EU0026DCRed Toyota Camry12/08/14
3911XCD2714VABlack Toyota Matrix12/08/14
3912Mr BRYVAWhite Chrysler car12/08/14
39134BK7422MDBlack Honda Pilot12/08/14
39148BT1400MDBlack Volvo Wagon12/08/14
3915EN8617DCBlack Toyota Camry12/08/14
3916VDB7228VAGray Honda Civic12/08/14
3917ET8141DCBlack Chrysler 200 / Blackened Windows12/08/14
3918WUJ8986VASilver Honda Accord12/08/14
39192AT4498MDBlue Toyota Corolla12/08/14
39203BM5557MDRed Toyota Camry12/08/14
39217AE1049MDSilver Toyota Camry12/08/14
3922VAW2802VABlack Toyota Prius12/08/14
39233BT3548MDRed Toyota Camry12/08/14
3924EU0774DCGray Honda Accord12/08/14
3925EN8327DCGray Toyota Corolla12/08/14
3926EL2907DCSilver Dodge Charger12/08/14
39277BH3574DCWhite Nissan Altima12/08/14
39284AC6689MDTan Honda Accord12/08/14
39292BR2102MDGray Toyota Corolla - left rear car damage12/09/14
39301BT8207MDGray Toyota Camry12/09/14
39311TABIDVABlack Toyota Camry12/09/14
3932WMD1674VABlack Nissan Altima12/09/14
39335BH5736MDGold Chrysler 20012/09/14
3934WTD6132VABlack Toyota Camry12/09/14
39358BA8093VAGold Jeep12/09/14
3936ER5344DCRed Toyota Sienna12/09/14
39376AN1864MDGold Chevrolet Malibu12/09/14
39385ET117MDBlack Toyota Corolla12/09/14
3939CX8632DCBlack Volvo SUV12/09/14
39401BL0854MDSilver Toyota Camry12/09/14
39415BB7542MDWhite Toyota Camry12/09/14
39427AY7092MDBlack Toyota Camry12/09/14
394371289AVA Temp TagBlack Ford Escape12/09/14
39441AMX44MDWhite Nissan Altima12/09/14
3945KCB8366VAWhite Nissan Altima12/09/14
3946WND3566VASilver Honda Accord12/09/14
3947VCX3462VAGray Nissan Rogue12/09/14
3948WNA8996VABlack Toyota Rogue12/09/14
3949THESTIGDCBalck Range Rover12/10/14
3950DX2650DCGray Toyota Camry12/10/14
39519BA5460DCBlack Toyota Tahoe12/10/14
3952CLENFITVABlack Honda FIT12/10/14
39537BT5027DCBlack Chevrolet Surburban12/10/14
3954117GNTOregonBlack Dodge GX12/10/14
39553BA1649MDWhite Subaru Forester12/10/14
3956MAIWNDVAWhite Toyota Corolla12/10/14
3957MJW786VAGray Honda Accord12/10/14
3958VAS1077VAGray Toyota Camry12/10/14
39597DEZ93MDBlack Mercedes Benz C32012/10/14
39602BK6114MDSilver Toyota Camry12/10/14
396182259AVA Temp TagGray Toyota Prius12/10/14
3962VAV8904VABlack Toyota Rav412/10/14
3963EJ5860DCBlack Toyota Van12/10/14
3964DGME19FloridaBlack Toyota Rav 412/10/14
39655IR558MDGrey Toyota Tundra PU12/10/14
3966KMR5868VAGray Toyota Matrix12/10/14
39677BH1295MDBlack Toyota Prius12/10/14
39688BP5334MDRed Mercedes Benz C-30012/10/14
396966746AVA Temp TagBlack Dodge Charger12/10/14
39703BM5557MDRed Toyota Camry12/10/14
3971VDR2815VABlack Toyota Camry12/10/14
39729BH9699MDSilver Infinity M37x12/10/14
397357DCSilver Car12/10/14
39745BG7676MDGray Chevrolet Malibu12/10/14
3975XAV3690VARed Ford Van12/10/14
39762BN3127MDGray Toyota Corolla12/10/14
3977DP3262DCGray Toyota Avalon12/10/14
3978LADLAVABlack Toyota Camry12/10/14
3979HRW1910PennsylvaniaBlack Nissan Maxima / Blackened Windows12/11/14
3980WNS5211VABlack Volkswagon Jetta12/11/14
39812BL8783MDRed Toyota Camry12/11/14
3982VAA3769VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/11/14
39833BX9837MDGray Toyota Rav 412/11/14
3984279767TMD Temp TagGray Honda Accord12/11/14
3985WYF6284VABlack Dodge Van12/11/14
39867BH2084MDBlack Toyota Camry12/11/14
3987VBN8178VABlack Toyota Camry12/11/14
398850341CFMDBlack Nissan Rogue12/11/14
39894BR7455MDBlack Ford Explorer12/11/14
3990R545LKFloridaBlack Chrysler Town & Country Van12/11/14
3991WNY2858VABlack Nissan Versa12/11/14
3992VBX8291VASilver Toyota 4-Runner12/11/14
3993JTAT19VAWhite Toyota Camry12/11/14
3994VBU6887VAGray Volkswagon Tiguan12/11/14
39957AE2186MDSilver Honda Accord12/11/14
3996KBP9109VAGray Toyota Camry12/11/14
3997VDN2473VAWhite Toyota Prius12/11/14
3998VCD1553VABlack Honda Accoard12/11/14
3999476M615MDBlack Ford Explorer12/11/14
40003AX8607MDGray Toyota Camry12/11/14
4001GSH3787New YorkSilver Honda CR-V12/11/14
4002WLS3971VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/11/14
40032BH7287MDSilver Honda CR-V12/11/14
4004SMT0347MD Vanity TagSilver Nissan Xterra12/11/14
4005WXU3059VARed Nissan Altima12/11/14
40068BM7010MDBlack Mercedes Benz C30012/11/14
4007WUA1299VABlack Acura12/11/14
4008N2NEVISVAGray Toyota Corolla / Ran 3 redlights12/11/14
40092ENN49MDSilver Toyota Corolla12/11/14
4010WTY6766VAWhite Mercedes Benz C30012/11/14
4011WNL3935VAGray Chevrolet Malibu12/11/14
401281016AVA Temp TagRed Lincoln Car12/11/14
4013WLZ6591VASilver Toyota Camry12/11/14
40145BM0147MDBlack Chevrolet Malibu12/11/14
40151AL6426MDGray Toyota Prius12/11/14
40162AY8199MDBlack Honda Civic12/11/14
40178BM8885MDGold Ford Escape12/11/14
4018XCL2329VAGray Toyota Avalon12/11/14
4019XPA9163VABlack Toyota Camry12/11/14
4020M18MVAOrange Charger12/11/14
4021WPC6344VABlack Toyota Camry12/11/14
4022CHP9513OhioSilver Toyota Venza12/11/14
4023SREYRAHVAWhite Toyota Corolla12/11/14
4024ER5149DCGray Honda Accord12/11/14
40252BM4005MDBlack Toyota Camry12/11/14
402611697M5MDGray Mitsubishi Endeavor12/11/14
4027VDX2266VABlack Scion XB12/11/14
40289AL3035MDGray Toyota Camry12/11/14
4029ENV3628DCGray Honda Civic12/11/14
40305BN5932MDWhite Toyota Corolla / Very Dirty12/11/14
40311BB5662MDBlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4032JKB7885VABlack Mazda CX912/12/14
4033CD2870DCSilver Ford Fusion12/12/14
4034CHZX70FloridaGold Kia Forte12/12/14
4035DX2749DCGray Honda Civic12/12/14
4036WVS6923VAWhite Honda Civic12/12/14
4037EU2394DCTan Lincoln Sedan12/12/14
4038WMG6961VAGray Toyota Prius / Blackened Windows12/12/14
4039595M110MDTan Honda Pilot12/12/14
4040GRA0891PennsylvaniaBrown Lexus RX35012/12/14
40418BA3790MDBrown Toyota Camry12/12/14
40427BN4291MDSilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
4043VBZ4503VABlack Ford Edge12/12/14
4044WSX1969VAWhite Hyundai Sonata12/12/14
4045EM3039DCBlue Toyota Prius12/12/14
4046WNL9795VABlack Honda Pilot12/12/14
4047VRS1886VABlack Toyota Prius12/12/14
40487BR0573MDSilver Infinity M35X12/12/14
40491BN2578MDGold Toyota Camry12/12/14
4050ES2789DCGray Toyota Prius12/12/14
40518AE0094DCBlue Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4052GaL4847New YorkBlack Nissan Maxima12/12/14
4053WNT2031VASilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
40545BM0770MDBlack Chrysler 30012/12/14
4055VAM2127VAGreen Honda Civic12/12/14
40563ESC22MDGray Toyota Corolla12/12/14
40574BR1208MDWhite Toyota Avalon12/12/14
4058GSD6963New YorkBlack Chevrolet Suburban12/12/14
405969588AVA Temp TagRed Toyota Camry12/12/14
4060VCR6041VASilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
4061VCG8633VASilver Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4062EH4324DCSilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
4063WZC2234VABlack Honda Accord12/12/14
40644BE2600MDSilver Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4065XSJ2699VABlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4066CU2201DCTan Volkswagon Jetta12/12/14
4067YZU5962VABlue Toyota Prius12/12/14
406871097AVA Temp TagWhite Hyundai12/12/14
4069MANO-1VABlack Chrysler 30012/12/14
4070WTZ7340VASilver Honda Accord12/12/14
4071DP1854DCTan Ford Focus12/12/14
40729AK4223MDBlue Nissan Altima12/12/14
40733072LWVABlack Acura car12/12/14
4074WMR5710VAWhite Lincoln MKT12/12/14
4075VAA4446VABlack Volkswagon car12/12/14
4076WMZ6811VARed Mazda 612/12/14
40779BC5161MDTan Honda CR-V12/12/14
4078VCG8341VAGray Honda Pilot12/12/14
40797BH5249MDGray Toyota Pathfinder12/12/14
4080KJN2527VATan Jeep Compass12/12/14
40812BM2051MDSilver Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4082WWU3558VAWhite Audi Q512/12/14
40834BT9157MDBlack Nissan Rogue12/12/14
4084NCS5258VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4085BAV4518VASilver Chevrolet van12/12/14
40862BM4600MDTan Mercedes Benz C320 / Blackened Windows12/12/14
40872BT7680MDGray Toyota Corolla12/12/14
408869588AVA Temp TagRed Toyota Camry12/12/14
40891BB5675MDBlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
40904BM3804MDGrey Toyota Camry12/12/14
4091VCS5264VAGreen Toyota Prius12/12/14
40922BD2216MDBlack Nissan Maxima12/12/14
4093WNA9771VASilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
40945AM1007MDGray Lexus car12/12/14
40953BK5792MDBlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4096WMG2076VARed Toyota Camry12/12/14
40975BM5837MDSilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
40982BR0473MDGray Honda Insight12/12/14
4099WME6883VAGray SUV12/12/14
41009511MGVAWhite Chevrolet Malibu12/12/14
4101XVJ3717VABlack Toyota Rav 412/12/14
41027AL2911MDBlack Chevrolet Suburban12/12/14
41033AK9572MDTan Honda Pilot12/12/14
4104WMV3821VASilver Toyota Corolla12/12/14
41053BF2471MDGray Toyota Camry12/12/14
4106VDR5769VABlack Ford Fusion12/12/14
4107VCE1904VAWhite Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4108VCR6041VAGray Toyota Camry12/12/14
4109WUP4509VASilver Toyota Sienna12/12/14
4110VBN4083VABlack Mercedes Benz C30012/12/14
41117BK4542MDGray Acura RL12/12/14
41127BN0309MDBlack Mercedes Benz car12/12/14
41136BL3619MDRed Toyota Camry12/12/14
41145AT9844MDBlack Toyota Camry / Blackened Windows12/12/14
41157BN4367MDSilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
4116VAP6737VAGray Toyota Camry12/12/14
4117VAP6737VAGray Toyota Camry12/12/14
41187BH2084MDBlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4119EM3039MDBlue Toyota Prius12/12/14
4120XCC2784VABlue Toyota Camry12/12/14
41219BT5450MDBlack Chrysler 30012/12/14
4122VCH6548VABlack Chevrolet car12/12/14
4123WMH9509VAGray Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4124CERTO 01VABlack Chevrolet Suburban12/12/14
41253ELY68MDGray Chrysler 30012/12/14
41262XWEIMVAGray Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4127WTC9677VARed GMC Terrain12/12/14
41289AY9200MDWhite Nissan Altima12/12/14
4129XEB4493VABlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4130DS7929DCBlack Toyota Prius12/12/14
4131WME9345VAWhite Chrysler 30012/12/14
41327F0B042CaliforniaWhite Honda Civic12/12/14
413317354M4MDBlack Honda CR-V12/12/14
41349BF4077MDSilver Mercedes Benz S430 / Blackened Windows12/12/14
4135WNT5399MDBlack Toyota Camry12/12/14
4136EP0420DCSilver Toyota Camry12/12/14
4137WNV6623VABlack Audi A-412/12/14
41385BE7401MDGreen Toyota Corolla12/12/14
4139UBN4439VASilver Honda Civic12/12/14
4140A625714IllinoisSilver Volkswagon Jetta12/12/14
4141EJ9522DCWhite Volkswagon Tiguan12/12/14
4142SHM477New HampshireBlack Honda Accord / 100% Blackened Windows12/12/14
4143EM3039DCBlue Toyota Prius12/12/14
41445BN0918MDSilver Toyota Prius12/12/14
4145JBH7761PennsylvaniaGreen Volkswagon Jetta / Blackened Windows12/12/14
4146VBD8411VABlack Chevrolet Suburban12/13/14
4147WMS6279VABlack Lincoln Town Car12/13/14
41483BA6588MDGreen Chrysler Town & Country Van12/13/14
4149WMR1718VAGreen Honda Odyssey12/13/14
4150XBH8618VASilver Ford12/13/14
41518AA5376MDBlack Chevrolet Impala / Blackened Windows12/13/14
4152AMN52VATan Toyota Sequoia12/13/14
4153WWB6573VABlack Honda Accord12/13/14
41543BT3588MDRed Toyota Camry12/13/14
4155VCR5167VABlack Toyota Camry12/13/14
4156ES1193DCRed Ford Escape12/13/14
4157ORCBRCVAGray Toyota Corolla12/13/14
41587BF3135MDSilver Volkswagon Jetta12/13/14
41593BK7773MDRed Toyota Camry12/13/14
41604AV3446MDGray Toyota Camry12/13/14
4161EU3580DCSilver Toyota Prius12/13/14
41629BR9973MDRed Toyota Camry12/13/14
41631BP2953MDBlack Toyota Camry12/13/14
4164PAKHTONVAWhite Toyota Camry12/13/14
4165EU2464DCBlack Toyota Camry12/14/14
4166AYS2999New YorkOld Black Honda CR-V12/14/14
41672AL5501MDBack Lexus car12/14/14
41688AW4473MDGreen Nissan Quest12/14/14
41695BL6911MDBlack Lincoln Town Car12/14/14
41705BE6317MDRed Toyota Camry12/14/14
4171090M481MDWhite Toyota Van12/14/14
4172MOB4VA (Lyft)Green / Gray Honda Odyessy12/31/14
41735BK8553MDGray Toyota Camry12/31/14
4174EH5872DCBlack Toyota SUV12/31/14
4175VBZ2584VAGray Honda Civic12/31/14
4176VDP4382VAGray Toyota Camry – Extensive Body Damage12/31/14
41772BV0029MDGray Honda Accord12/31/14
41785AW7664MDTan Toyota Rav412/31/14
4179VDS1909VABlack Toyota Camry12/31/14
41801AF1663DCRed Nissan Altima12/31/14
41813BK9684MDBlack Chevrolet Impala12/31/14
41822BD3903AlabamaGray Mazda 312/31/14
4183DL7678DCGray Honda Pilot12/31/14
4184WMC4943VARed Toyota Camry12/31/14
4185EM6059DCBlack Toyota Highlander12/31/14
4186ES6294DCWhite Toyota Matrix12/31/14
41874BT9927MDBlack Chevrolet Malibu12/31/14
4188EN3016DCGray Toyota Camry – Body Damage12/31/14
4189WMC4943VARed Toyota Camry12/31/14
4190ES1326DCGray Toyota car12/31/14
41915AV1206MDGray Honda Civic12/31/14
41925BP5778MDBlack Toyota Corrolla12/31/14
41934BC0065MDGreen Hyundai Sonata12/31/14
4194EU2557DCBlack Kia Soul12/31/14
4195MO20259DCBlack Honda Odyessy12/31/14
41964AS8714MDBlack van12/31/14
4197WVS6230VASilver van12/31/14
41985BK8547MDSilver Toyota Camry12/31/14
4199SKERYAHVAWhite Toyota Corolla12/31/14
42006BT7499MDWhite Chevrolet Cruz12/31/14
42012BV1991MDSilver Honda Accord12/31/14
42029BG9199MDBlack Toyota Venizia12/31/14
4203WLU3185VAWhite Nissan Optima12/31/14
4204XrS4589VAGreen Volkswagon car12/31/14
42052BH8960MDSilver Ford Focus12/31/14
4206BNBM310OntarioGreen Toyota Prius (This car is from Canada!)12/31/14
42072AL1954VATan Toyota Corolla12/31/14
42084BF0086VAGreet Toyota Corolla12/31/14
42092BV5211MDGreen Acura SUV12/31/14
4210ET9117DCSilver Chevrolet Impala12/31/14
42117BF4753MDWhite Mercedes Benz ML35012/31/14
42121AX5263MDGreen Honda Accord12/31/14
4213ER0519DCSilver Plymouth Voyager12/31/14
42145BN2836MDWhite Toyota Camry12/31/14
42157AW9390MDBlue Toyota Yaris12/31/14
4216FOP1072DCFord Explorer12/31/14
42172AR1329MDSilver Toyota Corolla12/31/14
4218WSL2192VABlack BMW 328i12/31/14
42192BM0978MDSilver Chevrolet Malibu12/31/14
4220WXU3309VAWhite Dodge Charger12/31/14
42211BV5468MDBlack Toyota Avalon12/31/14
4222EH7933DCBlack Honda Pilot12/31/14
422330915CDMDWhite Mercedes Benz12/31/14
4224BOJ1887North CarolinaSilver Nissan Altima12/31/14
4225WSX8532VABlack Nissan Altima12/31/14
4226ER3798DCBlack Toyota Camry12/31/14
4227XTC8562VAWhite Subaru Crossfire12/31/14
4228DMZ801New JerseyPearl Nissan Murano01/16/15
42292BH1942MDWhite Honda Accord01/16/15
4230WMH8436VAWhite Dodge P.U.01/16/15
4231VDE2249VASilver Toyota Rav401/16/15
4232YEN5070VAGreen Toyota Corolla01/16/15
42331EN5070MDGray Toyota Corola01/16/15
4234CZK4775TexasBlack BMW 528i01/16/15
42358AZ6219MDSilver Toyota Sienna01/16/15
42362BW3456MDBlack Toyota Camry01/16/15
423750256BVA (Temp Tags)Black Toyota Camry01/16/15
42389AE1174MDBlack Toyota Camry01/16/15
42396BK3637VABlack Toyota Camry01/16/15
4240SAADI-TJVAWhite Toyota Corolla01/16/15
4241EM8296DCSilver Toyota Prius01/16/15
42426AA7631MDRed Toyota Prius01/16/15
4243WSS1978VABlack Nissan Altima01/16/15
42449BP417MDGray Honda Accord01/16/15
4245EA3735DCGray Toyota Prius01/16/15
4246GR7474DCBlack Toyota SUV01/17/15
4247ER7820DCGray Honda Pilot01/17/15
424855712BVA (Temp Tags)01/17/15
42491BB3389MDBlack Toyota Avalon01/17/15
4250ZADRANMDRed Toyota Camry01/17/15
4251A254777MDRed Nissan Rogue01/17/15
4252KEEZ$XTNorth CarolinaGray Dodge Charger01/17/15
42532BP8345MDGray Honda CRV01/17/15
42542AX0377MDSilver Dodge Van01/17/15
42557BD0233MDWhite Kia Optima01/17/15
425610469GAMDSilver Honda Pilot01/17/15
42574156CMVAGray Toyota Camry01/17/15
42585BG7703MDGray Toyota Camry01/17/15
4259DACHZAVAGray Honda Accord01/17/15
4260EV1197DCGray Toyota Camry01/17/15
4261DS8393DCBlack Honda Crosstour01/17/15
4262XBS7246MDBlack Toyota Corolla01/17/15
42635BT9356MDWhite Toyota Avalon01/17/15
42643BP5322MDWhite Toyota Camry01/17/15
42655BK7924MDWhite Toyota Camry01/17/15
42662BB9986MDSilver Toyota Prius01/17/15
4268WNT5168VASilver Toyota Corolla01/17/15
4269WLY4712VAGray Scion XB01/17/15
42706BV2645MDSilver Hyundai Optima01/17/15
4271ET3353DCBlack Toyota Prius01/17/15
4272VEC8262VAGray Honda Accord01/17/15
4273SBM8804VABlack Chrysler 30001/17/15
4274AEN4912VATan Honda Pilot01/17/15
4275VAM4019VABlue Chrysler Town & Country van01/17/15
42767AL9782MDGray Mazda CX801/17/15
4277WTB5474VARed Toyota Camry01/17/15
4278WXV7998VAGray Toyota Corolla01/17/15
4279DZ2215DCBlack Toyota Camry01/17/15
4280KGN4208VAWhite Volkswagon Passat01/17/15
4281VEF1868VASilver Toyota Prius01/17/15
42823BR3470MDGray Honda Pilot01/17/15
42839BT9986MDGray Volkswagon Passat01/17/15
4284ENV4943VARed Toyota Prius01/18/15
42851BV9054MDGray Hyundai Sonata01/18/15
42869AL4875MDGray Honda Pilot01/18/15
42875BE5614MDBlack Chrysler Sedan01/18/15
4288CkB9531North CarolinaWhite Toyota Van01/18/15
4289WMM6704VASilver P.U. Truck01/18/15
42903BH3889MDGray Ford Focus01/18/15
4291EU0266DCRed Toyota Camry01/18/15
42927BV4049MDBlack Ford Explorer01/18/15
42931BP7799MDSilver Ford Fusion01/18/15
4294VBX8183VABlack Toyota Camry01/18/15
42954BG1011MDRed Audi01/18/15
4296AFCC45GeorgiaRed Jeep01/18/15
4297V3019VASilver Toyota Camry01/18/15
4298XCY7471VASilver Toyota Camry01/18/15
42994EMX22MDSilver Toyota Camry01/18/15
4300XBS7432MDWhite Toyota Corolla01/18/15
43016CPE38MDWhite Honda Accord01/18/15
4302B69E47New JerseyWhite Volkswagon car01/18/15
4303JHU8051VAWhite Dodge Charger01/18/15
43046CPE38MDWhite Honda Civic01/18/15
4305VAM4019MDNavy Chrysler van01/18/15
43063AX6441MDGray Infinity QX6001/18/15
4307VDD1666VASilver Mazda MPV01/18/15
4308WZC2234VABlack Honda Accord01/18/15
4309XKG3952VAGray Toyota Corolla01/18/15
4310WPW2384VAGray Chevrolet Impala01/18/15
4311VAZ5977VABlack Toyota Camry01/18/15
43127BN5982MDBlack Nissan Optima01/19/15
4313YWH7478VABlack Honda Civic01/19/15
43149BN8832MDWhite Dodge Ram PU01/19/15
43153DYR26MDGray Honda Accord01/19/15
43169BM1226MDGray Honda Accord01/19/15
4317WNT5399VABlack Toyota Corolla01/19/15
43182BR3673MDBlack GMC Yukon01/19/15
431956704CFMDGray Honda Pilot01/19/15
4320WYD1469VAGray Honda Accord01/19/15
4321VCT2023VAGray Hyundai Sonata01/19/15
4322WZT2294VAGray Lexus RX3001/19/15
4323NEBIATVABlack Volkswagon car01/19/15
4324MR0158MDBlack BMW car01/19/15
4325ENV4943DCRed Toyota Prius01/19/15
43264AS8717MDBlack Dodge Caravan01/19/15
43277BP2573MDSilver Toyota Prius01/19/15
4328VDE4784VARed Dodge Charger01/19/15
43295AX0295MDGray Honda Civic01/19/15
4330ET8463DCWhite Dodge Journey01/19/15
4331EU4362DCSilver Toyota Prius01/19/15
4332WMM1118VASilver Chevrolet Impala01/19/15
4333CUQD95FloridaBlack Cadillac01/19/15
4334WNM3000VARed Scion XB01/19/15
4335NURSE5VABrown Kia01/19/15
43362K5VABlue Toyota Prius01/19/15
4337WMD9787VABlack Honda Accord01/19/15
4338DH4544DCWhite Honda Pilot – Body damage01/19/15
43397BN9530MDGray Toyota Camry01/19/15
4340WTB8459VABlack GMC Acadia01/19/15
43417BV9181MDGray Toyota Prius01/19/15
4342VEP1962VABlack Dodge Charger01/19/15
4343ER0427DCBlue Ford Escape01/19/15
4344XHC1191VAGray Toyota Corolla01/19/15
4345EG0471DCWhite Volkswagon Jetta01/19/15
4346VEJ3316VAWhite Nissan Altima01/19/15
4347ES5405DCWhite Toyota Corolla01/19/15
4348VBA2185VAGray Toyota Corolla01/19/15
43491DRS48MDSilver Nissan Altima01/19/15
4350VDP7946VAGray Honda CR-V01/19/15
4351XCS8436VABlack Honda Accord01/19/15
43521BW4611MDBlack Chevrolet Traverse01/19/15
4353868YB6MDSilver Nissan Altima01/19/15
4354XPB8807VABlue Jeep01/19/15
435572817CEMDWhite Nissan Maxima01/19/15
4356PHA0045VAGreen Nissan Altima01/20/15
43571AZ6414MDBlack Nissan Altima01/20/15
4358KLR7683VASilver Toyota Camry01/20/15
4359UR2012VABlue Nissan Rogue01/20/15
43601BR5149DCGray Toyota Camry01/20/15
4361XR9417DCWhite Mitsubishi SUV01/20/15
4362XEJ6374DCTan Suburban01/20/15
4363WYF4262VAWhite Toyota Sienna01/20/15
43643BK7773MDRed Honda Civic01/20/15
43654BF0086MDGray Toyota Corolla01/20/15
4366VAR9678VAGray Ford Fusion01/20/15
43676PB4180MDGray Honda Civic01/21/15
4368298028TMD Temp TagBlack Toytota Camry01/21/15
4369WTE5481VAGray Toyota Camry01/21/15
4370VBJ4752VASilver Volvo XC8001/21/15
437151505BVA Temp TagBlack Nissan Pathfinder01/21/15
437293KJHVASilver Toyota Prius01/21/15
43731BP2951MDBlack Toyota Prius01/21/15
4374P6111YTennesseeBlack Chrysler Town & Country Van01/21/15
43758AW7949MDBlack Subaru Outback / Blackened Windows01/21/15
4376349YTWFloridaSilver Dodge Caravan01/21/15
43777AM5694MDBlack Honda CR-V01/21/15
43781BC3775MDBlue BMW Car01/21/15
4379EK7969DCSilver Toyota Tundra PU01/21/15
4380EU9262DCSilver Toyota Camry01/21/15
4381KLR7683VASilver Toyota Camry01/21/15
4382CTT7038TexasSilver Nissan Versa01/21/15
4383ED5606BDCBlack Humvee H301/21/15
43841BN8641MDBlack Kia Optima01/21/15
4385WSA3310VAGray Hyundai Sonata01/21/15
4386CAX3918GeorgiaRed Ford Focus01/21/15
43871BL4112MDSilver Toyota Camry01/21/15
4388WLW8762VAGray Toyota Camry01/21/15
4389VDJ7774VABlack Toyota Camry01/21/15
43903BL8600MDBlack Toyota Camry01/21/15
4391VDL7774VABlack Toyota Camry01/21/15
4392EN1425DCSilver Toyota Camry01/21/15
4393WLV3765VABlack Toyota Insight01/22/15
43941BH5572MDGray Nissan Car01/22/15
43959BR2145MDBlack Honda Accord01/22/15
43965BE7923MDGray Jeep01/22/15
43979AX9965MDSilver Dodge Nitro01/22/15
43987BP5586MDBlack Toyota Camry01/22/15
43991BB5632MDRed Toyota Camry01/22/15
44009BN1635MDGray Toyota Camry01/22/15
4401VBJ2470VAWhite Nissan Quest01/22/15
44022BE7747MDTan Dodge Charger01/22/15
44035AA3439MDWhite SUV01/22/15
4404VPC9412VAWhite Toyota 4-Runner01/22/15
4405WZJ7712VAGray Toyota Camry01/22/15
4406WZR1048VAWhite Nissan Maxima01/22/15
4407VNR1200VAGray Toyota Prius01/22/15
4408GSC7618New YorkGray Nissan Sentra01/22/15
44095BR9767MDGray Toyota Prius01/22/15
4410WTS3078VAGray Toyota Rav-401/22/15
4411WYZ8365VABlack Nissan Sentra01/23/15
4412LEM912VAWhite Toyota Matrix01/23/15
4413WSJ4880VABlack Toyota Highlander01/23/15
44143AV4595MDRed Toyota Camry01/23/15
4415VEG3718VAWhite Toyota Camry01/23/15
44161BB4212MDWhite Toyota Camry01/23/15
44173AV4595MDRed Toyota Camry01/23/15
4418VCH7400VAWhite Toyota Prius01/23/15
4419ICV1527MDWhite Nissan Nitro01/23/15
44207BL4828MDGray Honda Pilot01/23/15
4421DB8191DCSilver Honda CR-V01/23/15
44227FJN02MDWhite Audi car01/23/15
44238BB2i029MDGray Honda Pilot01/23/15
4424DK9352DCBlack Honda car01/23/15
4425WMU8982VABlack Dodge Charger01/23/15
4426DJ6554MDSilver Toyota Rav-401/23/15
44274BV1959MDSilver Honda Accord01/23/15
4428VCR2031VASilver Nissan Altima01/23/15
44296BT4622MDSilver Toyota Rav-401/23/15
44303BP9520MDBlack Toyota Camry01/23/15
4431WMW4590VAWhite Toyota Corolla01/23/15
4432JMN4823VABlack Volkswagon Golf01/23/15
44338BH5135MDTan Honda CR-V01/23/15
44341FPP66MDSilver Chevrolet Seabus01/23/15
4435VERR2197VABlack Chrysler 30001/23/15
4436FMN9612New YorkGray Lexus HS35001/23/15
4437VBY6500VABlack Chevrolet Traverse01/23/15
44383BP9158MDBlack Toyota Camry01/23/15
44394BA6453MDSilver Toyota Highlander01/23/15
4440ET3572DCSilver Hyundai Sonata01/23/15
44413BL7576MDWhite Chevrolet Cruze01/23/15
44422BF2130MDTan Toyota Camry01/23/15
4443A52BTGNew JerseyBlack Audi car01/23/15
4444VEA6911VABlack Toyota Prius01/23/15
4445ZBP2591VAGray Toyota Camry01/23/15
4446VAZ6992VABlack Toyota Camry01/23/15
44479BN4702MDGray Toyota Camry01/23/15
4448WLW9219VABlack Honda Accord01/23/15
44496BT4622MDWhite Toyota Rav-401/23/15
4450VDJ7734VABlack Toyota Avalon01/23/15
44518BD3552MDWhite Cadillac01/23/15
44527BH4665MDSilver Nissan Altima01/23/15
44537BP5887MDBlack Nissan Sentra01/23/15
44548BG3437MDSilver Lincoln SUV01/23/15
4455VEL3564VABlack Honda Accord01/23/15
4456XAM7125VAGray Toyota Sienna01/23/15
44572CDJ90MDSilver Cadillac01/23/15
4458VEG3402VAWhite Ford Explorer01/24/15
4459VBK7896VABlack Toyota Camry01/24/15
44609AC8877MDBlack Chrysler 30001/24/15
4461EM3023DCBlack Jeep01/24/15
4462ET0675DCBlack Volkswagon Tourin01/24/15
4463VBC9637VARed Toyota van01/24/15
4464DX4270DCRed Toyota Prius01/24/15
44657BP2647MDGray Toyota Prius01/24/15
4466VBB1193VAGray Volkswagon Jetta01/24/15
4467VBP8414VABlue Toyota Prius01/24/15
4468EL9663DCBlack Infinity G35X / Blackened Windows01/24/15
4469VBE1881VAWhite Chrysler car01/24/15
44708BB7474MDSilver Nissan Altima01/24/15
4471VCS6653VAGray Nissan Altima01/24/15
44721BY1976MDSilver Toyota Prius01/24/15
44738BA4445MDBlack Nissan Altima01/24/15
4474ES2780DCGreen Hyundai Optima01/24/15
4475WNL9521VAGray Toyota Camry01/24/15
44762BN7450MDGray Toyota Camry01/24/15
44778BM3314MDGray Toyota Camry01/24/15
44785BK0479MDGray Toyota Camry01/24/15
44797BC8668MDBlack Toyota Rav-401/24/15
448099BG0531MDRed Toyota Camry01/24/15
4481WIIISTFloridaGray Toyota Camry01/24/15
4482VBF4167VAWhite Toyota Care01/24/15
44832BV0440MDWhite Acura TL01/24/15
44841BL9013MDWhite Lincoln car01/24/15
4485WWC7244VABlack Toyota Prius01/24/15
4486WVD5926MDBlack Nissan Rogue01/24/15
4487VBZ2233VAGray Honda Civic01/24/15
4488WWB7988VAGray Honda Accord01/24/15
4489CY6482VABlue Toyota Prius01/24/15
44903BB2859MDSilver Chevrolet Cruze01/24/15
4491089TSDIowaBlue car01/24/15
4492WNK3871VARed Toyota Corolla01/24/15
4493WNF6525VABlack Nissan Murano01/24/15
44942BR2102MDGray Toyota Corolla / Body Damage01/24/15
44951BT0387MDWhite Toyota Prius01/24/15
4496WMF6883VABlue Dodge Journey van01/24/15
4497WLZ7859VABlue Dodge van01/24/15
44986BB9452MDBlue Nissan Pathfinder01/24/15
44998BP3262MDGray Toyota Rav-401/25/15
4500WMK8417VASilver Hyundai Elantra01/25/15
450138614CFMarylandGray Toyota Camry01/25/15
45028BG7463MDBlue Toyota Sienna01/25/15
45038BN5970MDRed Mazda 501/25/15
45041BA7286MDBlack Toyota Prius01/25/15
4505MNT3021VABlack Toyota Camry01/25/15
4506DU1050DCBlack Chrysler01/25/15
4507ES6168DCWhite Ford F-15001/25/15
4508451490YDelawareBlue Mazda 601/25/15
45091BK8921MDBlack Honda Accord01/25/15
45105BK0479MDBlack Toyota Camry01/25/15
45111BT3430MDGray Nissan Altima01/25/15
45129BT5844MDGray Chevrolet Traverse01/25/15
4513VAT9414VABlack Nissan Altima01/25/15
4514VCL8039VABlack Lincoln Town Car01/25/15
45156AE3767MDBlack Toyota Highlander01/25/15
451610219CFMDSilver Nissan Versa01/25/15
4517VDB6924VAWhite Toyota Camry01/25/15
4518WZZ7979VAWhite Kia Sorento01/25/15
4519DB2929DCBlackk Honda Ridgeline PU01/25/15
4520EU9928DCBlack Toyota Camry01/25/15
4521WNM2650VAWhite Ford Taurus01/25/15
4522VCL8723VAWhite Toyota Prius01/25/15
4523WPJ9645VABlack Toyota Highlander01/25/15
4524EU2420DCTan Mercedes Benz C24001/25/15
45259BC8398MDBlack Acura MDX01/25/15
4526WTZ6130VATan Toyota Highlander01/25/15
4527VERANDVATan Toyota Sienna01/25/15
4528DB2929DCBlack Mazda C35001/25/15
45297MD9219MDSilver Toyota Rav-401/25/15
4530WBY8343VABlack Toyota Camry01/25/15
4531V51DBKNew JerseyWhite Chevrolet Cruz01/25/15
453230116M6MDTan Honda CR-V01/25/15
45334AH7176MDBlack Hyundai Sonata / Blackened Windows01/25/15
4534AT209MDSmall White SUV01/25/15
45357BH5226MDGray Toyota Camry01/25/15
4536VCR6041VAWhite Toyota Camry01/26/15
45373MD5947MDGray Chevrolet01/26/15
4538HAA1651VABlack GMC Yukon01/26/15
4539CCI7384GeorgiaGreayu Kia Forte01/26/15
4540EU3738DCRed Toyota Corolla01/26/15
45411BN8949MDGold Chevrolet SUV01/26/15
4542EL0769DCWhite Dodge Charger01/26/15
45432016UGMaineSilver Chevrolet Malibu01/26/15
45444AN9262MDSilver Nissan Maxima01/26/15
4545NAT260DCGold Chrysler 30001/26/15
4546VAT9414VABlack Nissan Altima01/26/15
4547WLW8770VAGray Toyota Prius01/26/15
45484BR8692MDGray Honda Fit01/26/15
4549ET6549DCGray Toyota Camry01/26/15
45502BB3014MDWhite Cadillac AZX01/26/15
45512352TIVASilver Toyota Prius01/26/15
45521BV1972MDBlack Toyota Camry01/26/15
45531BB5600MDBlack Toyota Camry01/28/15
4554EN5318DCBlack Lexus SUV01/28/15
45551BW6718MDGray Ford Fusion01/28/15
45561KCB8360VAWhite Nissan Altima01/28/15
45577BN9003MDGray Toyota Camry01/28/15
45588BK6224MDTan Toyota Corolla01/28/15
45593BP9521MDWhite Toyota Camry01/28/15
45604AN9235MDSilver Nissan Versa01/28/15
4561KCT3573VAGray Toyota Camry01/28/15
4562WUA7842VABlack Toyota Corolla01/28/15
4563ENV3808DCBlack Toyota Landrover01/28/15
4564315157WVA Temp TagBlue Chevrolet Surburban01/28/15
45656CRK03MDBlue Chevrolet Malibu01/28/15
4566328939TMD Temp TagBlue Toyota Camry01/28/15
45679BT8913MDSilver Chevrolet Traverse01/28/15
4568KFR4625VASilver Honda Civic01/28/15
45697BG4746MDGray Toyota Camry01/28/15
45702BR7174MDBlue Ford Fusion01/28/15
4571067467TMD Temp TagBlack Toyota Camry01/28/15
45721BL4611MDWhite Toyota Corolla01/28/15
45731DCF84MDBlack Infinity01/28/15
45745AR3647MDGray Lexus RX35001/28/15
4575XFM5435VASilver Toyota Camry01/28/15
45768BK3602MDGray Honda SUV01/28/15
4577XLT1946VASilver Honda Accord01/28/15
4578VEB8907VABlack Toyota Yaris01/28/15
4579ET8187DCBlack Toyota Camry01/28/15
45801BF5531MDBlack Lincoln Sedan01/29/15
45814BT4486MDGreen Volkswagon Routan01/29/15
45827HBB370CaliforniaWhite Toyota Prius01/29/15
4583EF8099DCGray Honda Accord01/29/15
4584WTZ3741VABlack BMW SUV01/29/15
4585VBM5238VASilver Toyota Prius01/29/15
4586EC8596DCBlack Honda Civic01/29/15
4587CTJY79FloridaGray Dodge Caravan01/29/15
45881BT1825MDSilver Chevrolet Cruze01/29/15
4589EVR6938VAGray Nisan Murano01/29/15
4590VDS5227VASilver Toyota Prius01/29/15
45913BM7341MDBlack Chevrolet Traverse01/29/15
45929BL0249MDWhite Chevrolet car01/29/15
4593XHC1243VAOrange Toyota Corolla01/29/15
45949AW0799MDBlack Toyota Sequoia01/29/15
45953BB5635MDBlue Toyota van01/29/15
4596VcK9746VABlack Honda Civic01/29/15
45971BP5963MDBlack Toyota Camry01/29/15
4598VDK8635VABlack Lincoln MKT01/29/15
45991BK8610MDWhite Hyundai Sonata01/29/15
46002BL4351MDRed Toyota van01/29/15
4601ET4650DCBlack Honda Accord01/29/15
4602WYA1317VABlack Honda Accord01/29/15
46034BR4964MDBlack Toyota Camry01/29/15
4604ET1544DCSilver Toyota Camry01/29/15
460537206M9MDBlack Honda Cr-V01/29/15
4606WMP3615VASilver Toyota Camry01/29/15
4607WZX1519VASilver Nissan Altima01/29/15
4608VAU6632VAGray Dodge Ram PU01/29/15
46091FNX95MDBlack Honda Accord01/29/15
4610WLX4095VASilver Toyota Prius01/29/15
4611EK9889DCBlack Kia Optima01/29/15
46123BE1725MDWhite Nissan Sentra01/29/15
4613ER9217DCSilver Mercedes Benze C25001/29/15
4614VES8013VAGray Kia Rondo01/29/15
4615VAX7091VABlack Chevrolet Imala01/29/15
46164BT4685MDGold Toyota Camry01/29/15
46173BP9010MDTan Toyota Avalon01/29/15
4618WRE9392VABlack Lincoln Town Car01/29/15
4619WPC1766VARed Toyota Camry01/30/15
46209GT5450MDBlack Chrysler 30001/30/15
4621WYW8633VAGold Toyota Camry01/30/15
4622VCJ6918VASilver Toyota Camry01/30/15
4623WYZ8365VABlack Nissan Sentra01/30/15
4624EN0593DCGray Toyota Prius01/30/15
46256AE3864MDSilver Jeep01/30/15
462614767CFMDBlack Toyota Prius01/30/15
46277BE7499MDBlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4628VEM7061VABlue Dodge Caravan01/30/15
4629WLN7008VABlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4630XMV3566VAGreen Ford Focus01/30/15
46317BG4195MDBlack Toyota Rav-401/30/15
46329BG6676MDRed Honda Accord01/30/15
46338BT8733MDBlack Volkswagon Routan01/30/15
46347FZP75MDGray Toyota Camry01/30/15
4635EJ3537DCSilver Hyundai car01/30/15
46367AN5082MDBlack Nissan Versa01/30/15
4637XBY9135VAWhite Nissan Moreno01/30/15
4638WLP5019VAGold Mercedes Benz car01/30/15
4639XBY8176VASilver Toyota Camry01/30/15
46402BR6821MDWhite Lexus car01/30/15
4641VDZ8428VABlack Toyota Avalon01/30/15
46426BP0141MDRed Mazda SUV01/30/15
4643SKE5919VASilver Hyundai Tucson01/30/15
4644WLN7008VABlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4645ET9304DCWhite Toyota Camry01/30/15
4646XJG7221DCBlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4647VEGJ2266VARed Toyota Camry01/30/15
4648LNF394MDSilver Ford Focus01/30/15
46491AM8446MDGray Honda Accord01/30/15
46503BP9521MDWhite Toyota Camry01/30/15
4651DIY5309OhioBlack Chrysler Town & Country Van01/30/15
46527AA2111MDRed Toyota Camry01/30/15
4653AFRITIVASilver Toyota Camry01/30/15
46547BR4249MDBlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4655YKN9178VAGold Chevrolet car01/30/15
4656VCA3074VAGray Volvo XC8001/30/15
46579BA4340MDGray Toyota Camry01/30/15
4658WXG5038VAGray Kia Sorento01/30/15
4659MUMZYVAWhite Mazda SUV01/30/15
4660WNM5317VABlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
46615AE3279MDGray Chevrolet PU truck01/30/15
4662EJ0832DCSilver Dodge Charger01/30/15
4663DH6577DCBlack Range Rover01/30/15
46649BG6511MDBrown Nissan Murano01/30/15
4665VPG2034VASilver Nissan Versa01/30/15
4666OALGF8ConnecticutRed Nissan Altima01/30/15
4667VED9807VABlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4668WRK5979VARed Hyundai Elantra01/30/15
4669XBS1947VABlack Nissan Rogue01/30/15
4670VED1154VASilver Toyota Highlander01/30/15
46719BN4588MDBlue Toyota Camry01/30/15
4672DS1619DCBrown Buick SUV01/30/15
4673BEHZADVAWhite GMC Terrain01/30/15
46742BT1387MDTan Kia Soul01/30/15
4675VAV7869VASilver Nissan Moreno01/30/15
46763BN3553MDWhite Ford Fusion01/30/15
46771BK4702MDBlue Chevrolet Sonic01/30/15
4678VDP5665VAWhite Volkswagon Passat01/30/15
4679VDJ7724VABlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
46805BK7480MDSilver Nissan Versa01/30/15
4681VDJ7724VABlack Toyota Avalon01/30/15
4682WME4080VABlack Honda Accord01/30/15
4683EN8232DCBlack Honda Accord01/30/15
4684CJY7018North CarolinaWhite Hyundai Elantra01/30/15
4685V47CLVNew JerseyGold Plymouth Town & Country van – Body Damage01/30/15
46867AA4678MDRed Kia Sedona01/30/15
46877BA2326MDGray Chrysler 30001/30/15
46889BT6407MDGray Toyota Sienna01/30/15
468937186M2MDBlack Toyota Rav-401/30/15
4690WTD6173VASilver Toyota Corolla01/30/15
46916AB3367MDBlack Honda Accord01/30/15
4692WPJ3073VARed Toyota Rav-401/30/15
4693314273TMD Temp TagWhite Ford Focus01/30/15
4694NO MREVAWhite Toyota Camry01/30/15
46957BM4334MDBlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4696WmX3625VABrown Nissan Maxima01/30/15
46975AL3691MDGold Nissan Infinity01/30/15
4698VBB4534VARed Mazda car01/30/15
4699VDS5129VAWhite Toyota Camry01/30/15
4700WRD5066VAGray Toyota Camry01/30/15
47012BM4005MDBlack Toyota Camry01/30/15
4702VCD6677VABlack Toyota Camry01/31/05
4703EU9262DCSilver Toyota Camry01/31/05
4704EK6068DCRed Toyota Camry01/31/05
4705VCL8076VABlack Cadillac01/31/05
47062BR6871MDWhite Lexus car01/31/05
47078BH6272MDSilver Nissan Altima01/31/05
47086AN2667MDBlack BMW SUV X501/31/05
47091AY5960MDGray Honda Pilot01/31/05
4710DR4233DCBlack Jeep01/31/05
4711VBW4029VABlack Toyota Camry01/31/05
47122FLE65MDSilver Toyota Corolla01/31/05
4713ET8113DCRed Toyota Camry01/31/05
47148AG2432MDSilver Toyota Matrix01/31/05
4715KNG5434VAGray Toyota Sienna01/31/05
4716CS8448MDSilver Saturn Vue01/31/05
4717VCS5318VABlack Toyota Avalon01/31/05
47186BT5591MDSilver Volkswagon Golf01/31/05
4719ED5090DCGray Toyota Prius01/31/05
4720WNL3935VATan Chevrolet01/31/05
4721GRA8IAMVAGray Honda Accord01/31/05
4722XXD2150VABlue Nissan Moreno01/31/05
4723DP8315DCBlack Buick Rendezvous01/31/05
4724KED9798VAWhite Toyota Highlander01/31/05
4725EP0853DCYellow T Matrix02/01/15
47266AB1142MDBlack Nissan Altima02/01/15
47272BR4951MDBlack Hyundai Accent02/01/15
4728VCJ4461VABlack Toyota Camry02/01/15
4729WMY3985VABlue Toyota Prius02/01/15
47305BT4120MDSilver Subaru Forester02/01/15
4731SEATWNVABlue Subaru car02/01/15
4732VCE4836VASilver Chrysler Town & Country02/01/15
4733VRR1957VABlack Nissan Altima02/01/15
4734VDA6839VABlue Toyota Prius02/01/15
4735CCC5546North CarolinaWhite Toyota Camry02/01/15
47367BV3070MDBlack Toyota Camry02/01/15
4737CT5085VASilver Toyota Camry02/01/15
47387AR8034MDSilver Lexus02/01/15
4739PC123909DelawareSilver Toyota Rav-402/01/15
47409AZ3969MDSilver Buick LaSabre02/01/15
47417BF2438MDSilver Hyundai Elantra02/01/15
47428BM2803MDBlack Toyota Camry02/01/15
47438AW2309MDSilver Kia Sorento02/01/15
4744EH8795DCRed Honda CR-V02/01/15
4745VDG1879VASilver Nissan Sentra02/01/15
47461AA5592MDGray Honda Insight02/01/15
4747ET3872DCBlack Toyota Corolla / Body damage02/01/15
47485BT4212MDBlack Lexus car02/01/15
47491BV1853MDBlack Toyota Camry02/01/15
4750EE9844DCBlack Acura RDX02/01/15
47511BX9881MDBlue Plymouth Town & Country – Black Windows02/01/15
47522BP1112MDWhite Toyota Prius02/01/15
4753EN5246DCSilver Honda Corolla – Black Windows02/01/15
4754ER7474DCBlack Toytota Rav-402/01/15
47556BR6155MDSilver Toyota Camry02/01/15
4756VBP8414VASilver Rav-402/01/15
4757EF5788DCSilver Toyota Prius02/01/15
47581BX9881MDBlue Chrysler Town & Country02/01/15
4759XHK2661VASilver Honda Civic02/01/15
4760WSS7667VAGray Ford Fusion02/01/15
4761WTH2008VAGray Nissan Versa02/01/15
4762ES2788DCGold Toyota Prius02/02/15
4763EV0875DCBlack Hyundai Optima02/02/15
4764WMX9722VABlack GMC Yukon / Black Windows02/02/15
4765FX1131VABlue Honda Accord02/02/15
4766IW8S4U2VAGray Subaru Outback02/02/15
47676BD7205MDBlack Chrysler 30002/02/15
4768EU0135DCBlack Honda Cr-V02/02/15
47697AC1507MDRed Scion02/02/15
4770VDR8614VAGray Toyota Camry02/02/15
4771EM1814DCWhite Hyundai Sonata02/02/15
4772EL3877DCSilver Toyota Camry02/02/15
4773EK2256DCSilver Toyota Yaris02/02/15
4774XBT4635VAGray Dodge Charger02/02/15
4775ER8579DCGray Nissan Rogue02/02/15
4776XVV4676VATan Honda Accord02/02/15
4777CV2098DCBlack Chevrolet Tahoe / Black Windows02/02/15
4778N854338IllinoisWhite Kia Optima02/02/15
47799BV9008MDGray Nissan Rogue02/02/15
4780ES2713DCGray Toyota Camry02/02/15
4781WME4565VASilver Chevrolet Malibu02/02/15
4782EU0135DCBlack Honda Cr-V02/03/15
4783XFJ5250VAGreen Toyota Corolla02/03/15
4784ENV3808DCBlack Range Rover02/03/15
4785BBY1844TexasBlue Toyota Corolla02/03/15
47867BN8244MDGray Honda Cr-V02/03/15
47871BV1972MDBlack Toyota Camry02/03/15
47889BL7416MDBlack Honda Odyssey02/03/15
47904AB1717MDWhite Toyota Rav-402/03/15
4791H204989IllinoisGreen Honda Accord02/03/15
47927BV2672MDBlack Toyota Camry02/03/15
4793WZZ1794VARed Honda CR-V02/03/15
47946WDB575CaliforniaGray Chevrolet car02/04/15
4795KSZ377MDSilver Toyota Camry02/04/15
4796EU2034DCBlack Toyota Corolla02/04/15
4797EJ9197DCGray Honda02/04/15
47988BR4836MDWhite Dodge Charger / Blackened Windows02/04/15
4799WXU7762VABlack Volkswagon02/04/15
4800EV6342DCWhite Chevrolet Impala02/04/15
48013BL5835MDBlack Toyota Camry02/04/15
48021AJ8637MDBlack Hyundai Elantra02/04/15
4803EN3513DCWhite Chrysler Sebring02/04/15
4804VII9262IllinoisRed Hyundai car02/04/15
4805ET7648DCGray Toyota Camry02/04/15
48068BV1050MDBlack Honda car02/04/15
4807VEU5779VAGray Toyota Camry02/04/15
48087AG6689MDTan Scion02/04/15
4809CIRCUSDCWhite Lexus ES35002/04/15
48105BD2655MDGray Ford Focus02/04/15
4811VDT6745VAWhite Toyota Camry02/04/15
4812VEJ2604VAGold Scion XB02/04/15
48139BM6452MDSilver Toyota Camry02/04/15
48144MD2312MDBlack Lexus ES35002/04/15
4815WMM2218VABlack Toyota Camry02/04/15
48161BF6766MDGreen Ford Fusion02/04/15
4817MPK609MDGray Toyota Avalon02/04/15
4818EN9532DCWhite Toyota Prius02/04/15
48193BF9892MDBlack Toyota Prius / Blackened Windows02/04/15
4820VCS5262VAWhite Toyota Camry02/04/15
4821MUMSYVAWhite Mazda SUV02/04/15
4822XPE9478VABlack Honda Cr-V02/04/15
48237AV2596MDSilver Cadillac CTS02/04/15
48248BN4009MDGreen Mazda 602/04/15
48251BP3283MDGray Mercedes Benz ML35002/04/15
4826GHJJJY8MDWhite Toyota Corolla02/04/15
48278AZ3969MDTan Buick car02/05/15
48282BV0180MDGray Toyota Camry02/05/15
48296BT0912MDBlack Toyota Camry02/05/15
48308AS4634MDGray Honda Accord02/05/15
48312BP9072MDBlack Toyota Camry02/05/15
4832WUB3417VASilver Hyundai Elantra02/05/15
4833ABCEDEVABlack Honda Pilot02/05/15
4834GRD7112NYRed Toyota Camry02/05/15
48356AR6220MDTan Chevrolet Equinox02/06/15
48368BN3347MDBlack Toyota Camry02/06/15
4837WME9345VAWhite Chrysler 30002/06/15
4838WMV2909VAGray Toyota Prius02/06/15
48397BP6756MDBlack Ford Edge02/06/15
4840XJE1975VASilver Toyota Matrix02/06/15
4841WTK836VARed Nissan Rogue02/06/15
484226745DelawareBlue Toyota Prius02/06/15
4843WRC1111VASilver Toyota Corolla02/06/15
4844VAS1331VaBlack Honda Civic02/06/15
48453BM3639MDSilver Hyundai Elantra02/06/15
4846WZD1995VASilver Ford Fusion02/06/15
4847VCZ2294VASilver Lexus SUV02/06/15
4848V567M966MDBlue Honda Cr-V02/06/15
4849CS0560DCTan Toyota Sequoia02/06/15
4850VEC6545VABlack Chevrolet Suburban02/06/15
48518BV6418MDBlack Kia Optima02/06/15
4852KGF832MDBlack BMW S32502/06/15
48532BR6903MDBlack Chrysler Pacifica02/06/15
48543BG1845MDBlack Chrysler 30002/06/15
4855EN6350DCGold Toyota Corolla02/06/15
48562BR6771MDGold Toyota Camry02/06/15
48579AN3184MDGray Nissan Altima02/06/15
4858WP62146DCGray Toyota Prius02/06/15
48595BV2923MDWhite Toyota Camry02/06/15
48608AZ3969MDGray Buick car02/06/15
4861741WMJWisconsinSilver Nissan Versa02/06/15
48621BF2401MDTan GMC Envoy02/06/15
4863XVJ3717VABlack Toyota Rav-402/06/15
48644BT6743MDWhite Toyota Camry02/06/15
4865CHE4820New YorkGray Acura car / Blackened windows02/06/15
4866WWU3725VARed Honda Accord02/06/15
48676BE9846MDBlack Toyota Rav-402/06/15
4868ES5666DCBlack Nissan Altima02/06/15
4869DP8315VAGray Nissan Altima02/06/15
48708AZ8579MDWhite Nissan Rogue02/06/15
487103866M3MDGray Honda Cr-V02/06/15
48721AX1369MDBlue Mercedes Benz SUV02/06/15
48733AX6293MDTan Honda Accord02/06/15
4874XDJ7762VAGray Toyota Prius02/06/15
4875WTN3576VAWhite Lexus SUV02/06/15
4876394SL9MassachusettsGreen BMW M602/06/15
4877WPJ9645VABlack Toyota Highlander02/06/15
4878WNT5232VAGray Toyota Avalon02/06/15
48793BL7391MDBlue Toyota Matrix02/06/15
4880EN3628DCSilver Honda Civic02/06/15
48818BP7848MDSilver Toyota Prius02/06/15
488240451M8MDBlack Subaru02/06/15
48839BN5291MDBlack Honda Insight02/07/15
48841AW7958MDSilver Toyota Rav-402/07/15
4885VDE8566VASilver Toyota Rav-402/07/15
4886WWR5166VABlack Toyota Corolla02/07/15
4887FLK6486PennsylvaniaGreen Dodge Lancer02/07/15
4888VCW8050VAGray Volkswagon Passat02/07/15
48892BL6102MDTan Acura SUV02/07/15
48901AWN22MDSilver Volvo car02/07/15
48913BL5310MDBlack Ford Fusion02/07/15
48927BN9153MDWhite Toyota Corolla02/07/15
4893EB2748DCBlack Toyota 4 Runner02/07/15
4894WMU9550VAGreen Hyundai Elantra02/07/15
48954AR5389MDRed Toyota Prius02/07/15
4896ISSUESVAGold Isuzu Avenger02/07/15
48972AH5627MDGold Hyundai Sonata02/07/15
4898APA0411MDGold Mercedes C32002/07/15
48993BV7511MDMazda Tribute02/07/15
4900XMW6855VAWhite Honda Odyssey02/07/15
4901VCV7324VASilver Toyota Camry02/07/15
4902IAY942South CarolinaGray Hyundai Sonata02/07/15
49032716M6MDBlack Honda Pilot02/07/15
4904VBN4345VAGray Chevrolet Cruze02/07/15
49051BW4611MDBlack Chevrolet Traverse02/07/15
4906EM1584DCTan Toyota Camry02/07/15
4907VBM4461VASilver Toyota Camry02/07/15
49087BP8445MDSilver Nissan Altima02/07/15
49096AG0146MDBlack Dodge Charger02/07/15
49103AM1554MDGray Chevrolet Impala02/07/15
491150030CFMDWhite Ford Fusioni02/07/15
49122610305Pennsylvania Temp TagBlack Lincoln MKT02/07/15
49136BT0567MDSilver Toyota Camry02/07/15
4914WYD6492VAGray Toyota Sienna02/07/15
49152MD7078MDWhite Kia Spectre02/07/15
4916EH6039DCRed Chevrolet Equinox02/07/15
49174BR8495MDGray Acura TSX02/07/15
49181AW7958MDSilver Toyota Rav-402/07/15
49194BF0310MDSilver Toyota Corolla02/07/15
4920XUU6095VASilver Toyota Camry02/07/15
49219AY7802MDSilver Toyota Camry02/07/15
4922LM2948PennsylvaniaLincoln Navigator / Limo tag form Pennsylvania02/07/15
492379946CCMDSilver Nissan Optima02/07/15
4924EG8189DCGray Toyota Camry02/07/15
49253AC1702MDBlue BMW car02/07/15
49267DPV50MDBlack Ford Focus02/07/15
49271BM1935MDBlack Hyundai Elantra02/07/15
49284BR90f92MDBlack Ford car02/07/15
4929VBM9034VABlack Toyota Camry02/07/15
4930ET4078VABlack Toyota Camry02/07/15
49312BF5205MDGreen Toyota Camry02/07/15
49323BT2287MDBlue Nissan Altima02/07/15
49338BT1338MDBlack BMW car02/07/15
4934VDS8460VAWhite Chevrolet Tahoe02/07/15
4935EB7774DCRed Toyota Camry02/07/15
4936XLY1843VASilver Nissan Versa02/07/15
49379BD1882MDGray Toyota Corolla02/07/15
49388BT1338MDBlack BMW 750IL02/08/15
49395BE6362MDGray Scion TC02/08/15
4940XEF4848VAGray Toyota Sienna02/08/15
4941VDW8235VABlack Mercedez Benz02/08/15
4942EU0749DCBlack Subaru02/08/15
4943JGL4071PennsylvaniaBlack Audi A6L02/08/15
4944EN6248DCGray Honda Insight02/08/15
4945OTUNBAMDSilver Toyota Camry02/08/15
49461BB5611MDRed Toyota Avlon02/08/15
4947VDP5944VABlack Toyota Prius02/08/15
4948CVS9480New YorkBlack Honda Civic02/08/15
49491BB5646MDGray Toyota Camry02/08/15
4951DBJ1489TexasSilver Toyota Camry02/08/15
4952WLP6720VABlack Toyota Camry02/08/15
49536KBD479CaliforniaGray Toyota Prius02/08/15
495404643CDMDRed Toyota Rav-402/08/15
4955VDT2736VAWhite Chrysler Cooper02/08/15
49569AX9159MDTan Honda Pilot02/08/15
4957WRG3172VAGray Honda car \02/08/15
49597YCY06MDGray Toyota Camry02/08/15
49607BL6670MDBlack Nissan Maxima 100%Black front windshield +02/08/15
4961WZZ1974VARed Honda CR-V02/08/15
4962WTB6478VABlack Ford Escape02/08/15
4963EL5298DCGray Hyundai Elantra02/08/15
4964VAA6928VAWhite Toyota Corolla02/08/15
4965DZ1211DCRed Mazda 502/08/15
49662BP6126MDGray Chrysler 30002/08/15
49671BC8250MDSilver Toyota Corolla02/10/15
49686BD1700MDSilver Honda FIT02/10/15
49695805CXVABlack Toytota Prius / Body damage02/10/15
4970VBR9614VABlack Audi Q702/10/15
4971AEA3582VARed Toyota Prius02/10/15
4972EM8520DCRed Volvo SUV02/10/15
49737BB8143MDBlack Volvo S6002/10/15
4974VCM8965VASilver Toyota Corolla / Body damage02/10/15
49753AP8139MDBlack Cadillac Escalade02/10/15
4976VLZ6919VAGray Toyota Prius02/10/15
4977VDB6001VABlack Lincoln Town Car02/10/15
49787BV4851MDBlack Chevrolet Equinox02/10/15
4979E55EEDDNew JerseySilver Honda Accord02/10/15
4980VDA6839VAGray Toyoto Prius02/10/15
4981XAS9572VASilver Mercedes Benz C28002/10/15
49824BN0674MDBlack Honda Pilot02/10/15
4983XFJ6560VABlack Nissan Maxima02/10/15
4984WJE3358VABlack Toyota Camry02/10/15
4985457M495MDSilver Honda Odyssey02/10/15
4986ALIKAANMDRed Toyota Camry02/10/15
4987EE3051DCBlack Mazda 502/10/15
49882BK6638MDGray Nissan Altima02/10/15
49892BR3436MDWhite Hyundai Elantra02/10/15
4990XA53974VABlue Nissan Altima02/10/15
49915BB0320MDSilver Toyota Camry02/10/15
49928BP0656MDWhite Toyota Prius02/11/15
4993ED4627DCBlack Honda Pilot02/11/15
499414767CFMDBlack Toyota Prius02/11/15
49951BV1972MDBlack Toyota Prius02/11/15
49966AA1348MDSilver Toyota Avalon02/11/15
49978BM2463MDBlack Toyota Corolla02/11/15
499815556CDMDRed Chrysler Cooper02/11/15
49992BV9008MDBlack Toyota Camry02/11/15
5000XNL6502VABlack Honda Accord02/12/15
5001VEG5936VAWhite Toyota Corolla02/12/15
50029BL2772MDGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
50036BR4768MDGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
50047AZ3125MDGray Nissan Versa02/12/15
50054BL2242MDGray Infinity M37X / Blackened windows02/12/15
5006VAW1573VASilver Toyota 4 Runner02/12/15
5007ENV4222DCBlack Toyota Avalon02/12/15
5008LULACVABeige Pontiac Enclave02/12/15
50091BT0671MDAqua Toyota Corolla / Blackened windows02/12/15
5010EP7342DCGray Volvo V6002/12/15
50118AZ6219MDGray Toyota van02/12/15
5012GUV2895New YorkBalck Kia Sephia02/12/15
50131BC8624MDBlue BMW 500 Series02/12/15
5014WMM2265VASilver Nissan Versa02/12/15
50153BV1666MDSilver Nissan Rogue02/12/15
5016VDP4339VABlack Toyota Corolla02/12/15
50175BN4803MDGray Chevrolet Impala02/12/15
50187AJ0889MDWhite Chrysler 30002/12/15
50193BD1177MDBlack Acura SUV02/12/15
5020T14EDDNew JerseyWhite Toyota Camry02/12/15
50215WTP7524VAWhite Nissan Optima02/12/15
50225BM0770MDBlack Chrysler 30002/12/15
5023WRU7652VAGray Toyota Prius02/12/15
5024WRF6256VABlue BMW car02/12/15
50255BH6869MDGreen Lexus SUV02/12/15
5026WMK4961VABlack Toyota Camry02/12/15
50272BV0180MDGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
50281BG0407MDBlack Chevrolet car02/12/15
5029WMV3853VAGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
50306JGZ994CaliforniaWhite Mazda 302/12/15
5031VDX9838VAGold Mazda SUV02/12/15
5032VDX2398VAGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
503342619CBMDGray Honda Cr-V02/12/15
5034VBZ2233VAGray Honda Civic02/12/15
5035VAA4017VAGray Toyota Camry02/12/15
5036WPU2795VAWhite Toyota Camry02/12/15
5037VLZ6609VAGray Toyota Prius02/12/15
5038LAMISAVABlack Honda Pilot02/12/15
5039SHILALYVAWhite Honda Accord02/12/15
5040EV6527DCBlack Volkswagon Passat02/15/15
50415BV3281MDWhite Toyota Camry02/15/15
5042VCG7050VAGray Ford Explorer02/15/15
50439BA4945MDWhite Nissan Altima02/15/15
5044NKEMNJUMDGray Toyota SUV02/15/15
50458AJ8026MDBlack Nissan Rogue02/15/15
5046Z98DRVNew JerseyBlack Chrysler 30002/15/15
50478BV2035MDSilver Ford Taurus02/15/15
50482BV9008MDBlack Toyota Camry02/15/15
50495BB6732MDRed Audi SUV02/15/15
5050WMK4311VASilver Chevrolet car02/15/15
505187687CEMDWhite Ford Explorer02/15/15
5052VCT2023MDGray Hyundai car02/15/15
5053AMR0000VAGray Toyota Corolla02/17/15
50546BG6034MDBlue Chrevrolet Captiva02/17/15
50552BA1576MDTan Nissan Pathfinder02/17/15
50564AD3124MDBlack Toyota Rav 402/17/15
50571BX0145MDTan Mitsubishi car02/17/15
5058WPU6793VABlack Ford Edge02/17/15
5059WNJ7550VABlack Ford Taurus02/17/15
5060EV5791DCBlack Toyota Camry02/17/15
5061EV3341DCWhite Toyota Prius02/17/15
50622EBA18MDBlack Chrysler 30002/17/15
5063VEN2355VABlack Toyota Avalon02/17/15
5064MSSFOXMDWhite Volkswagon Jetta02/17/15
50655BB6732MDRed Jeep Compass02/17/15
50664BT1478MDBlack Toyota Camry02/18/15
5067FTS8849New YorkTan Subaru02/18/15
5068EYG7979New YorkBlack Kia Optima02/18/15
5069GAJ7271New YorkBlack Ford Focus02/18/15
50708BT0262MDGray Toyota Camry02/18/15
5071EU0135DCBlack Honda Cr-V02/18/15
5072XBB2396VASilver Toyota Camry02/18/15
50731BV1853MDBlack Toyota Camry02/18/15
5074VBV5826VAWhite Toyota Camry02/18/15
5075XBH3451VAGray Toyota Corolla02/18/15
5076WTD3383VASilver Volkswagon Jetta02/18/15
50774AW4012MDWhite Nissan Altima02/18/15
5078VBA4433VABlack Nissan Maxima02/18/15
50796BP2560MDGray Pontiac car02/18/15
5080WRE4102VABlack Nissan Rogue02/18/15
5081VCK1428VASilver Nissan Altima02/18/15
5082CY1755DCRed Toyota Prius02/18/15
50838BN1581MDGray Toyota Camry02/18/15
50841BL2723MDBlack Mercedes Benz SUV02/18/15
5085XCH2008VARed Mercedes Benz SUV02/18/15</